when Jane Met Alex

this story is about how Jane met Alex


Author's note

this is my story I made it REMEMBER TO LEAVE A COMMENT

1. The Birthday Tweet


Jane woke up one day and looked at her alarm clock. 10:00 AM 

​" time for school on my birthday" Jane groaned "it always go bad" so Jane got up got dressed in her school uniform and combed curly her hair 

​she was about to put make up on when her phone kept dinging

sjo she checked it 

 it was  a Bunch of tweets 

Happy birthday @Multifandom124- Sam

Happy birthday Jane -Sofia 

so Jane replied to everyone's post with selfies entitled "Birthday selfies" and tagged her friends 15 minutes later more replies one from her best Friend Sha

you go girl enjoy your day xoxo-Sha 

​the next reply was from Alex 

"Glad my friend is having the best day Happy birthday love" -Alex

Jane smiled and replied "Thanks brown eyes made my day" he then replied "glad to make you smile ehrhwhrsfjtejrhrh" 




















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