Saving Lily

Lillian was only eight when she watched her best friend Jace get his soul sucked out by an unknown demon. She would've been next-had it not been for her guardian, Kyle.
Eight years later, the demons are worse, wanting to eat Lillian's soul.
And not only that, but Kyle's back...


Author's note

Please enjoy! Sorry-I have a dark imagination.

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       ​Run! Run! Just stop thinking, and freaking RUN!

​        I turn around so fast, my vision blurs. Adrenaline courses through me, and I see everything in perfect detail.

       I pass through trees, zigzag past bushes-anything to make tracking me harder. Sweat pools down my back, and my hands continue to shake. I know I'm halfway through the woods, when I see the purple shredded bow on a boulder, as a way to find the exit.

       Elation courses through me-I'm home free!-​and then my face smacks something fleshy.

       I land on my bottom, and I rub my nose.

      "You really stink at this game, Lily." a voice says, and I freeze, as I look up.

        He looks paler, but alive; his glasses are on perfectly, and there is no blood to be found on his face. Even his clothes look cleaner-not completely clean, but cleaner-and I stand up and throw my arms around his neck. 

​       "Jace, I thought you were dead!" I whisper in his ear.

      "What? Were we not just playing hide-and-seek? What game were you ​playing?" he asks, as his arms come around me in an awkward sort of hug. 

​        Suddenly, his grip on me tightens. Not hard enough to where I can't breathe, but hard enough to wear I can't move freely.

       I let him go, and protest, as he spins me around, and grips my arms tightly.

​      "Jace, what are you doing? Let me go!"

​        I  move around, and kick out, but nothing deters him.

       And then the sound starts again, and I freeze.

​       Black smoke swirls around in a small tornado about six feet to my right. The wind quickens, faster and faster, the noise growing with each minute. Finally, the smoke solidifies to a black cloak, and the monster is there before me.

​      "Don't bruise her, Slave. No one likes a bruised meat." he says, and goosebumps scatter all over my body.

​       "Yes, Master Knoex."

​        He circles me, curiosity a brief red color in his black eyes. "You smell different than these humans. Tasty, even. I don't like to eat the flesh of humans-their souls are more appealing-but something about you sings to me. I feel like..."

       He nears me, and his hand touches my left shoulder. A claw peeks out from his hood, and he digs into my flesh. Crimson blood trickles steadily from the wound, and my vision blurs both at the pain, and the sight of blood.

       His hands smear the blood, and he sniffs it before licking it with his long pointed gray tongue.

       "Delicious! I say, you energized me more than your little friend did! I should eat you whole so you won't come back as a shell like your friend."

        The minute he says that, his teeth sharpen to an ever point, his tongue tracing the canines with glee. 

       He walks towards me, opens his mouth-


      Jace crumples, and I fall backward, my back landing on his stomach.

​      I look to see the monster, but his eyes are focused elsewhere. I turn to where he's staring at and gasp.

​      It's a boy who looks a year older than me. His has black hair that almost covers his dark blue eyes. Pale skin, and rosy lips, he is beautiful.

​      But that's not what holds my attention.

     It's the black wings that he has spread out on his back.

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