Saving Lily

Lillian was only eight when she watched her best friend Jace get his soul sucked out by an unknown demon. She would've been next-had it not been for her guardian, Kyle.
Eight years later, the demons are worse, wanting to eat Lillian's soul.
And not only that, but Kyle's back...


Author's note

Please enjoy! Sorry-I have a dark imagination.

1. ~

​    There are just some things you'll never forget. Like when you're seven, and you accidentally walk in on your parents doing it. ​What about the time that you broke your leg, and you saw the bone stick out of your calf? Or when you decided to play hide-and-seek in the woods, even though your parents warned you not to.

​    That's just the thing; you don't listen. You do it again, and again, until something happens that changes you.

​     Either for good, or just forever.

    And I would know.

    Because, all of that happened to me.


Seven years earlier...


     "​Jace Mathew Quinton, you're not playing fair!" I screamed, as I shook my eight-year-old fist at him. He grinned, showing off his braces. They caught the sun rays, and I squinted to stare at his freckled face.

     "It's not my ​ fault I could find you so easily. After all, you're IT! Now start counting, Lily." he says, as he runs off into the woods, steeping on dead leaves.

​       It's autumn, and  the leaves have fallen. It's not cold though, just cool, and I sigh as I cover my eyes and begin to count.

      "...87, 88, 89..."

​       A faint noise happens. The sound of someone stomping on the leaves. I ignore it.

​      "...97, 98, 99..."

​       A hiss in the wind. The sound of someone laughing. Goosebumps covering my arms, and legs.

​       "100! Ready or not, here I come."

​        I jump up from behind the bush, and begin my search. The sudden stillness in the woods surprises me. Moments ago, the woods were alive with life. Now, silence, just the sound of my feet crunching on the leaves.

​       "Come out, come out, wherever you are!" I cup my mouth, loving the way my voice echoes out into the woods.

​         I check behind the trees, my scowl growing with each empty spot.

        ​Stupid Jace! He probably ran deeper in the woods. I think to myself, as I run forward.

       Bushes, and trees increase, and I trip behind a bush, scraping my knee on some stones. As I brush myself off, I turn around slowly, listening closely.

​       The faint noise is back. A hum of words rambled too closely together for me to understand. I take a step forward, and peek through the bush in front of me.

​       It's Jace; his eyes are rolled up, the glasses on his face missing a lens. Blood flows from his mouth and his nose, and as I look closely, I realize that he's floating.

​       Suddenly, the hum of words starts again, only this time, it's louder, and deeper. Jace begins to glow silver white, and I hear a sucking noise. With each time that noise happens, Jace light dims a bit more.

​       I can hear my heart in my ears, the fear freezing me in place.

​       Jace's light is gone, and he's thrown on the ground like a piece of rotten meat. He doesn't move, and a shadow walks toward his unmoving body.

​       "So delicious! Nothing beats hunger like a child's soul." the shadow says. He turns to where I'm sitting at, and I bite my fist to keep from screaming in terror.

​        There are no color in his eyes, just black voids of nothingness. His skin is the color and texture of paper, his ears pointed and faintly gray at the tips. A thick black hood covers his head and body, and I can't see his feet.

        "Now, for the girl." he says, and my heart stops altogether. 

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