To ask

To ask
You need help
You want help
But you can't get it
You don't want it
You don't need it
You will never ask

(Part of my newest collection of poetry: The pain of realising it)


1. To ask

To ask...


To ask for help


It can be the most difficult thing to do

You can’t say the words

They’re stock inside of you


But at the same time

You try to keep them in here

Because it hurts 


I’m unstable

I need support to keep on going


And mom I know you tried… Even if all you wanted was to give up

I know you never found what you were looking for

I know how hard it must have been to be alone

But why did you let go?


And why were you never around father

When we needed you the most?

We gave you everything and asked for nothing in return

You only saw the bottom of the bottles


But it’s fine


My wishes don’t matter

You didn’t need anymore problems

I never asked for anything

So why did you leave?


We let everything break apart

And I was left behind


We started a fire but did nothing to keep the flames alive

We stood and watched when everything disappeared

We let it disappear 


But I’m not saying anything…


I’m not going to ask for help…


I’m holding on till the day my fire burns out

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