Constellations of The Past

There are numbers of unknown tales and legends, most falling quiet as those who knew them passed on to another life, leaving the passing of stories at a stand still.

This, is merely one of many, coming back into the light.

((This here is a mere idea that was floating about in my head, decided to let it be set free))


1. Forgotten Tales

During the age of the gods and goddess, those that created the very ground we stand on today, and the laws we bid too, an alliance was created. Formed in secret under a mutual agreement between the siblings on the Mount of Olympus. Zeus being the one to first set the alliance into play, feeling as though his own family wasn't protected enough as it was, choosing to go with a better judgement and forming these guardians from the very stars that are now circling the skies now. Forming beings of skin and bone, though immortal blood ran through their very veins. Writing their purpose forever; to protect those under the binding of Olympian blood.   No matter who. They were bound by their very blood to follow orders of those with the immortal blood, god or goddess. Even those unfortunate enough to be brought up with the mixture of human blood -Demigods- were able to give orders and were sworn under their protection.   These beings were powerful. Even said to be more powerful than the very beings who created them. Having stardust flowing through their systems due to their original station in the sky, they themselves could very well control the power of the universe itself. Though, each guardian had taken a name for themselves even a title.   The northern constellation is what they are known.  

Aries, the Ram. Element of Fire, ruler of Mars. Celestial of Venus. Power of Fire.  

Taurus, the Bull. Element of Earth, ruler of Venus. Celestial of Mars. Power of perseverance and determination.  

Gemini, the Twins. Element of Air, ruler of Mercury. Celestial of Jupiter. Power of familial and friend bonds.  

Cancer, the Crab. Element of Water, ruler of the Moon. Celestial of Saturn. Power of Shadow and Negativity.  

Leo, the Lion. Element of Fire , ruler of the Sun. Celestial of Saturn. Power of Pride and Bravery.  

Virgo, the Maiden. Element of earth, ruler of Mercury. Celestial of Jupiter. Power of harvest and innocence.  

Libra, the Scales. Element of Air, ruler of Venus. Celestial of Mars. Power of balance and justice.  

Sagittarius, the Archer. Element of Air, ruler of Jupiter. Celestial of Mercury. Power of Wisdom and violence.  

Capricorn, the Water-goat. Element of Air, ruler of Saturn. Celestial of the Moon. Power of creation and bodies of water.  

Aquarius, the Water-bearer. Element of Air, ruler of Saturn. Celestial of the Sun. Power of patience and devotion.  

Piecies, the Fish. Element of Water , ruler of Jupiter. Celestial of Mercury. Power of infatuation.  

And last, but definitely not least, we have:  

Scorpio, the Scorpion. Element of Water. Ruler of Pluto. Celestial of Venus. Power of power and poison.  

Brought down from their homes in the heavens sworn to become the protectors of the gods and goddess as well as their multiple children. Allowing the high Olympians to go about their own jobs without a worry for their lives or the lives of their young.  

Everyone was happy and safe.  

Of course, not all good things last. The personified Zodiacs found themselves growing fearful. Not of an upcoming disaster, but of their very own brother. Turning themselves against Scorpio, the youngest of them all, due to the fear of his ruling planet and the title of which he held. They lashed at him. Causing the heavens to become dark and corrupt. The stars themselves seemingly falling from the sky while storms roared and shook the skies themselves.  

A war of all wars. Where the stars themselves fought dangerously against one another. And before long, the youngest brother, defeated, was banished from his title of constellation Scorpio to a mere mortal by his own siblings. Sending him into turmoil down below the heavens above.  

Though, years after the war, the siblings found themselves all falling apart. Falling from the sky one by one before none stood as tall celestial guardians of the High Mount Olympus. Sending the sky into a dark daze, mere mirages of their constellations now standing in their mother’s womb of the milky way.  

As years passed, so did the writings and the knowledge of their very beings. Forgotten like old tombs as those who once knew of them passed on and joined the stars themselves.  

Yet, despite that, there is a lucky few given children who have still to this day remember their tales. Their legends.  

This day of 2018.  

((Had this small little... what? Headcannon? Idea? Whatever. Floating around about the Percy Jackson series after reading most of the books, don't know what to do with it, so we'll see where this takes us XD ))

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