Many Faces, One Person

Katelyn and Travis have a complicated relationship. One connection they have is through their school relationship, the weakest one, another is through video games, and they bond by using their skills and teamwork. The best relationship they have is by soothing each other with their own music as they let their emotions go. The problem is, they don't know that each of those connections are to the same person, and finding that out seemed unlikely for the both of them, until they both go through difficulties that leave them both hanging onto each other for stability.


2. School Life

The morning was a blur for Katelyn, a rush to get dressed in her school uniform, put on her makeup, do her hair, and run to the bus stop on time. She paused at the stop sign on the end of her street and chatted with her friends for a bit, before feeling a slight tug on her skirt.

Sighing, she turned around and came face to face with a boy, who was a few inches taller than her. His bright green eyes were shining, and he had a cunning grin on his face. He winked at her as he brushed his snow white hair out of his face, releasing her navy skirt from between his fingers.

"Hey there Katelyn~" he flirted with a smooth tone, the few girls at the bus stop with them sighing dreamily at the sound of his flirty voice. Katelyn simply crossed her arms and rolled her eyes, looking away again.

"What do you want, Travis, another black eye?" she mocked him, looking back at him. Before he could reply, the bus rolled up to the stop sign and opened the doors, allowing the kids to get on. Katelyn got on after her friends, with Travis behind her. She knew what he was doing, so she pulled her skirt down further as she walked down the isle, sitting down a few rows from the back. He sat behind her, still with a stupid grin on his face. He started talking with a blue haired boy named Dante, and Katelyn listened to music through her earbuds on her phone.

Katelyn only got about halfway through her second song, however, before the bus pulled up to their high school, Phoenix Drop High. Katelyn stood up and slung her backpack over her shoulder, following the line of kids leaving the bus as well. She wove her way through the crowds of teenagers meeting with their friends and walked inside, avoiding the friend groups and couples that took up most of the space in the halls. She got to her first class and slid into her seat, sighing as she dropped her bag next to her. 

A red haired girl came into the room right after she sat down, sitting in front of Katelyn. She was shorter than her, and her large, gray eyes sparkled in the light. She turned around to face her, smiling cheerfully.

"Hey Katelyn!" she greeted her joyfully, tucking her long, ruby locks behind her ears. Katelyn grinned a bit at her and rested her elbows on her desk, holding her head up with her hand.

"Hey Nicole," she replied casually as the small girl giggled slightly. 

"How's your morning so far?" Nicole asked kindly as Katelyn shrugged in response.

"Eh, I ran into Travis this morning, and he tugged at my skirt again, but other than that, it was okay..." Katelyn replied, her icy blue eyes not as sharp as they usually were.

Nicole sighed, rolling her eyes. "You know him, he's just a flirt!" she assures her, looking her friend in the eye. "Besides, you should be used to that by now!"

Katelyn simply shrugged again. She did know that, but his behavior never hesitated to get under her skin occasionally. She often wondered why he continued to flirt with her, even though he knew she would come back at him, usually aggressively.

Katelyn was shaken from her thoughts by the final bell ringing, indicating the start of the school day. She sighed in unison with Nicole as her friend turned in her seat, facing forward once again.

The teacher began to teach about literary meanings in stories, but Katelyn wasn't listening. She was doodling in her sketchbook and gently rubbing the fire emblem on her necklace with her fingers.

She had received that necklace from her mother, before she died. Her mother was a distant memory, but a warm one. After all, it's hard to remember something lost at the age of four years, but she loved her mother more dearly than anything.

Katelyn was shaken from her thoughts by her teacher calling her name. Of course she had been randomly chosen to answer a question, since it was obvious she wasn't paying attention. She rose from her seat, sighing heavily, and approached the whiteboard, taking the open erasable marker from her teacher's hand that was offered to her. Looking up at the board, she knew she had no idea what the equation meant. She was naturally smart, but with many things building up against her over the years of her life, she was extremely unable to focus in school.

Katelyn attempted to solve the problem presented, surprised when her teacher nodded at her and congratulated her on her good work. She blinked back at the problem in shock, but nodded in acknowledgement at her teacher, and went back to her seat promptly. She slid down into her desk and sighed, still in shock.

The teacher called more students up to do more work, which went on for about five minutes before the bell rang for next class. Katelyn rose from her seat with Nicole, grabbing her things, and the girls walked out of the room together.

"How did you do that?!" Nicole asked her friend as soon as they entered the hallway. Katelyn shrugged in response, unsure herself.

"I don't know... I'm pretty surprised!" she admitted honestly, looking down at her as they walked together. Nicole chuckled and looked back up at her.

"I'd say that you had a bit of luck today!" she replies, looking back forward. Katelyn nodded, wondering if it was her mother that was watching over her today.

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