when Jane Met Alex

this story is about how Jane met Alex


Author's note

this is my story I made it REMEMBER TO LEAVE A COMMENT

4. the date part one

Jane couldn't believe the day she had,first, Alex took her to the carnival and they went up top the Ferris Wheel  and then went or cotton candy, he even got her a teddy bear name candy, the next day  they ate lunch at the park but the Seaguls want to eat too and chased them Away, they then got wet from the sprinklers, today was Jane's turn to pick the date, but she had nothing, she she called the one person who can help, Kay, she dialed the number and waited for it to ring, it rang and rang and rang til she finally answered 


"Hello" Kay Said 


"Kay i need your help" Jane said


"what's up?" Kat asked through the phone 


"i need help picking a date with Alex" Jane Said 


Kay didn't even need anything else all she said was " be there in 10" then hung up 


Jane then hung up and walked back and forth from her room to the door then she heard a knock


Kay entered the house and sat on her bed and said "What do you need?"


"Help picking out a place to take Alex" Jane said 


Kay thought for A moment then spoke 


"a resturant you never went to?" Kay asked 


"THAT'S PERFECT" Jane exclaimed "but wait where am  i gonna get the money?" 


'The money from your sock drawer?" Asked


"How do you know about that?" Jane Asked


'I might of looked in your drawer when you asked me to look for clothes for you" Kay said 


Jane just shook her head and laughed then said "your a weirdo But i love you"


"weird is good and i love you too, now let's get you dressed" Kay said pushing her into the bathroom.


Then Kay got her dressed in a blue short sleeve blouse and jeans with black boots and her curly hair brushed and red lip stick on , she then stepped back and looked at her Masterpiece 

"Finished" Kay Said 


Jane looked at her herself and Gasps


"Kay you are good at what you do" Jane said 


"i so am you look so great" Kay said 


"Thanks for the help" Jane said hugging her 


"Your welcome, now text Alex and tell him to meet you there" Kay said 


"Will do" Jane said


she texted Alex to meet her there and left 

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