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1. Poems of romance

One thing I love about you is your body. You gave birth to a beautiful little girl, who in return gave you unique characteristics. You have soft skin, lovely to touch. You have full thick hair, that I love to pull. Your legs are strong and thick, which I love when you wrap around my head and waist 😉😉. Your arms are gentle enough to calm anyone in them, and stronger enough to pull what you want close. Your stomach isn't to your liking, but I love it because I know you are eating and I have enough of you to wrap my arms around without feeling like I'm going to break you. Your back is a master piece, from your shoulders down to the small of your back just above your butt anywhere I kiss sends you shivering. Your feet, well they carry you physically and emotionally, without them you wouldn't go anywhere, plus I love to see you squirm when I give you massages. And lastly your hands, from the kisses I give you on every part to the warmth and kindness you give off with every touch they are my favorite part of you, it's our first and last connection when we are together, our physical touch sends sensations through our bodies that we know and love.

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