Sincerly, Violet EverGarden

He was the first warmth she ever knew....but...he was also the last cold touch she would ever feel... She was the first person he ever held dear...but...she was also the first he lost...


4. Color of Spring

The kind Major took me home and right away started to teach me so many new things. Along with the lessons I got gifts such as new pretty dresses and lots of food as well as a house that felt a lot like home. It was the beginning of spring when we decided to walk around outside in the back. “We need to give you a name young lady.” He said suddenly making me jump since it had been so quiet before as we walked around watching the flowers and the birds as they swayed and sang their songs. “What kind of name would you like to call me sir?” I asked in a stiff voice not sure of any other way to ask really. “Well when ever I look into your eyes I think of spring. So It should be something to do with spring.” He scanned the area around us and smiled. “Violet. That’s gonna be your name. Violet and you can use my last name so it will be Violet Evergarden. A perfect fit for a beautiful young lady as yourself.”  Hearing that name made me feel like the happiest person alive. I finally had a name and home to call my own and someone who I would lay my life down for without a second thought. I found a man who was kind hearted and sweet and never asked for anything in return. “Vi-Vio-Viol-Violet.” I said with a straight face trying out my new name. I must have surprised him since I didn't really talk much. “Your a fast learning I see.” He said with a small smile crossing his lips as he ruffled my hair and lead me inside for lunch. “Ma-majo-major.” I said hoping to catch his attention long enough to thank him for everything but he only smiled and looked away again.

Dear Major,

I have become a D.O.L.L at your request that I work for your friend after the war Major. It is very fun and I have made many friends and learned many emotions. They say that the letters I write touch people's heart. I hope to someday write one of those letters to you and in return finally get one back from you.


Violet Evergarden

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