Many Faces, One Person

Katelyn and Travis have a complicated relationship. One connection they have is through their school relationship, the weakest one, another is through video games, and they bond by using their skills and teamwork. The best relationship they have is by soothing each other with their own music as they let their emotions go. The problem is, they don't know that each of those connections are to the same person, and finding that out seemed unlikely for the both of them, until they both go through difficulties that leave them both hanging onto each other for stability.


6. Notes

Through the day, Katelyn had been extremely upset over the morning's events. She barely ate any lunch, and hardly spoke. She left through half of the class after lunch and went to the music room again, knowing it would help her.

As she approached the door, she heard someone strumming a guitar in one of the practice rooms. Katelyn went down the hallway that contained the beautiful music and saw only one practice room with the lights on. She entered the one adjacent, knowing that one also contained a piano. She sat at the piano bench and recognized the song that was being played, and began to play along, knowing it by heart. The soft guitar and gentle piano were a perfect combination of musical beauty. Once they had finished the song, Katelyn heard the door next to her open, followed by a knocking on hers.

She rose from the bench and hesitated opening the door once she saw a note slipped underneath it. She stooped down and picked up the note, reading it. It read "Where did you learn how to play like that?" in scribbly handwriting. She grinned a bit and wrote on the bottom part of the paper in her blue pen "Self taught, and you?" and pushed it under the door. Whoever was there wrote their response, and pushed it back, the paper reading "Occasional lessons, wanna play a song together??"

Katelyn smiled and wrote back, knowing a good song. "Hope you have a bass guitar, because I can play the drums in here, and I'm thinking about Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy" is her response as she pushed the paper back before sitting at the drum set. She glanced back at the paper once it's shoved underneath the door again, and the response said "Yep, I do, good song choice!"

Katelyn grinned and warmed up on the drums as she heard bass guitar strummed from the other room. She gave them a 3-2-1 drum beat count before starting on the drums. Their beats and notes were spot on, and she could hear a masculine voice singing along from the room. His voice was clear and matched the song perfectly. 

Katelyn grinned more and continued to play on the drums, deciding to sing along as the echo. Her higher voice sang an octave higher, but she still sung the song perfectly. Drumming was practically second nature to her, and she spent much time after school practicing.

They played until the song was done. Katelyn wiped her forehead with the back of her hand as she set down her drumsticks, smiling faintly. "That was awesome," she called through the rooms.

"It really was..." his voice was heard from his side, and Katelyn smiled more. It felt nice to have someone to play her music with, since it helped her.

Suddenly, the bell rang, indicating the start of the next class. Katelyn sighed and stood up, grabbing her things. "I have to go now..." she told him through the rooms.

"Alright, I'm going to stay here a bit longer... have a good day!" his voice called out to her, making her smile as she opened the door. 

"You too," she replied as she left the practice room and walked down the hallway and to her next class. While she wasn't completely better, she felt happier, which helped her a lot to get through the day. She did wonder who it was, though. But, she simply brushed it off, figuring it was unimportant for the time being. She was just happy to have made a new friend.

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