Where the Lake Meets the Shore

Where the lake meets the shore, there's a tree. Look up and that's where you will find me. I never thought though, that a stranger would find my place, but when he does, that's when everything changes.


In the part of the park where nobody goes, that's where you will find 20 year old Katie Mason. As she enters her third year at NYU, she seems to have the perfect life, perfect friends, and an all around perfect world. Enter Michael Clark, the new transfer student from down south. Charming young Katie with his southern charm, she just can't help but be lured into his grasp. He might just be the one person she needs to open her up to the harsh reality of the perfect life she believes to have, and sends her entire world into the perfect tailspin.


2. ~Chapter 1~

°Where the lake meets the shore, there's a tree. Look up and that's where you will find me. I never thought though, that a stranger would find my place, but when he does, that's when everything changes.°



I groan loudly as my alarm starts to ring beside my head, waking me up. Not even ten seconds later I hear the shouts of my parents below me and groan again. They're always fighting recently. Ever since my dad got a new job that always keeps him out of the house, they're always on edge, sometimes getting downright abusive towards each other and my younger sister, Morgan and I. Since dad's gotten the job, he's always out late, often coming home completely hammered from an evening of drinking with his work friends after work.  Morgan also believes he's cheating on mom and has lost much of her respect for him, but I prefer to not believe it and give my dad a bit of credit.

Needless to say, my family life is strained. Mom tries her best though.

"Katie, come on" Morgan shouts at my door, banging on it. "You have to drive me to school, dad's drunk again" She says loudly.

"Coming!" I call, but don't actually get out of bed until I can hear her footsteps retreating back down the stairs. Morgan is in the 11th grade, almost at the end of her year, while I am just finishing my second year at my dream school, NYU. She's a little bit more rebellious than I am, sneaking out to go to parties and clubs with her friends. It's a wonder how they even get in but she seems to manage it.

I'm just about finished getting ready when my phone rings on the nightstand. Looking at the caller ID I see that it's my best friend, Carly. Picking up, I can't even say hello before she's speaking, "Hey girl! Please tell me you can come to my party tonight!!" She speaks swiftly into the phone.

"Good morning Carly, how are you?" I reply sarcastically. I don't even need to be looking at her to know that she's probably rolling her eyes at me.

"Hi Katie, I'm fine" She says. "How are you?" She asks, obviously struggling to contain her excitement.

"I'm doing well, so what do you need? I need to drive my sister to school" I reply, slipping into some shoes while holding my phone to my ear with one hand.

"Dad drunk again?" She questions, not even needing an answer. She knows my life. "My parents are out of town! Mom said that I could have a few people over to celebrate the end of the year" She states excitedly.

"And by a few people, I assume you invited pretty much everyone you know including their friends too?" I ask her.

"Of course! What kind of party only has a few people in it?" She asks, sounding dumbfounded. "So, can you come?"

"We'll see, I'll ask my mom and text you" I say, hearing my sister once again hollering at me from the bottom of the stairs. "I've got to go, I'll text you"

"Sweet! Good luck with the monster sister" She laughs before quickly hanging up.

Grabbing my keys I rush out of my room and down the steps to where my sister impatiently waits for me. "About time" She grumbles, pulling her bag up onto her shoulder.

Suddenly dad storms on past us out the door, grumbling once again about how he's sick of this damn family. Mom comes racing after him and sees Morgan and I standing there. "Aw girls, you know he doesn't mean it" She says hugging us both.

"Yeah, yeah" Morgan says, irritated. "You say that every time" She says, pulling back and leaning against the wall.

"Mom, I know this is a bad time, but Carly's having a party tonight and--" I say but mom interrupts me.

"Of course you can go! Have fun with your friends!" She says absently before trudging up the stairs back up to her room.

"Wow, excellent timing, Katie" Morgan rolls her eyes before storming off to my car. I follow behind her and begin driving. The ride to her school is silent, as it usually is. Morgan and I used to be really close, but since the conflicts between my parents began 3 years ago, our relationship became very strained. Finally, after a period of not talking and looking deep in thought, she speaks. "You know, if you were asking my opinion, Carly is quite an idiotic moron if she honestly believes that her parents don't know about her throwing these parties" She says calmly, obviously trying to stir up something with me.

"Well," I begin calmly, taking a breath. "I didn't ask your opinion, did I?" I say, my voice starting to get snappy towards her.

She smirks before continuing to speak, completely ignoring my question. "She's also a slut too. According to Melanie, her and her boyfriend were caught by his parents getting it on in the hall closet during a family dinner. Apparently when they walked in she had her legs completely wrapped around his neck" She says, desperately trying to contain her laughter. That actually did happen. Carly called me that night and told me about it, completely mortified. What had happened is that her and Matt snuck away, but were making a little too much racket and his parents unfortunately decided to investigate.

"And where did Melanie hear this?" I ask her, gritting my teeth as we pull up in front of her high school.

"Her brother told her" Morgan replies, bursting into laughter. Makes sense. Melanie's brother used to be really good friends with Matt, and when they had their falling out I suppose the idiot thought the best way to get back at Matt would be to spread these awful rumors about him and Carly. Best way to do it? Through his gossipy little sister, Melanie.

"Well, maybe you and Melanie could spend your time not listening to petty rumors spread by dimwitted numbskulls" I say sharply at my sister, causing her to express a look of utter shock at my tone. "You're almost 17 years old, maybe you two should start acting like it"

"Whatever. You're not mom so you can't tell me to do anything" She says, rolling her eyes at me and getting out of the car. "By the way, don't pick me up today, I'm going to Melanie's house after school" She says, slamming the door and taking off before I can even say a word in reply.

I roll my eyes as I watch my sister retreat into the school and pull out my phone to text Carly.

Me: I'm in, see you tonight!

Carly: Sweet! Be here at 7:30!


The party is raging around me.

Carly's annual end-of-the-school-year bash, held as always in her parents' enormous Victorian era mansion, has, as per the norm, a full guest list. Everyone came to the party, everyone always comes. The entire place is packed with people, so much that you can barely take a step without stepping on someone. There are no rules at her parties, except of course no smoking indoors and take any sexual activity to one of the 6 upstairs bedrooms. Despite these rules, in every corner you look, you're almost guaranteed to find a couple on the verge of hooking up, or a whole group of people passing a joint around the sitting room. Carly knows these things, as do her parents, how could you not?, yet the event still happens yearly.

I try to maneuver my way through the crowd in search of my best friend, avoiding the grabs and tugs from guys trying to get me to grind up against them to the beat of the music. I find her in the kitchen, drunk as drunk can be, and seated on the counter making out with her boyfriend, Matt. "Carly!" I shout at her, trying to make my voice heard above the loud music being played over the house speakers.

She and Matt leap back from each other at the sound of my voice and she looks over to me. When she sees it's me standing there a wide grin spreads across her face and she stumbles off the counter to give me a sloppy hug. "Katie!" She slurs. "Are you having fun? Have you had enough to drink?" She says, apparently not realizing that she is actually screaming in my face.

"I haven't had anything to drink, Carl. Someone needs to be the responsible one here" I say, slightly pushing her off me. "Besides, I should be going home, we have an exam in two days and--" I say but she cuts me off

"Responsble" She tries repeating, bursting into a fit of laughter when she gets it wrong. "That's a funny word, you know" She giggles. "Let loose! Have a drink! I told your parents you're spending the night with me anyway! Matt, pour my sweet best friend here a drink" She slurs drunkenly, and Matt quickly obeys. I have a drink in my hand before I could even protest as if he was totally prepared for the request. "Now off you go! Have some fun my little butterfly" She says loudly and shoves me back out of the kitchen.

What just happened? I ask myself and stare down into the dark liquid poured into the red plastic cup in my hand. Suddenly I feel a grab on my arm and look up to see a guy about my age looking down at me. "You look like you're afraid of what's in there" He laughs at my expression.

"I don't really drink much" I reply, smiling.

"Well it's always worth the shot, right?" He says, still grinning from laughter. Well, he's not wrong. I think. Come on Katie, time to let loose and live a little for once. I think to myself and finally take a long sip of the drink, allowing the liquid to burn its way down my throat. "There you go! My name is Jack, by the way" He says, extending a hand out to me.

"Katie" I say and extend my  hand out to shake his.

Let's have some fun tonight...

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