Tuesday Poetry

My second story to a long one called life. Hopefully a little more uplifting to you guys compared to my other poetry book "Entries From a Blonde".


2. "I Saw You"

I walked in to the sight of so many people

I'm talking... an auditorium of people.

but somehow i found you in a matter of seconds...

call me a stalker cause id only seen your face

a couple times through the phone the night before.

But i did.. and i got a flutter... and realized

'This is new'. A good new of course but a scary one.

I was shocked you agreed to see the show.

Just little ol you and me sitting alone.

It was shocking how i could be so confident.

I felt like I knew you so well... so close.

that night we went back home.

I remember running into Kyle, haha

but of course not you in the store.

We continued to talk each night.

Saw each other the next day.

Soon started a relationship...

since then I cant help but be so happy.

You've changed my life.

I just cant thank you enough for it.

Happy four months and a wish for many more.



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