Je t'aime pour toujours

A romance about a young British girl who travels to Paris every year with her family to be with her uncle and cousins on valentines.There she finds her true love, though as she visits each year her lover changes each time till they become strangers. However, she visits one last time before going away to university and the two come face to face once again....


1. Chapter 1, 14th February 1995

It was a cold winter’s morning as the young female rushed around her bedroom trying to fill her suitcase with the remains of her belongings which she needed to pack for the journey that was soon to take place. White snow fell softly on the ledge of her bedroom window. It hugged her house like a newborn babe would cling to its mother. The streets of London looked as if it had been put to sleep, hushed under nature’s cold blanket. The female only managed to get quick glimpses of the rare view she had from her room and while she packed she hoped for the same view when her family and herself arrived in France.


After filling the suitcase to its capacity she lent down on the cold wooden boards of her floor and zipped it up. Though as she stood back up, she found the case to be too heavy for her to carry.

“Mother! I cannot seem to lift my case, may you assist me?”, She called out in a strong british accent as she once again attempted to lift up her suitcase. Though with its weight she didn’t want to risk injuring herself and placed it carefully back down on its spot. It wasn’t long before the familiar clicking sound of her mother’s heeled boots could be heard echoing across the upstairs hallway. From her bedroom door emerged another female who appeared to be in about her mid thirties. She had long blonde hair that had been tied up into a neat bun and was dressed in a royal blue blazer and pencil skirt, with matching gloves that covered her hands.

“Dear child you are hopeless…”

The woman mumbled quietly before she raised a hand to her head and began to massage her temples with the tips of her fingers.

“The car is waiting for us outside Beatrix. Now please hurry along and do not forget your gloves!” Her mother said again as she reached down for the handle of her daughter’s case and lifted it from the ground. Beatrix simply nodded her head at her mother’s words and took ahold of her gloves before heading down towards her front garden where they were being awaited by their driver.


As Beatrix stepped outside she looked around at her surroundings as she pulled her white gloves over her small hands. Her breath was pale against the numbing air and she blinked thoughtfully as the frost kissed her face which was captivated by the soft, dusty illusions of light that sat heavily on her eyelashes. Beatrix always adored the snow, more so when it was falling.

While she became lost in thought, he mother would soon appear behind her and shook her head slightly at Beatrix before walking towards the driver and handing him her suitcase.

Beatrix smiled slightly before following in her mother’s footsteps and headed towards the car.


Gently, she opened the door and slid herself into the seat, it’s cold leather causing her to rub her thighs gently to warm them up. Beatrix watched as her mother was helped into the car by their driver and then looked round to see the empty seat beside her.

“Is father not joining us for the journey?”, she questioned as she gave a confused look.

Her mother leaned up slightly and looked at her through the front mirror of the car.

“No child your father will be meeting us at the airport, now please put on your seatbelt, we have a tight schedule and cannot afford to keep your dear Uncle waiting much longer.” her mother stated before adjusting her gloves and pulling her seatbelt on. As the driver took his position in front of the steering wheel she gently pulled her seatbelt over herself and buckled it into place before resting her hands together on her lap.


As the engine began she let a soft sigh escape her lips and gently rested her head against the glass, her eyes watching London drift past her as they drove away. Her and her family were going off to visit her Uncle and his four children for the Valentines holiday. After her aunt passed away February 14th 1994, her uncle and cousins could not bear the pain of spending Valentine's alone and so her mother proposed that each year they would go and visit their distant relatives to help them through the pain.


The journey to the airport passed by rather quickly and soon she would be waiting beside both her mother and father as they waited to board their plane. It was very clear they three of them were a family; not just because of the formal royal blue clothing they wore but also because of their familiar features. Like her mother, Beatrix has a rather slim and small physique. Her eyes were crystal blue like her mother and her face was very doll like. However she shared the same shade of coal-black hair which her father hand and had obtained the same birthmark he had on his left collarbone. Soon the family of three boarded the plane and took their seats in first class.

After the traditional speech about the rules and safety precautions was over the plane would give a slight shudder before beginning to move along the runway and soon it lifted off into the sky, leaving Gatwick Airport behind.


As the plane rose higher into the sky, the city below  transformed into a masterpiece that had been created by an unknown artist. Wisps of white cloud appeared around them, like they had entered a whole new world. The clouds would soon clear and a great view of the ocean below would appear as they travelled onwards towards France.


After the plane landed and they had collected their luggage, the family would find themself in another car on their way to the Blossom’s Family Manor House which was located on the westside of Paris. Snow hand not reached Paris yet but the winter breeze was still fairly bitter. During the journey they passed through the centre of Paris.

There was rows of different shops and stores all decorated with red hearts and ribbons in preparation for Valentines day.

Then just ahead of them was a fairly large market, music played loudly and an array of warm vivid lights decorated every stall that had been set up,

“W-Wow...It’s beautiful…!” Beatrix whispered quietly to herself as she glared out of the window at the festivity that surrounded them.


Her father smiled as he heard his daughter who sat beside him and gently waved his hand to the driver, motioning for him to pull over. As she noticed they were parking up on one of the sidewalk, Beatrix turned to her father and tilted her head to the side in a questioning manner.

“I believe we have a few hours to enjoy ourselves before seeing your Uncle..” her father hinted to her with a warm gaze.

The young female’s eyes widened and she gave a grateful smile as she spoke,

“Thank you so much father!”

Hey mother rolled her eyes and looked towards Beatrix, “Be back here for 11 O'Clock please child” she stated and with this, Beatrix nodded her head and slipped herself out of the car, making her way towards the festival.


Carefully she pulled down her pencil skirt so it was to her knees before slipping her hands into each other and holding them in front of her around her mid stomach. The market was very crowded; children ran around with heart shaped balloons in their hands, young couples danced around together in time with the music and parents walked about hand in hand as they admired the different stalls. It truly was a beautiful scene. As her eyes scanned the stalls, one caught her eye in particular. It was a wooden stall decorated in red roses and fairylights and the stall appeared to be selling rose quartz stones which had been crafted into the shape of hearts. Curious as to why they were selling the gemstones, Beatrix headed over being careful to not bump into one of the members of the crowd.


As Beatrix reached the stall, she was greeted by a rather short and old female.

“Bonjour Madame! May I be of any help to you?”

The woman spoke softly with a strong and clear french accent which only added to the foreign atmosphere that she had been consumed by.

Beatrix nodded her head slowly as she glimpsed at the gemstones.

“Uh Oú, I was just wondering why you are selling rose quartz?” the young female asked with a sense of curiosity lingering in her voice as she questioned the woman.

“Awe I see madame, well rose quartz has the meaning of love. They are said to have been made by the goddess Venus and as legend goes if you carry one around you are sure to find true love~” the woman explained with a warm smile which defined the wrinkles upon her face.

Beatrix nodded her head slowly as the woman explained to her the reasons this gem was being sold. She bit down on her lower lip and nodded her head slowly before giving a response,

“ I see, how much would it cost to buy one?”

“Aww do not worry about the cost, let this be a gift for you Madame, it’s on me!” the woman replied as she picked up one of the stones and handed it to Breatrix.

With a grateful smile, Beatrix gently took the stone and thanked the woman for her kindness before disappearing further into the crowds of people.


Time was passing by rather quickly as she browsed through each stall that caught her eye and she began to grow cold from the winter weather. Beatrix decided to buy herself a cup of hot chocolate to accompany her on her journey back to the care. Her hands wrapped around the cup, absorbing any warmth the hot beverage provided. Then from time to time she would bring the rim of the cup to her lips and sip gently on it, just enough for her to taste the sweet coco but not enough for her to burn her tongue. On her journey back she passed by a small band-stand and noticed a young male playing a guitar with a female standing beside him who was singing.

Slowly, she walked over so she could hear them better. They both worked so well as a dueo and the music mixed beautiful with the female’s voice. Beatrix watched with a bright smile, enchanted by the sweet melody that was being played. Then her eyes moved from the two performing to the guitar case in front of them which had a few euros in it.

Beatrix placed her hot chocolate down on a nearby table and slowly walked over to the guitar case. She twisted the lock on her purse and opened it, taking out €5 note which she placed into the guitar case. Though as she stood up, she noticed the young male smile at her.


Not taking much notice of this she brushed down her pencil skirt and clapped along with the crowd as the enlightening melody came to an end. With this, Beatrix turned her back to the bandstand and began to head away. Though just before she managed to disappear for a third time into the crowds she was stopped by a tugging of her arm.

“Aw excusé moi? You forgot something!”

Upon hearing an unfamiliar voice she turned quite startled only to see the guitarist holding her arm with one hand and her hot chocolate in the other. The male was rather tall with bright orange hair and deep green eyes. He wore a pair of tight black jeans and leather jacket. Beneath his jacket you could clearly see a white shirt and a brown waistcoat, while around his neck hung a loose chain which had a guitar pick attached to it.


Upon realising she was staring at the boy Beatrix quickly nodded her head.

“Uh.. yes.. Thank you for running after me with it!” she said with a soft smile as she retrieved her drink from the young male who had brought it to her.

“You are welcome Madame, I’m assuming you are not from around here?” he questioned as he let go of her arm.

“Who me? No I’m not from here, I’m visiting from London..” she stated while strengthening her british accent.

“Awh I see. Well thank you for the donation you made it was very kind of you..”

His accent was strong as he spoke which only added to his character,

“Well Madame, I must be off now.., Au revoir!”, as he spoke he gave a soft smile as he pointed to the watch on his wrist.

“Will I see you again?” she asked as she looked at him.

“Of course you will my dear joli~” with these final words he gave a small wink to Beatrix and headed of in the direction of the bandstand.

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