Morbid Tales from Far Away Places; An odd Anthology

Though I'm not a great author, I enjoy writing things that make people uncomfortable. I'm know in school for being creepy and/or crazy. This is/ will be a collection of all my weird short stories and poems. The good, bad, and the crazy.


Author's note

A word often used when describing me is Crazy. If I had a penny for every time I've been called crazy, I'd be rich. I'm working on some drawings for some of the chapters. My drawings are crap, but I like the Idea of having this book illustrated.

2. If Rain Would Fall: A Poem

If Rain Would Fall,
I Would Open up the Windows,
And let the Soothing Sound Pour into my Room.

I Would Step outside, 
And let the Cool Drops Fall on my Skin.

I Would Watch the Water Gather in the Road,
Making a Little Stream.

I Would Lie on the Ground,
Beneath the Sky,
And let the Cold Cover my Soul.

If Rain Would Only Fall.....

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