Saving Lily

Lillian was only eight when she watched her best friend Jace get his soul sucked out by an unknown demon. She would've been next-had it not been for her guardian, Kyle.
Eight years later, the demons are worse, wanting to eat Lillian's soul.
And not only that, but Kyle's back...


Author's note

Please enjoy! Sorry-I have a dark imagination.

4. $

           ​We land somewhere. We're in front of a house. Ky places me on a patch of grass, and rips the rest of my sleeve off. I look at Imogen, to distract myself, and she grins at me sadly.

​             Then, Ky does something very strange; he places his lips on the wound, and takes a big lick out of it. My eyesight goes dark, and I scream at the sudden burst of pain. I shove him off hard, and scramble backward, the back of my head hitting a tree trunk.

​           "What's your problem? That really hurt!" Tears pour down my face, and I hate that, and my shoulder hurts more, and I really ​hate that.

​           "I'm sorry; I'm just trying to heal you! I'll be more careful."

​            He nears towards me, and I shake my head, and grab at my shoulder. I don't want him coming any closer, and-

          Imogen is there, she's holding me down.

​        "There's no point in talking to her Ky. Knoex's poison is going to drive her mad unless you heal it. Or she could die of blood loss, in this case, which is preferable." Her eyes stay on mine, and I see a brief flash of sympathy.

​          Ky nods and he's in front of me again, licking the wound, hurting really bad. My hands lash out, or try to, but Imogen's hold is true. They stay on the grass, where my fingers claw at the dirt.

         Finally, the pain diminishes to nothing. I'm tired, drowsy even, and I lean back on the trunk, preparing for sleep.

         Imogen releases me, and I realize I don't hate her. She stands behind Ky, who's reaching for me again.

         There is no fight left in me, and I let him hold me. The last thing I see is Shane, who's talking to Imogen. 

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