Many Faces, One Person

Katelyn and Travis have a complicated relationship. One connection they have is through their school relationship, the weakest one, another is through video games, and they bond by using their skills and teamwork. The best relationship they have is by soothing each other with their own music as they let their emotions go. The problem is, they don't know that each of those connections are to the same person, and finding that out seemed unlikely for the both of them, until they both go through difficulties that leave them both hanging onto each other for stability.


3. Music Soothes The Soul

As the school day went on, Katelyn continued to surprise herself by answering things correctly. In one particular class, however, her good mood changed.

It was biology, a class with a great teacher, and Katelyn understood the lessons well. The class itself, however, was feeling very rude today.

The day's lesson was about genetics and passed traits, and they were discussing mothers and fathers. Katelyn had volunteered as an example, standing in the front of the class.

"Alright Katelyn, let's do eye colors. What's your dad's eye color?" the teacher asked her, already knowing that Katelyn did not have a mother, so she didn't intend on asking.

"Blue, along with my mom's," Katelyn replied, happy she didn't ask about her mother. A few of the kids in the class were snickering instead of taking notes, and the teacher caught wind of it instantly.

"What's so funny about her parent's eye colors?" she asked the group of kids, who instantly stopped making noise, but covered their grins with their hands.

"Nothing... nothing... but how do we know her mom's eye color is blue?" one of the most popular boys in school asked the teacher. The boy, named Aaron, was the kind of boy to make any girl swoon over his strength. However, Katelyn found him annoying and mean, so she never spoke to him.

"She just said so herself, young man, so if you could hold off the rude comments until the end-" the teacher began again.

"But Miss! Nobody here has seen her mom ever! So we don't think it counts!" he fired back, resulting in Nicole warning him from her seat, across the room from him. Shy as she may be, she would do anything to protect her friends.

"Knock it off! That's really rude, and what do you know!" she told him sternly as she got up and walked over to Katelyn, who iswas staring at Aaron blankly. Usually, she would be glaring, but this time, her expression is one of shock.

Nicole held her friend's arm, leading her back to her seat. "C'mon Katelyn, just ignore him... he doesn't know anything..." she reassured her as they hear the teacher lecturing Aaron.

"C'mon! I'm just asking! Divorce, don't know 'er? C'mon!" Aaron replied with a snarky tone, turning to Katelyn with an evil glint in his eye. Katelyn turned to face him, her stare now boiling with rage. Nicole used frantic hand gestures to get the kids in the way to move, and they do, slightly terrified of her now. After all, she wasn't called a hurricane, a storm, a tornado, or even the devil for nothing.

"Aaron. Shut. Up," Katelyn warned with a sharp, dark tone. Her aura around her was nearly visibly turning black, her eyes clouded with fire, but her glare colder than ice. Aaron, not afraid, simply smirked at her. Everyone knew he was stronger than her, but Katelyn could take a lot of pain, and was very skilled at fighting.

"Why should I? I'm not allowed to ask a simple question in school?" he snickered, crossing his arms. Katelyn slammed her hands onto her desk and stood up, never dropping her heavy glare at him. Her eyes began to flicker white, but she shut them quickly, hoping nobody saw.

"You are asking personal questions about me, ones that are none of your business. Now, I dare you to continue to test my limits. You want a fight? I'll give you a war. One that will make your regular nightmares look like a trip through candyland."

Aaron's strong posture faltered for a split second, but he held on. He was telling himself that he wasn't going to give up to her, but he was clearly giving it second thoughts.

"Bring it, let's see what you got," he responded, standing up as well. Every kid instantly dashed to the sides of the room, behind each student they supported. The teacher backed towards the board, shutting the door. She would get involved, but she was smart enough to know that letting them calm down would be better.

Katelyn glanced back and forth between the shuffling students, then returned her glare to Aaron. He was smirking at her as doglike tail and ears appeared. He snarled at her, revealing sharper teeth. 

So, he's a werewolf. How cute, Katelyn thought. She snickered softly at him, lowering her head for a second. When she rose it up again to look back at him, her eyes were glowing white. Her school uniform was gone, and was replaced by heavy armor. At her side was a longsword, which she grabbed and twirled on her hands before holding the handle with both hands. Any emotions she possessed had been wiped away, her expression only showing anger.

The students at the sides of the room were surprised by both of their transformations, and backed up even further. Katelyn jumped onto the desks in front of her and pushed one into Aaron, which he jumped over easily, tackling her and sinking his sharp teeth into her neck, drawing blood. Katelyn simply kicked him in the stomach and off of her, swinging her sword to his arms, legs, and chest, drawing blood if she so much as brushed his skin with her blade. Aaron stepped back instantly, holding his hand over a few cuts on his arm.

"Funny, you didn't seem like the type of girl to be a shadow knight..." he panted, glaring up at her. Katelyn stood again, looking down at him coldly.

"I'm not. I'm a Jury of Nine," she replied simply, a few small gasps scattered through the room in response. Jury of Nine did not have the many lives that shadow knights had, but they were rare, and powerful. 

Aaron foolishly laughed at her response. "Probably one of the weaker ones... you don't hurt me that bad!" he mocked her. Katelyn's glare sharpened instantly, and any mercy she had for him previously was wiped away.

"I have defeated Zane, Aaron. You are a fool to underestimate me."

Aaron held his tongue, knowing how powerful Zane was. He stepped back, his hands up. Surrendering was not an easy choice for him, but he decided that he wanted to live longer.

Katelyn shoved her sword back into its sheath, stepping down from the desks and silently leaving the room. She knew where she was going, which was the old closet in the choir room. On the way, she changed out of her form, overly scolding herself about her actions. 

She opened the door to the choir room closet down a dark hallway, entering it and shutting the door. Rarely was there choir classes, so she knew she would be safe there for now. She slumped down against the wall and pulled her knees up, biting her lip as to not cry. There was an old piano in the closet, still surprisingly well tuned. Katelyn caught sight of it and stood again, sitting down on the stool and beginning to play a soft tune. 

The tune she played was a lullaby her mother had sang to her when she was a child, an old Russian melody. Piano music tended to calm her, especially at times like this. She played gracefully until she heard a shuffling in a nearby instrument practice room. 

Quickly, Katelyn rose from the stool, facing the door. From what she could tell, there was someone sitting against the door of the closet. There was no way they didn't hear her, but they didn't try and come in. She could hear faint sniffling from the person, and she felt bad slightly.

Sitting back down, Katelyn began to play the soft melody again, in an effort to calm them. From what she could hear, the sniffling was becoming more scarce. She knew she was helping, so she continued to play the tune until she could hear them getting up and leaving.

Katelyn left the room as well, looking down the hallways to find who it was, but she couldn't see anyone. She smiled, however, knowing that she helped someone.

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