when Jane Met Alex

this story is about how Jane met Alex


Author's note

this is my story I made it REMEMBER TO LEAVE A COMMENT

3. telling the girls

Jane And Alex made it back just in time for the bell to ring for Jane's next class
Jane was the first to speak  "thanks for taking me out today"

"no problem Jane i had an amazing time too" Alex said "it was fun to skip lunch with you" 

that made Jane smile "well i have to go but i hope we get to do this again" 

Alex smiled back "i would like that" he said 

"me too" she said 

Alex then walked Away and Jane walked into the school and ran to where her Class was. Kathrine was there

"so how did it go?" Kay and Kylie  Asked

"i will tell you later" Jane mouthed 

Kay and Kylie just nodded 

Later that day, Kylie and Kay were at Jane's house talking 

"so what Happened with you and Alex today?" Kay said 

"Nothing"Jane said blushing we just went out for ice cream and i showed him our favorite ice cream and Donut shop" Jane said 

"ooh" Kylie and Kay said together 

"then what?" Kylie said 
"then we made plans to do it again" Jane said 

you asked him out?!" Kay screamed

"Nooo"Jane paused "he asked me" 

then there was  a scream of "AHH" and Jane covered her ears 


then they all laughed 

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