Many Faces, One Person

Katelyn and Travis have a complicated relationship. One connection they have is through their school relationship, the weakest one, another is through video games, and they bond by using their skills and teamwork. The best relationship they have is by soothing each other with their own music as they let their emotions go. The problem is, they don't know that each of those connections are to the same person, and finding that out seemed unlikely for the both of them, until they both go through difficulties that leave them both hanging onto each other for stability.


7. Open The Door

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months. The end of the year was fast approaching, and Katelyn had mixed feelings about it. Her visits to the practice room were always greeted by a familiar voice, and over her gaming headset, she could chat with a friend. She still despised the flirt of the school, but had grown to tolerate him over the time. 

On the last full week of school, Katelyn visited the practice rooms again. She had been looking for summer activities to keep her out of the house as long as possible, and away from her dad. Sometimes, she would chat with her newest friend through the doors of the practice rooms, and they would just talk about what was going on with them. If he was upset, she would play piano music to help soothe him, and if she had heavy feelings, he would strum his guitar for her. They had a bond unlike most, an emotional support bond. And Katelyn cherished it.

Katelyn entered the percussion room as she always did, and she heard faint sniffling from the other side of the wall. She sat at the piano and promptly began to play the Russian tune that she held close to her, singing along softly. She heard the door next to hers open, and heard him sit down against hers. Katelyn smiled a bit and continued to play and sing, the soft notes of the piano mixing beautifully with her crystal voice. The sniffling slowly ceased, as did the song.

Katelyn stood from the bench and sat against her side of the door, tucking her fallen bangs behind her ear. "What's wrong?" she asked kindly.

"I have to be put back on my medication... and I hate it so much..." his voice came from the other side. "It turns me into a jerk, somebody who has no emotions, and treats everyone like garbage..."

Katelyn was saddened to hear that, and she didn't know how to help him. "Well... I'm sure it'll be okay in the end..." she assured him, hoping it helped.

"Easy for you to say... you don't know what they do to me..."

Katelyn paused, knowing he was right. She sighed, letting her breath go. "You're right, I don't..." she replied softly.

"Yeah... so, this is probably the last day I'll be here... do you mind if I record your song?" he asked. Katelyn instantly stood, sitting at the piano again.

"Not at all," she responded as she gave him a bit to prepare, then started her song. She put her heart into the song, singing the words along with it. Her fingers gracefully glided over the keys, the music lingering in the air with the sweet melody it carried mixing with her sweet and strong voice.

She finished the song happily, pleased that she was able to provide a way of helping. "Was that good?" she asked, sitting back down against the door.

"More than good..." he replied, seemingly happier. 

Katelyn's phone dinged in her bag as she smiled. She reached over and picked it up, looking at it. It was a text from Travis, saying "Her voice is almost as good as yours ;)". Katelyn sighed instinctively, but she listened to the recording, and found that it was the song she had just played.

"Wait a minute..." she muttered in confusion. "Did... did you just text me...?"

"I texted the girl I like the song... your voice reminds me of hers..." he admitted. Katelyn's eyes went wider, the dots connecting in her head.

"...Travis...?" she asked, turning to face the door.

"Uh... how'd you know my name...?" he asked back, seeming suspicious. Katelyn stood and opened the door, only slightly surprised when a boy with white hair fell backwards and into the room with her.

"I knew it!" she exclaimed, looking down at him. "I knew it was you!"

Travis looked up at her and blushed, his face burning tomato red as his eyes went wide. "Uh... you didn't hear anything!" he exclaimed as he scrambled up. Katelyn grabbed the back of his shirt and yanked him back, not letting him get anywhere.

"Ah ah ah! I knew I heard your voice somewhere!" Katelyn released her grip on his shirt, allowing him to turn around. 

"I should've known... I still think I've heard your voice somewhere, too..." Travis responded, thinking hard. He snapped his fingers once he had a thought. "Wait! Is your username on gaming things LimNightmare?"

Katelyn paused, then nodded. "Yes... no, there's no way... you can't be Sen..." She looked at him in disbelief as she put her hands on her hips.

Travis fist pumped a few times. "Yep! That's me!" he exclaimed, looking back at her with a large grin on his face. Katelyn shook her head, in shock.

"How long have we not known?!" she exclaimed. Travis shrugged in response, his joyful grin only growing.

"I don't know, but I'm so happy to know it's you!" he cheered as he hugged her. Katelyn froze a bit, still surprised. He pulled away after a bit, remembering. "Oh, right, sorry..."

"It's fine... but you like me?" she asked, looking up at him. Travis's face faded red again as he turned his head away, avoiding eye contact. 

"Uh... please don't hurt me!" he exclaimed worriedly, backing away a bit and continuing to look down. Katelyn sighed and stepped closer to him, lifting his face up.

"I won't hurt you if you tell me the truth," she told him calmly, locking eyes with him.

"Okay... fine, yes... I do..." Travis sighed, his face flushing redder. Katelyn let go of him, backing away a bit.

"Thank you for being honest," she thanked him truthfully, crossing her arms casually. "And for the record, I might like you too."

Travis nodded, turning to leave, until it registered in his mind. He turned around with wide eyes, staring down at her.

"Wait... you... like me?" he asked in shock. 

Katelyn nodded, shrugging. "I might, I'm not sure yet... but yes," she replied casually. Travis grabbed her and hugged her tightly, clearly unable to believe it.

"I... you...!" he stuttered. Katelyn slowly hugged back, letting him have his moment. 

"Shush, just don't say anything, you'll end up more confused," she told him quietly. She pulled away after a bit, out of the hug.

"Well... uh... wanna hang out later...?" Travis asked, rubbing the back of his head. Katelyn smiled and nodded.


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