Saving Lily

Lillian was only eight when she watched her best friend Jace get his soul sucked out by an unknown demon. She would've been next-had it not been for her guardian, Kyle.
Eight years later, the demons are worse, wanting to eat Lillian's soul.
And not only that, but Kyle's back...


Author's note

Please enjoy! Sorry-I have a dark imagination.

3. *

    ​    "I wouldn't do that, Knoex. You're right; this girl is ​special. But if you eat her alive, my clan will have no choice but to kill you. And trust me," his eyes flashed silver, his wings spread out, "I can do that easily on my own."

​          The monster's eyes flicker towards me, and he sighs. Then, faster than a bullet, his claw grows even more, and spears my shoulder to the ground. I'm down again, crippled by the pain.

          In a swift movement, he breaks his claw, and tska-tasks.

         "Can't have my meal escaping me again." His attention turns to the boy, his eyes amused. "I must say, young Ky, you have matured since I last heard of you. But you're not the firstborn that is destined to marry her. Speaking of which, where is your brother Shane anyway? I've heard he's gotten stronger."

          "Do not look down on me!" Ky screams, a anger flush covering his skin. "I am just as good as Shane."

           Suddenly, the earth quivers, and I notice the sky is black and moving. I squint through the tears and gasp; they're black feathers. A pair of bat wings separates itself from the rest, and a small girl lands next to Ky.

          "Master, you weren't suppose to run off like that. You worried us, and Shane is here." The girl has short bright blue hair, and creamy white skin. Her green eyes shift to mine, and a bright light forms in her hand. As the light clears, it's a big spiked ball with a long chain. She stands in front of Ky, and glares at Knoex.

          "Just say the word, Master, and I will go full demon on him."

            As she says that, a boy jumps in front of her, and I groan.

            He looks like Ky, except a year or two older, and he's holding a long sword. "Imogen, take Ky, and Lily. Ky, heal Lily. Knoex is mine."

            Imogen nods, and her bat wings spread out again. She flies towards me, ignoring Knoex, and kicks the claws to pieces, freeing me. Ky simply carries me like a baby, and his wings spread out as well. They both launch themselves to the sky, and I hold on to Ky for dear life.

           My eyes are closed when Ky squeezes my shoulder, a piece of claw and fresh blood coming out. I bite my lips in pain, but keep my eyes closed.

           I don't need another nightmare to add to my dreams. 

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