Sincerly, Violet EverGarden

He was the first warmth she ever knew....but...he was also the last cold touch she would ever feel... She was the first person he ever held dear...but...she was also the first he lost...


2. Navy Man

The Stranger walked around in a Navy uniform so I just started to refer to him as the Navy Man in my head. He told me to do weird things and told me I worked for him as his maid now. I didn’t really argue back with him as I was just happy to have a place to call my home. Even if it didn’t really feel like a home to me. I stayed at his house for about 4 months before another man came to visit and once again my world started to change. This time I thought it was changing for the better but it may have been for the worst. The Navy Man gave me a stern talking to the the other man came to visit. “The man coming to see you is my brother a major in the Japanese army. You are to respect him as your respect me. As of later today he will be your new master and you will be taking care of him. Don’t go thinking you're safe though because just as I am doing when he no longer needs you he too will throw you away. Your just a tool for us to use after all.” Right after he finished his stern talking to with me he slapped me very hard. My cheek was bruising after that but I didn’t dare to touch it.

Dear Major,

I learned this world is a scary place to live but it can also be quite beautiful. Don’t worry though Major as I felt on the day that I meet you too I will not fear this world. Not a single thing in it can scare me as long as I can stand by your side. I know I have nothing to fear with you here.


Violet Evergarden

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