Morbid Tales from Far Away Places; An odd Anthology

Though I'm not a great author, I enjoy writing things that make people uncomfortable. I'm know in school for being creepy and/or crazy. This is/ will be a collection of all my weird short stories and poems. The good, bad, and the crazy.


Author's note

A word often used when describing me is Crazy. If I had a penny for every time I've been called crazy, I'd be rich. I'm working on some drawings for some of the chapters. My drawings are crap, but I like the Idea of having this book illustrated.

4. What Happens In The Dark?: A Poem

What happens in the dark?
When I turn off the lights,
Is anything there?
I want to say,
"Oh, How Ridiculous!
Nothing Is There!"
But how can I be so sure?
Sometimes something really is there...
Other times,
There is nothing.
More often than not,
There is something.
It lurks in the darkness...
It sounds like I'm telling you
Fairy Tails,
But I assure you,
It is Real.
Some nights I fear,
If I let myself fall asleep,
It will find me.
Mustn't sleep.
Need to stay awake.
What will happen, 
When I turn out the light?

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