when Jane Met Alex

this story is about how Jane met Alex


Author's note

this is my story I made it REMEMBER TO LEAVE A COMMENT

2. Meeting up and the Ice cream

Jane was in the Cafe Line  talking to her friends Tiana and Kylie and Kathrine 

"fish sticks and tuna salid again" Tiana sighed "i am telling you this cafe sucks"

"you can say that Again" Kylie said 


Jane was about to protest  when her phone buzzed 


"hold on a sec" Jane Said answering her phone 

"hello" she said 

"Hey" Alex said 

"oh hey Alex" Jane said smiling  throw the phone 

'hey you want to meet up somewhere?" Alex Asked  

"um i am at lunch right now" Jane said  


there was silent then Alex was the first to speak 


"Ok so ditch lunch and meet me for ice cream" Alex said 

"i will if you know my favorite flavor" Jane Said teasing  

"anything chocolate now please will you come" Alex begged 

Jane thought for a second 

"Fine but you ave to explain to the teachers why i am late for class" Jane said 

all Jane heard was A quiet "yes" then Alex spoke Again 

"you got a date" Alex said and hung up the phone 

"sorry guys i have to go" Jane said 

"Where you going?' Kylie Asked 

"on a date with Alex" Jane said 

"Have fun" Tiana and Kathrine  Said 

'Thanks" Jane said running to the door  


Jane ran down the stairs faster than she ever could before she didn't know why but she was she ran down the steps threw the doors and down the last pair of steps and outside. There she saw Alex on the step of the school

"Hi" he said 

"Hi" she said out of breath

"You okay?" he asked 

"Fine" she said after she calmed her breathing

"so you gonna show me around here" Alex said 

"sure" she said 

they walked across the street and up the block and there was a sign that said "Subway"

"so you have a subway across the street from your school?" Alex asked

"Yup" She said 

"And you eat here after school all the time?" Alex Asked

"Yes but sometimes we just get ice cream" she said "Follow me"  she said and Alex followed 

they walked for 15 minutes and around the block was a shop that says "Donut and ice cream shop" 

"this is the donut and ice cream shop My friends go"

"is it good here" Alex said 

"Yes! are you kidding?" Jane Asked

Alex shrugged 






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