The Dream Designers

10 years after the events of Saekano (light novel), Tomoya Aki , Megumi Kato and Michiru Hyodo are reunited with Utaha Kasumigaoka and Eriri Spencer Sawamura, the two which have quit the team Blessing Software 10 years ago.

Not just that, even a coder is added to the team.

Follow the adventures of the six teammates as they work together to create games, as well as facing the emotional problems among the team and in their lives.



Starting 4 July 2018, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 0600 (PST)/ 2100 (SGT)/ 2200 (Japan)

Series Start: 4 July 2018
Series End: 17 August 2018



11. Episode 9

"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years" - Abraham Lincoln

"Are you ready, Masary-san?" Utaha asked Masaru in the car. It was in the afternoon.

"Is this a pleasant surprise, Utaha-san?" Masaru asked.

"Oh, it sure is." Utaha replied excitedly, "But first, let's go somewhere first."

Masaru drove Utaha to a shopping mall, where there was a library inside.

"We're spending some time here first, Masaru-san." She said, "I want to finish reading a literature book I haven't been reading."

"And how long does that take?"

"About an hour."

"An hour?" Masaru was shocked, "I'll be back." He walked out of the library and went to the game store.

He looked at the simulator shelf, where all the simulation games are shelved at. He searched for Blessing Software's game. The one Tomoya had created with the three girls.

The last copy is gone. Strange. He went to visit the shop this morning after sending Utaha home, and it was still there after 2 weeks of it not being sold.

He then remembered what George had said.

"I saw your dear enemy getting a copy of that game."

"Kane Harune." He growled softly to himself, "Surely it must be that guy."

The Dream Designers

Episode 9

After an hour, Masaru went to find Utaha in the library, but she was not at the same place she sat just now. Masaru searched through the whole library, but she is nowhere to be seen or found. He tried to call Utaha but she did not pick up. He got out of the library and went to all the floors of the mall.

Back in the office, Megumi is sitting beside Eriri while Eriri is drawing the cover for the game. Utaha had sent Megumi the final script through email.

"I'm glad Kasumigaoka-senpai is fine and she's able to send this." Megumi said, "It shows she hasn't been slacking even though she's sick."

"Some time ago, you hated her." Eriri said, "Now you praise her like she's some fucking god or something."

"She's just strong as a woman." Megumi spoke, "Even though she's sick and on the way to recovery, she still can do her work. Unlike me, who will stop work every time I'm sick until I'm fully recovered."

"Don't forget, Megumi." Eriri talked back, "She got Masaru to help her. We don't have anyone to help us with our work. All our work is done by ourselves."

"I think it's only yours." Megumi softly chuckled, "I have Tomoya to help me."

"Damn, I wish sometimes I'd have someone to help me."

A few minutes later, Masaru has yet to find Utaha, even after searching through the whole mall. He went to the carpark and got into his car.

He was about to drive to the police station to make a report when his phone rang. He saw it was Utaha and answered the call.

"UTAHA KASUMIGAOKA!" He screamed in the car, "You know I'm so worried about you! I couldn't even find you anywhere in the mall or in the library!"

He then heard her laugh a little.

"What's funny, Utaha-san?" Masaru asked.

"Never mind. Just come to the park."

"Park? What park?"

"Shinjuku Gyoen."

"You better be right there. Or I'll be reporting a missing person to the police station."

In George Fuistuer's house, George's mother, Madeline Fuistuer-Chen, went to his office. She is a lively sixty-year-old woman, who carries a branded handbag on her hand. She has expensive bracelets on her neck and wrists, thanks to her doctor son who had brought home racks of cash every month.

She went straight to his office room and walked in.

"Mum!" George stood up, "Take a seat."

Madeline sat down on a sofa. George sat on the sofa perpendicular to the sofa she's sitting on.

"So, um, Mum," George asked, "May I know why you're here?"

"You do know we still have to take care of that old guy, don't you?"

"Yes, Mum." George sighed, "Masaru better give us something valuable as a reward for taking care of that uncle. He's driving me crazy."

"Can I have the key to Masaru's house?" She asked, "I did like to see Uncle Yang earlier."

"For what?" He asked.

"Let's say... I just want to see him. You can't say no to your mother, can't you?"

"You know I can't." George replied, "But are you sure?"

"Of course I am." She said without hesitation. George passed her the key.

"Be careful." George warned, "That old man's someone you do not want to mess with."

Madeline went to Masaru's house and went into Jack Yang's room. He was sitting by the window, singing to himself "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

She went to him and sat beside him. Uncle Yang turned and stared at her.

"Who...who...who are you?" He asked.

"You don't remember me? At all?" Madeline sounded kind of sad.

"Who are you?" He repeated his question.

"I'm Madeline Chen." She introduced herself, "Your personal assistant. And someone special to you in your heart."

"No one's special in my heart." He said, "Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How I wonder what you are."

"How can you forget me?" Madeline asked, "How can you? You were the one who forced me to fuck you! Now you act like you don't remember anything!"

"Fuck you?" He asked, "What's that? Is that some kind of kissing?"

"You really don't know anything at all, don't you?" Madeline asked, "Not even our son? Illegitimate son?"

"We have a son?" Uncle Yang was confused.

"No shit!" Madeline stood up and screamed at him, then walked out of the room and slammed the door close. Uncle Yang turned back to stare at the window.

Masaru drove to the Shinjuku Gyoen. He parked at a parking spot and got to the entrance.

He looked around, but he could not find her. As he turned around, someone covered his eyes.

"Utaha-san, is that you?" Masaru asked.

"You're smart." Utaha said, "Let me blindfold you first. Remember to hold my hand."

Utaha blindfolded him for a few seconds. Masaru then held her hand.

"I hope this is a pleasant surprise." Masaru grumbled, "This better repay back for the time I was trying to find you."

"Oh, it will." She smiled.

After a few minutes of walking, Utaha finally stopped.

"I'll take off your blindfold for you." She took off Masaru's blindfold. He realized she had set up a picnic mat under a cherry blossom tree, with the leaves slowly dropping to the ground.

"Interesting." Masaru turned to Utaha, "Is this a date or something?"

"Sort of." Utaha pulled him to the mat and told him to sit down. She sat beside him. She pulled a picnic basket to her and opened it. There were lots of sandwiches and tidbits inside with drinks.

"I just made the sandwiches like a week ago, and told my friend to keep it in a nice condition. Actually, these are for breakfast."

"And you're just placing all of them for us to eat?" Masaru asked, "Then what's your breakfast after today?"

"I'll make another sandwich at most." Utaha said, "Anyway, try the sandwich. Tell me if it tastes delicious."

Masaru took one bite of the egg sandwich. His eyes lighted up.

"This is freaking delicious!" He rejoined with awe.

Utaha smiled, "I'm glad you enjoyed it. Let's talk about something while we eat and drink."

"Like what?"

"Tell me about your life. Are your parents good to you?"

Masaru stopped eating and looked down.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know that had made you upset." Utaha laughed, "Silly me."

"I lost my parents to a car crash, according to what my uncle had said." Masaru explained, "He took me in and I was without parents since fourteen. But I knew that my parents ditched me. They wanted a girl, but a boy came out instead. And that boy was me. They ill-treated me. They dumped me when I was fourteen, and Uncle Yang kindly adopted me. That's why I care about Uncle Yang so much."

"I'm so sorry that you had to reveal it to me." Utaha sighed, "I shouldn't have asked you that question."

"It's okay. So, what about you?"

"Hmm, I respect my parents a lot. Never once in my life did I ever talk back to them. Now they're overseas, so I got to wait for 3 months before they come back."

"At least you have a family." Masaru said, "Every time I'm in school, I just get made fun by people because I don't have parents. That was the lowest point of my life. I resorted to cutting and injuring myself."


"...too deep, right?" Masaru asked, "I always face depression whenever someone asks me about my parents. That's why I don't talk about them."

"So that means..."

"It's okay, not now." Masaru smiled, "You don't know anything. I can't blame you for bringing it up."

"Let's talk about something else." Utaha said. Masaru quietly nodded.

For the rest of the afternoon, they have talked about all sorts of stuff, ranging from hobbies to their own lives.

They decided to lie down after talking to look at the evening skies as cherry leaves slowly dropped on them.

"So, how do you like the 'date' today?" Utaha asked.

"Very fun, surprisingly." Masaru replied, "Thanks for creating this outing."

"You're welcome. I have a request, though."

"Go ahead. Shoot it."

Both of them got up.

"Can I cuddle in your arms?" She asked.

"Uh, I guess yes." Masaru placed his arm over her right shoulder as she slept on his right shoulder. His cheeks turned red as she smiled to herself.

The next day, Utaha and Masaru returned to work. Eriri, Megumi, Tomoya, and Michiru waited in the office main room for them.

"How's your two-day break, my two story writers?" Tomoya asked.

"It was great." Utaha replied, "Now I'm refreshed." Eriri rolled her eyes.

"I thought you guys would take a full three-day break."

"We got our deadline coming, don't we?"

"True." Tomoya said, "Since they're back, let's get to work, guys!"

Michiru continued to do the music for the game. Tomoya, Megumi, Utaha, Masaru, and Eriri went to the main hall.

"Eriri, have you brought your brush, paint, and canvas?" Tomoya asked. She held the three things up.

"Alright." Tomoya said, "We'll follow the script here, according to Masaru and Utaha's storyline."

Utaha passed him the script, which was written in papers.

"These are the final adjustments?" Tomoya asked. She and Masaru nodded.

"Great. Now we can finally start on the project we're working on. Let's get started, Megumi."

He and Megumi started doing poses according to what the story requires while Eriri draw and the other two observe.

After a few minutes, it is time for Utaha and Masaru to do poses. They act as the side characters who are a couple who are sexually aroused by each other.

"Excuse me, but why did you write this, Utaha-san?" Masaru asked, "I thought I asked you to change it."

"I just feel it's nice." Utaha gave him a cheeky smile. He sighed.

"Okay, so Utaha Kasumigaoka, you have to hold his hips with one hand on one side and turn to him to kiss him. Masaru, you stand still and turn your head towards Utaha Kasumigaoka to kiss her."

"Woah, what..." Before Masaru could react to anything, Utaha placed her hands on his hips, turned to Masaru and closed her eyes as she kissed his lips. She stayed in that position. Masaru's cheeks turned red.

"That's right, Utaha Kasumigaoka!" Eriri grinned, "Masaru, act like you're kissing too."

He nodded and closed his eyes.

"Perfect." Eriri started painting on the canvas.

During lunch break, everyone is at the office main room, waiting for their lunch, which is bought by Michiru and her other Icy Tail members.

Masaru went to the toilet to take a dump while Megumi, Utaha, Eriri, and Tomoya were talking about their game.

"So when do you think we can finish this game, Tomoya-kun?" Megumi asked.

"By next week." He replied, "Then the following week, we would edit any errors if there are any."

At this moment, Cherry Sarikumi stormed in the office.

"Where's that Utaha Kasumigaoka?" She screamed.

"It's you again, crazy bitch." Eriri grumbled.

"What did you say?" She pushed Eriri. Utaha then blocked her.

"We'll settle it here, stupid freak." Utaha said, "I've already won this game. You lost. So get the fuck off."

"It's not like you're engaged." Cherry started catfighting Utaha. It happened for a few minutes before Masaru came out of the toilet and saw the scene.

"What the fucking hell is going on here?" He went to Utaha and Cherry and tried to push them away, but the two women continued.

"Can you two stop it?" Masaru asked. They didn't listen.

"STOP IT, YOU TWO!" He finally managed to push them away from each other, "FIGHTING LIKE LITTLE BABIES!"

Cherry held his left hand, "Utaha tried to kill me just now. She attacked me first. Come back to me, Masaru. She's brainwashing you..."

Masaru shook off her hand and slapped her right cheek really hard, "Are you done with your bullshit?"

Megumi, Tomoya, and Eriri gasped as Cherry slowly felt her right cheek with her right hand.

To be continued on Episode 10

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