Where the Lake Meets the Shore

Where the lake meets the shore, there's a tree. Look up and that's where you will find me. I never thought though, that a stranger would find my place, but when he does, that's when everything changes.


In the part of the park where nobody goes, that's where you will find 20 year old Katie Mason. As she enters her third year at NYU, she seems to have the perfect life, perfect friends, and an all around perfect world. Enter Michael Clark, the new transfer student from down south. Charming young Katie with his southern charm, she just can't help but be lured into his grasp. He might just be the one person she needs to open her up to the harsh reality of the perfect life she believes to have, and sends her entire world into the perfect tailspin.


5. ~Chapter 4~


I power down yet another shot - I think it's about my fourth, or maybe fifth one of the night. This is how I get away, how my problems just seem to float away from me. My sister may try to paint the illusion that we have a "perfect" life to everyone we know, and maybe from her perspective, yes it is perfect, but for me, I see a  different perspective.

"Morgy!" My best friend, Melanie shouts at me as she shoves her way through the busy club environment. "Look who I met!" She calls. Looking up, I note that she has to gorgeous guys being towed along behind her, basically hanging off her arms.

"Who are they?" I ask her, eyeing the blue-eyed-brown-haired beauty on the left of her. With his skin perfectly tanned, I'm able to tell he has no problem getting any girl he wants here.

"This is Tyson," She says, pointing to the equally handsome guy to her right. "And this is Daniel" She introduces the gorgeous one on her left.

"It's very nice to meet you" Daniel says, reaching out his hand as he eyes me up and down with a charming smirk on his face. I think I'm in love. I think to myself as he does so.

"I should say the same thing" I say, hopping off my seat and shaking his hand, matching his smile.

"They just graduated from NYU" Melanie says to me slyly, winking in my direction. Doing the math, I figure out that they're a couple years older than my own sister. 

"Really? So they're smart and handsome" I say, looking from one to the other. "Now I'm interested"

Daniel grins at me. "And Melanie tells us you guys are going to be seniors at Julliard" He says, dictating the tale she tells all the guys we meet together, because what guy would want to get together with two sixteen-year-olds?

"You've got it!" I lie, sipping at yet another drink that's been passed to me. "You should join me" I say to Daniel, noting that Tyson is already dragging Melanie away and motioning towards the seat next to me.

"I'd be glad to" He says, flashing me that charming smile yet again and sitting down.


Three and a half hours, and maybe about three drinks later, Daniel and I find ourselves in his car, me straddling his lap, in the middle of a heated make-out session. We left Melanie in the club dancing with Tyson. After making sure she knew where I was she pushed me off with a simple 'be safe' , and off we were.  

I pull away and pause to take a breath when he begins sliding his hands under my top. "Let's go to your place" I mumble before he pulls me back.

"No" He says calmly, groaning softly into my mouth as I grind myself against him slightly.

"Okay, we stay here then" I smirk and begin playing with the buttons on his blue button-down shirt.

"No, Morgan wait" He says suddenly, pushing me off.

"What? Why?" I ask and pull back from him. "Is it something I did?" I ask him, fixing my top.

"No, you did nothing, babe" He says, leaning back in the seat. "I don't want to do anything like that while you're drunk. I'd feel like I'm taking advantage, especially since we just met" He says softly. I just look at him, slightly confused. I've done this so many times that I'm not even close to being drunk yet.

"Come on Daniel, You wouldn't be taking advantage" I say and try to lean into him again, honestly shocked that he's so concerned about such a thing. Most guys from this place really aren't. 

"No" He says. "How about I just take you home?"

I sigh and move over into the passenger seat. "Alright" I smile.

We drive in a comforting silence, with me giving him directions every so often until we pull up outside my house, when he finally speaks. "I'd like to take you out sometime" He states simply.

"Really?" I ask, eyeing him suspiciously.

"Yes" He says, pulling out his phone and handing it to me. "So we can properly get to know each other" He says.

I slowly take his phone from him. "O-kay.." I say slowly and swiftly type my number into his phone. Weird.. "Here you go!" I chirp and hand him his phone back.

"Thanks! I'll text you" He says, smiling as I begin to get out of the car.

"I look forward to it!" I say and close the door behind  me before running back into the house.

"You're home early" I'm startled by a voice coming from the sofa as I enter the family room. Looking up, I see my sister sitting on the couch watching television. "I thought sleepovers usually lasted all night" She says, also taking note of  my tight club clothes.

I roll my eyes. "I decided to come home early" I lie to her.

"Dressed like that?" She asks. "And without your bag? Where were you tonight?" Noticing that I'm looking around for my parents, she continues. "Don't worry, they're still out" she assures me.

I nod at her before turning towards the stairs. "It's really none of your business where I was, Katie" I mutter before storming off.

"Actually it kind of is" She says, following me down the hallway and blocking my access to the stairs. "I saw you get out of a car just now that definitely did not belong to any of your friends" She states, crossing her arms across her chest.

I glare at her. "Do I need to remind you again that you aren't mom or  dad and that I don't need to answer to you?" When I say this, all she does is roll her eyes at me. "Fine, Melanie and I snuck out after her parents went to bed and went to that club across town. When we were there we met some guys" I say, shrugging. It's not like she doesn't know about my friends and I's habits already.

"Oh my God Morgan, again?" She screeches at me. "Are you for real?"

I roll my eyes at her again. "We didn't do anything!" I shout back. "He's the one who drove me home, now can you please leave me alone? It's no big deal anyway." I say, calming my voice a bit. Just then, the door opens as my parents finally return from their night out. "If you tell mom and dad, we'll have a huge problem" I growl at my sister before storming past her up the stairs before my parents saw my outfit.

"Was that Morgan we heard?" I hear mom ask Katie.

"Yeah, she came home early because she wasn't feeling well so she went up to bed" Katie replies, covering for me. "She told me to tell you not to come in and she'll see you in the morning"

I breathe out a sigh of relief and softly close my door before changing into some pajamas and curling up under my soft covers. Just as I'm nodding off, I feel my phone buzz.

From: Unknown number

Hey Morgan! It's Daniel from the club. Text me when you get this! :)

Deciding to text him back in the morning, I finally let myself fall into a deep sleep.



"I'm home!" I call out through the messy apartment, groaning as I look around at the mess. "Drew!" I shout out to my roommate. "What the hell man, I just cleaned up here!" I continue yelling as I make my way to his room, kicking bottles and such out of the way.

"I'm... a little.. busy here!" Is the gasped out response I get through the door. Judging by the sounds coming through there he has yet another girl over, so I just silently back away. 

I plop myself down on the couch and wait for him to come out. While proceeding to flick aimlessly through channels on television, I check my phone and notice that I have two messages, both from Katie. The first one is the one I sent myself from her phone, and another one simply states 'I hate you'. I quickly reply to her.

To: Katie

You'll learn to love me, sweetheart ;)

Finally, I hear Drew's door open and a blonde comes scurrying out, with Drew behind her. Surprisingly enough, it's actually the same girl from two nights ago, which is strange seeing as he never keeps his ladies around. She turns to face him. "You'll call me, right?" She asks him as he pulls a shirt back on over his head.

"Of course I will" He says and drags her back for a sloppy kiss before practically shoving her out the door of the apartment.

"Wow, two nights with her, that's a new record for you" I say as he drops himself down beside me.

He just shrugs. "She's the one who called me up for tonight. I'm already bored" He says simply, pulling out a half empty beer bottle from beside the sofa and polishing it off.

"I really wish you'd show these girls a little bit of respect" I mumble, pulling out my phone again as it once again buzzes.

From: Katie

Yeah right, we'll see. 

"Kinda hard to respect someone who practically throws herself at me" He shrugs. Noticing me grinning at my phone, he rolls his eyes. "That the girl from the park? What's her name? Kathy?"

"Katie" I correct. "And yes, it is"

"You're smiling at your phone like a moron" He says, attempting to toss the beer bottle into a trash bag but missing, having the bottle thud noisily on the carpet. "She'd better be hot so you can get laid fast"

"It's not like that" I mumble, continuing to flick through the channels. "This one's different I think"

"Different how? Dang bro, you've gotten soft. What happened to you?" He asks, referring to how I was back in South Carolina back when we were teenagers.

I shrug, ignoring his comment. "I don't know, I just think she's different from the girls I hung out with in Charleston" I say, which makes Drew just roll his eyes.

"You have changed, man" He simply says before getting up, muttering a goodnight and shuffling back to his room. My phone buzzes with a message once again and I look to see a text from Katie.

From: Katie

So, if you do intend on "getting to know me", when do you want to meet again?

I smile, also a little surprised that she would ask. Knowing exactly what to say, I immediately text back.

To: Katie

Tomorrow, I'll pick you up at noon. Dress casual.

Immediately I get a reply;

From: Katie

As you wish!

I find myself staring at her message endlessly, smiling like an idiot. I don't know what it is about her, I don't usually allow myself to get so into another person, but for some reason she seems special, refreshing even.

I lock my phone and groan deeply.  "Oh dear Lord, what's wrong with me?"


A/N: Any thoughts/opinions so far? How do you like Daniel? Comment below! :)

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