Many Faces, One Person

Katelyn and Travis have a complicated relationship. One connection they have is through their school relationship, the weakest one, another is through video games, and they bond by using their skills and teamwork. The best relationship they have is by soothing each other with their own music as they let their emotions go. The problem is, they don't know that each of those connections are to the same person, and finding that out seemed unlikely for the both of them, until they both go through difficulties that leave them both hanging onto each other for stability.


5. Carry On

The next day at school, Katelyn was waiting behind the school with her bag over her shoulder. Her hair was down, as normal, and her makeup done nicely. She leaned against the wall as she waited for Jeffory, a bit nervous as to why he asked to talk with her.

Her head turned as she heard someone approaching. Of course it was only Jeffory, as she expected. He was taller than her and had messy brown hair, and his baby blue eyes held smiles even if his expression didn't. He was in the school uniform, and he had an accent that was barely visible over the phone, but clear in person. He grinned at her, but his eyes didn't hold the normal happiness they usually did.

"Hey Katelyn..." he greeted her, rubbing the back of his head. "So, uh, I wanted to talk with you..."

"Sure, what's up?" she asked, a little confused. She stepped closer and looked up at him, smiling slightly.

"Um... I don't want to lie to you, so... I... I want to talk about us..." he sighed sadly, looking away. "I don't think you care for me much anymore... and I'm trying really hard... but you don't talk with me much anymore..."

Katelyn's smile faded as she understood. "I'm sorry... I don't mean to neglect you... you're just so nice, and... and I don't think I deserve you..." she replied softly, looking down and playing with her fingers. "I don't think I'm a good match for you..."

Jeffory looked up at her and lifted her face gently, locking eyes with her. "I still care about you... and I understand..." he told her sweetly, holding her hands. "If it's anything I'm doing, or something going on, you can tell me..."

Katelyn shook her head, her eyes glistening with faint tears. "No, it's not you... and I can't tell you... you'll be scared of me..." she informed him with sadness in her voice, looking away again. "I don't want to hurt you... I... I think we'd be better off separated... for your sake..."

Jeffory's eyes lost some light, some joy. He took his hands back from hers, slightly hesitating. He took a breath to say something back, but he couldn't bring himself to do it, so he just nodded. "Alright... but if you change your mind, I'm here..." he sighed as he stepped back, picking up his bag. "Well... I'll see you later..."

Katelyn nodded, picking up her bag as well, weakly. She used the back of her hand to wipe a few tears from running down her cheeks. "I'll... see you around... and I'm sorry..." she apologized as she turned and trudged away from him, still wiping her tears. She sniffled quietly and set her bag down at a bench, sitting down and pulling her knees up, letting her tears flow. 

She cried into her knees for around a minute before she heard footsteps. She quickly tried to wipe her tears, but not quick enough. She turned her head away as the footsteps neared, not wanting to show her tear stained face.

Travis had been walking around the school, about to enter, before she heard sniffling. He had become curious and walked over, wondering who it was. He could instantly recognize the long, wavy blue hair of the girl he saw, even though her face was turned away. Of course, it was Katelyn.

He neared her slower, gently resting his hand on her shoulder, unsure of how to help, or what even happened. "Hey, what's wrong?" he asked softly, sitting next to her.

Katelyn sniffled a bit and turned her head away more. "My boyfriend and I broke up..." she mumbled, recognizing his voice, but too upset to care that it was him.

Travis instantly became panicked and worried. His eyes widened as he stood up again, taking his hand off her shoulder. "W-what?!" he exclaimed in shock. "Did something happen?!"

Katelyn wiped her tears and looked down, her forehead resting on her knees. "No..." she mumbled in response.

Travis took a breath to calm himself, realizing it was stupid to panic. "I'm sorry for you..." he told her softly as he sat back down, wrapping his arm around her shoulders in a hug. 

Katelyn was surprised he hugged her, and she tensed. She relaxed once she realized it was only a hug, and she let him, closing her eyes. "It's fine... we agreed on it..."

Travis genuinely felt bad, so he opened his bag after taking his arm back and slipped a package of cookies into her empty water bottle pocket. He stood up again and picked up his bag, hearing the first bell ring. 

"Well, I'll walk you to your class, if you want..." he offered kindly, knowing now was not the time to flirt. Katelyn was a bit surprised by it, and she stood, nodding as she held her bag. Travis turned and lead her into the school with Katelyn following behind, slightly slower. He walked her to her class and held the door open, smiling kindly at her as she entered. She went to her seat and sat down as he walked away, but he heard his phone ding in his pocket. He picked it up and saw a message from her, reading, "Thank you". He smiled at the message, knowing that helped her, and that fact made him smile more.

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