The Dream Designers

10 years after the events of Saekano (light novel), Tomoya Aki , Megumi Kato and Michiru Hyodo are reunited with Utaha Kasumigaoka and Eriri Spencer Sawamura, the two which have quit the team Blessing Software 10 years ago.

Not just that, even a coder is added to the team.

Follow the adventures of the six teammates as they work together to create games, as well as facing the emotional problems among the team and in their lives.



Starting 4 July 2018, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 0600 (PST)/ 2100 (SGT)/ 2200 (Japan)

Series Start: 4 July 2018
Series End: 17 August 2018



10. Episode 8

"Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking." - Marcus Aurelius

The next morning, George woke up, lying on his bed. He walked to the door of Masaru's room. He was sleeping in his room since last night after talking to Masaru.

He opened the door and saw Uncle Yang happily eating his breakfast. He then remembered that Megumi and Tomoya have already gone to work. He touched the floor with his feet.

"Who the fuck mopped the floor and what's that cooking smell?" He thought.

Cherry Sarikumi came out of the kitchen and placed a plate of vegetables and hash browns in front of Uncle Yang.

"Uncle Yang, you can eat as much as you want!" Cherry smiled at him, "Everything's all yours."

"Thank you so much, Sarikumi-san." Uncle Yang chomped on the food, "I haven't had good food these days. That young lad has been giving me either cup noodles or rice with only vegetables."

"I can cook for you every day if you want!" She replied.

"Oh hell no, you don't." George said. Cherry turned to him and looked at him awkwardly.

"Why are you here?" Cherry asked.

"I have a better question." George talked back, "Who in the motherfucking hell are you?"

The Dream Designers

Episode 8

"Rise and shine, Masaru-san." Utaha shook Masaru's head. They are in Utaha's ward.

"What is it?" Masaru yawned, "Why did you wake me up?"

"Time to edit our script." Utaha said, "It's almost ready, though."

"Precisely." Masaru slightly lifted his head and looked at her, "That's why we need a rest. We stayed up until three yesterday. I need rest."

He was about to lie his head on the table when Utaha pulled his hair up. He screamed in pain.

"C'mon, Masaru-san!" Utaha squealed, "Let's continue on with the script!"

"Ouch! Let go, you crazy woman!" He screamed.

"Uh uh." Utaha smiled cheekily, "I'll perk you up today, since I'm can be discharged, although originally it's 3 days. Get ready to send me home."

"You're so sudden." Masaru sighed, "First, you wanna edit the script. Now you want to get out and bring me somewhere."

"Not just one place." Utaha replied, "It's two or three, if I remember correctly."

"Two? Or three?" Masaru muttered to himself, "Someone, kill me please."

A few minutes later, Masaru is in the toilet, washing his face. He then came out of the toilet to see Utaha carrying her handbag, ready to get out of the hospital.

"Never seen you so energetic before." Masaru said.

"I'm always energetic." Utaha walked close to him and used her fingers to softly touch his chin, "You just never see it. Now let's hurry up, and get to my home. I can't go out with you in this kind of attire, can't I?"

"I wonder what Eriri, Megumi and Tomoya will think of us." Masaru said, "Eriri will sure think we're skipping work deliberately."

"It's okay." Utaha assured him, "We're right on track. In fact, we're almost done with the script. Just a few more tweaks and a little writing and it's done."

"Whatever you say."

In Masaru's house, George went to Cherry.

"What are you doing to Uncle Yang?" He asked, "Cooking so much oily stuff. And who allowed you into the house?"

"Megumi or something like that." Cherry went to the kitchen.

"Even so, you shouldn't be entering the house randomly and feeding that old uncle with that oily food of yours." George followed her.

"Excuse me, who are you to tell me that?" She asked arrogantly, "I can do whatever I want to do. Besides, this is my ex's house. I can come in anytime I want."

"Just know that I want you out of here now." George pushed her out of the kitchen.

"Masaru won't kick me out." Cherry crossed her arms.

"We'll see about that, you ignorant bitch."

"I dare you to repeat it."

"What are you doing in my house, Cherry Sarikumi?" Masaru was at the doorstep.

"I was taking care of your uncle, Masaru-san." Cherry said, "I saw your uncle eating the same thing provided by the guy here, so I decided to cook for him something different"

"I appreciate the effort here." Masaru said, "But you're not welcome here. So get out."

"Told ya, you ignorant fool." George laughed.

"But, Masaru-san..." Cherry tried holding Masaru's hands, but he dodged her hand.

"I already told you no, so better not cross the line." Masaru then turned to George, "You got one more night."

"Yeah, yeah. I know." George sighed. Masaru went to this room and locked his door. George went to the toilet. Cherry clenched her fists.

A few minutes later, Utaha was preparing herself to go out with Masaru. She slipped into her normal white heels as she dons a normal dark blue dress. As she stepped out of the house, she heard a sound from a bush.

She turned around to see if anyone's there, but there was no one. She then remembered she left her phone in her room. She went back into her house.

As she was about to get into her room, she heard noises again, this time coming from the kitchen.

"Masaru-san?" She walked down the stairs to the kitchen, "Is that you?"

When she reached the kitchen, there was no one there.

"Why do I keep hearing noises?" She then turned around and saw Cherry charging with a knife.

Utaha managed to think fast and grabbed the handle of the knife, where the blade was close to her stomach.

"You must die today, you bitch!" Cherry screamed, "Without you, I'll be able to win Masaru's heart again!"

"Fat hope!" Utaha retorted, "I like him, and I'm sure I'll be able to win his heart. I'll leave you in the dirt!"

"How dare you!" Cherry used a bit more force, pushing the knife closer to Utaha, "It's all because of you that I have a hard time getting Masaru back! I did a lot just to get him back, but he's always attracted to you for some fucking reason! If I would to kill you, Masaru won't think of you anymore and I'll win the game!"

"Give it up, bitch." Utaha is trying her best to push the knife away, "You dumped him for another rich guy who is broke now. You dumped him, you motherfucker. It's right that he doesn't want you anymore."

"You have the audacity to tell me that?" Cherry raged and started using all her strength to push the knife. Utaha quickly ran to her right, causing Cherry to run forward and bump into the wall. Utaha quickly ran to her room and locked it.

She took out her phone and called Masaru.

"Masaru-san!" She huffed, "You got to come and help me!"

"What happened?" Masaru asked through the phone.

"Cherry...Cherry...she's crazy. She's trying to kill me."

"Kill you? That's impossible." Masaru said, "She will never deliberately kill a person. She poisoned you, trash-talked you."

"I'm telling the truth, Masaru-san!" Utaha said, "You got to believe me! You got to!"

"So, you're at your house now, right?" Masaru asked, "You never told me your address before, though. You only told me directions."

"Okay, listen carefully. I gonna tell you right now." Utaha was about to say when Cherry barged in with a hammer and smashed her phone.

"Utaha Kasumiagoka!" Cherry roared in anger, "How dare you try to outrun me!"

Utaha tried to run out of the room, but Cherry pushed her back. Cherry took one of Utaha's scarf and tied her hands together. She then took another one to tie her legs together.

"Let me go!" Utaha screamed in fear.

"Utaha Kasumigaoka." Cherry gave an evil smile as she took out a knife, "It's time for you to die."

"Please, no!" Utaha rolled herself away from her current spot as Cherry stabbed the floor instead.

Utaha used her teeth to bite Cherry's legs. She groaned in pain and fell onto the floor. Utaha then quickly hopped out of the room.

She hopped into the storeroom and closed the door. She hid under a used and spoilt sofa.

"Utaha Kasumigaoka!" Cherry screamed outside the storeroom, "You'd better show yourself! If I ever find you, you're dead meat."

Utaha used the legs of the sofa to try to rub the scarves off.

Eriri went to Utaha's house and knocked on her door.

"Hello?" Eriri called out, "Utaha Kasumigaoka, you home?" Eriri pushed the door open and walked in.

She walked up to Utaha's room, which was a mess. She then saw Utaha's smashed phone.

"I've called you a billion times and you didn't pick up." She muttered to herself, picking up the smashed phone, "Now I know why."

She then went to the storeroom and opened the door. She saw Utaha under the sofa.

"Utaha Kasumigaoka!" She pulled Utaha out of the sofa.

"Sawamura-san!" Utaha heaved a sigh of relief.

"What happened to you? Why are you tied up?"

"I'll fill you in. Just untie me first."

"Su..." Cherry interrupted Eriri by pushing her away. Cherry then pulled Utaha out by her hair.

"I'm going to kill you so hard!" As she was about to slash Utaha's head, Eriri charged at her and they both fell down the stairs.

"How dare you interrupt me in my business!" Cherry tried to kick Eriri's face, but Eriri blocked it with her hands.

Back on the second level, Utaha took a sharp glass edge from her smashed phone and tried cutting the scarves. It worked after a while. She ran to the first floor and helped Eriri.

Cherry pushed Eriri down with force. She was about to stab Eriri when Utaha jumped in front of her and stopped the knife.

"I'm going to end you guys today!" Cherry let out an evil laugh. Someone then held her hand.

"For fuck's sake!" She turned around and slashed Masaru's neck. The three girls gasped in horror.

Masaru used his hand to feel his neck. He wiped the blood off his neck wound. Cherry dropped the knife and ran out of the house.

"Are you okay, Masaru-san?" Utaha rushed to him.

"I'm fine." Masaru said, "Are you okay, Utaha-san? You got me super worried, you know that?"

"I'm fine." Utaha reassured him, "Thanks for coming in time."

"I didn't know she really wanted to kill you." Masaru said, "I'm sorry. I should've handled her better and let her stay away from you at the start."

"It's not your fault, Masaru-san." Utaha gently touched the sides of his head with her hands.

"Oh yeah, you okay, Eriri?" Masaru asked Eriri. She nodded.

"Luckily you asked me to come over." Eriri said, "Or Kasumigaoka would've been dead."

"I think you need some rest, Utaha-san." Masaru said, "We'll cancel the outing and you rest."

"It's okay, I'm fine. I just need some time to get ready." Utaha said, "We'll be going off in ten minutes."

"You guys have an outing? When the deadline is closing in?" Eriri asked angrily, "We..."

"Shh." Masaru placed his index finger on her lips, "We're almost done with the storyline. And we have a three-day break. It's stated on the medical certificate."

"Ugh." Eriri sighed, "You'd better report to work next Monday on time, or you two will get it!" She then stormed out of the house.

"Geez, why is she so angsty?" Masaru asked Utaha.

"Beats me." Utaha said, "Let's get on with our activity."

In the office, Megumi was posing for the promotional poster as Eriri drew it on her art book.

"Okay, I'm done with the drawing." Eriri said. Megumi went to her.

"I heard something had happened to Kasumigaoka-senpai and you." Megumi said, "Are you two okay?"

"We're fine, Megumi." Eriri replied, "It's just that there's a psycho woman trying to kill our asses."

"I see." Megumi nodded her head, "I shall go back to my work, then."

Cherry returned to her home, feeling dejected and angry at the same time. Michiru came out of the kitchen.

"What's with that face, Cherry-itoko?" Michiru asked.

"Mind your own damn business!" Cherry grumbled as she stormed up to her room. Michiru shrugged her shoulder as she continued cooking.

Cherry locked herself in the room and thought about Utaha.

"This Utaha Kasumigaoka." She thought angrily, "How the hell can she win Masaru's heart while I can't? I don't understand." She clenched her fists and screamed in agony.

In another building, many people were rushing with papers around. In an office room, Kane Harune was reading a concept of a game.

"This concept is great." Kane smiled, "This dating game by Blessing Software. A great idea to refer to." He smiled at the DVD cover.

To be continued in Episode 9

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