Skin to Bone

♧“ωнαт'ѕ уσυя иαмє?"♧

♤"нαиzσ, ωнαт'ѕ уσυяѕ?"♤

♧"ιм нαѕυиα, вυт ¢αℓℓ мє нαѕυ."♧

тнιѕ ωαѕ тнє fιяѕт ¢σиνєяѕαтισи ι нα∂ ωιтн му ωιfє, ѕнє ωαѕ α кσgєѕкι, ι ωαѕ α ѕнιмα∂α. ωє ωєяєи'т ѕυρρσѕт тσ мєєт, вυт ι gυєѕѕ fαтє нα∂ σтнєя ρℓαиѕ.


1. ☯︎ρяσℓσgυє☯︎

The Shimada Clan were notorious for their prideful clansman, destructive weapons, and their assassins. The clan head, Sojiro Shimada has two sons, Hanzo and Genji. Sojiro’s wife, Yokima, passed away weeks after the birth of Genji Shimada, which changed the once happy family to a cold, distant one.

The Kogetski were similar to the Shimada but were also significantly different. They weren't as intimidating as the Shimada, they hunted animals instead of people and their spirit animals were wolves, not dragons. The clan head, Matabi Kogetski had a wife and one daughter, his wife named Renga and his daughter named Hasuna, bearing a close resemblance to the name Haruka, which is what they would've named their son if they had one.

Unlike the Shimada, who saw the woman as equals to men, the Kogetski saw the woman as beneath them.

Haruka, however, was different than other girls, who played with dolls and did chores around the house. She would rather watch the males train in the field, play in the dirt, and overall make a mess. Her father Matabi, ignored her because of her actions, not caring to acknowledge her existence, as well as her mother Renga.

She was the clan disappointment.

The Shimada also looked down at the younger brother, Genji. Always out o the house, never training, and being an overall playboy with the clan females. The elder brother Hanzo, however, was blamed for everything his brother did, being told he wasn't a ”good enough example” for his brother. He took the blame, much to his father's displeasure and his brother's happiness. Sojiro hid his dissatisfaction with how Hanzo takes blow after blow from the clan elders and how they train him, he believed they were being too harsh on him, but held up his cold facade, pressuring Hanzo to become a better Shimada. He was going to take over the clan when he turned 18, he must be prepared, and Sojiro knows this.

These two unlikely lovers look like a hopeless pair, but their love will rewrite the history books for all future generations.

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