Your Silence.....


5. Lose it all

​Talking to him was like driving a new Lamborghini down a dead end street,

Faster than the wind,

Passionate as sin,

Ending so suddenly,

Hugging him was like trying to change your mind once you're already flying down the free fall,

Our friendship was like the colours of autumn,

So Bright,

Before they lose it all, 

He was my best friend I've ever known,

Now I'm without him, all alone,

I saw through all his flaws and saw someone they had never met,


Fighting with him is like trying to solve a crossword,

And realising there is no right answer,

Regretting him is like wishing you never found out a bond could be that strong,

Remembering him comes in flashbacks,

And Echoes,

I tell myself ' Its time now, have to let go',

But moving on is impossible when I still see it all in my head,


Our friendship was like the colours of autumn,

So bright,

Before they lose it all...........



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