The Dream Designers

10 years after the events of Saekano (light novel), Tomoya Aki , Megumi Kato and Michiru Hyodo are reunited with Utaha Kasumigaoka and Eriri Spencer Sawamura, the two which have quit the team Blessing Software 10 years ago.

Not just that, even a coder is added to the team.

Follow the adventures of the six teammates as they work together to create games, as well as facing the emotional problems among the team and in their lives.



Starting 4 July 2018, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 0600 (PST)/ 2100 (SGT)/ 2200 (Japan)

Series Start: 4 July 2018
Series End: 17 August 2018



5. Episode 3

"Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me." - Carol Burnett


At eight fifty-five the next morning, Tomoya, Eriri, Utaha, and Michiru were in the main office room waiting for Masaru.


"I wonder how Masaru would look like." Michiru said.


"He's a gentleman." Utaha smiled to herself.


"I don't even want to see him." Eriri crossed his arms, "Tomoya, where's Megumi?"


"She went to buy breakfast for everyone." Tomoya said, "And why would you not want to see Masaru-san?"


As soon as the clock strikes nine, Masaru stepped into the office with his sunglasses. Everything happened in slow motion as he strolled with pride. He stopped in front of Tomoya.


He took out his sunglasses, "It's just because of a girl's instinct. Nice to meet you, my dear boss. My name is Masaru Kobayashi, but just call me Masaru."


"Just call me Tomoya." Tomoya shook his hand, "I'll feel weird if you call me your boss." He pointed to Utaha, "That's Utaha Kasumigaoka. Beside her is Eriri Spencer Sawamura and Michiru Hyodo."


"I see." Masaru nodded, "I'd like to ask a question. Why did you guys accept me as your coder?"


"Isn't it obvious?" Eriri asked with an annoyed tone.


"Well, while your game is just uninteresting, there were no bugs or errors at all. And you did a game in 25 seconds." Tomoya said, "A game which requires at least hours. You could finish within 25 seconds. That's quite a feat."


"Thank you, Boss...I mean, Tomoya." Masaru said. Megumi then came in with the breakfast.


"Breakfast's ready." Megumi said. She then saw Masaru.


"Megumi?" Masaru looked at her.


"It's you, Masaru-kun?"


"You guys know each other?" Tomoya asked.


"We used to be neighbors." Megumi explained, "My family members usually invite him for dinner."


"What a freeloader." Eriri grumbled.


"And so, we hung out for quite a while. We usually do homework at his house during the holidays before I joined Blessing Software. Since then, I went to his house less often. Until he went to the United States for 5 years."


"And I'm back here." Masaru said. Megumi went to hug him.


"I'm sorry I didn't spend time with you after I joined Tomoya's circle."


"It's okay, Megumi. Everybody has their own priorities." Masaru patted her head. Eriri muttered something under her breath.


"What did you say, Eriri?" Utaha asked


"Oh, nothing."


The Dream Designers


Episode 3


Masaru was eating on his own in his office room that Megumi gave him. He was typing on his laptop with one hand while eating with another hand.


"This...and that..." He muttered to himself while typing. He then heard knocking sounds on his door.


"Come in." He said. Someone then placed a cup of tea beside him. He looked up and saw that it was Utaha.


"Oh, it's you, Utaha-san."


"Try my tea, Masaru-san." Utaha said, "Drink and tell me if it's nice."


Masaru took up the cup and drank the tea.


"It's great." He nodded his head in satisfaction, "You always do this?"


"Not that often."


"Thanks for the drink."


Utaha smiled, "You're welcome."


Outside his office room, Eriri, Megumi, Michiru, and Tomoya were eating in the main room.


"I'm sure with this new addition to our team," Tomoya said, "We might succeed better in games."


"I agree with Tomoya-kun." Megumi added, "With a great coder like him, Blessing Software's going to get to the top charts."


"But he's a shitty asshole." Eriri murmured softly.


"Eh?" Megumi asked.


"Oh, it's nothing, Megumi." Eriri said, "Let's continue to eat and do our work after this."


A few minutes, everyone went to their own rooms to work. Megumi and Tomoya discussed the storyline that Utaha created. Eriri was rearranging files in her room. There was no art for her to draw since the storyline is not even confirmed.


She grabbed her phone and went to the kitchen. As she was walking there, she bumped into Masaru.


"Hey." Masaru greeted her, but she just ignored him and stormed past him. Masaru shrugged his shoulders as he walked back to his room.


During lunch break, Masaru prepared to leave the office building. The team got a two-hour break for lunch.


He got his phone and wallet and was about to leave when someone called out to him.




He turned back to see Megumi running after him.


"Wait for me." She stopped beside him.


"Do you even know where I'm going?" Masaru asked.


"You're going to your house to buy lunch for Uncle Yang, aren't you?"


"How did you know?"


"Because when I see you, I was reminded of him."


"Fine. Just follow me."


Masaru drove Megumi to his home. He slowly opened the door of his house. They walked in.


"I see you bought a new house." Megumi said.


"Yeah. This house was bought at a cheap price by my friend." Masaru replied.


"Oh." She nodded her head, "Where's Uncle Yang?"


He went to a room which its door is locked. He took out a key and unlocked the door. He slowly opened the door and went in.


"Come in." He told Megumi as he pinched his nose.


"Why are you pinching your nose, Masaru-kun?"


"Well, you'll find out when you come in."


The both of them walked in. Megumi immediately choked and pinched her nose.


"Now you're feeling it." He closed the door.


An old man is at the end of the room, sitting in a corner. He was laughing to himself while eating a bread.


"Why is the room so smelly?" Megumi asked.


"He can't control when he wants to let his pee out or not." Masaru explained, "He didn't bathe too. The last time was a month ago."


"A MONTH?" Megumi was shocked.


"A month." Masaru repeated, "He makes weird children noises, cries randomly and even runs out of the house either through the window grills or the door. When he roams freely outside, you can never find him and I usually have to pull up an all-nighter to find his ass. That's why the door is locked. I locked it to prevent him from coming out. Even I locked the grills.


"Of course, there's a reason to this." He sighed, "Eleven years ago, he got into a fight with someone. I still remembered how it happened before my eyes."


Eleven years ago...


Mr Jack Yang and Masaru were walking to the pub to drink.


"You sure you're able to drink, Uncle?" Masaru asked, "I never think you could drink. The last time you drank, you really got drunk."


"I'm sure I can, my boy." Jack patted his head, "I've increased my alcohol intake, so I'm able to take more."


"I don't want to carry you home like I did last time again." Masaru said, "You're so damn heavy."


"C'mon, kid. I can." Jack said.


"I'll be going to the toilet for a while." Masaru then went to the toilet.


He looked at himself in the mirror and tidied his hair to make him look nice.


"I'm a handsome boy." He said to himself as he heard glass breaking from the outside, followed by some fighting and screaming.


He got out to see someone hitting Jack with a glass bottle. Jack fell onto the floor, his forehead profusely bleeding with glass shards sticking on his forehead and unconscious. The guy dropped the broken glass bottle and quickly ran away.


"Uncle!" Masaru ran to him and shook his body, "Uncle! Someone, call the ambulance!"


Two hours later, he was in Jack's ward. Megumi ran into the ward.


"Is Uncle Yang okay?" She asked.


"I'm surprised you have never visited him or me for long, but you came when he's only in a critical state. He's been waiting for you to come to our house."


"I'm sorry, Masaru-san." Megumi looked down, "I got other things to handle."


"He's in a coma now." He sighed.


"What happened to him?"


"He fought with someone and got hit on the head with a glass bottle."


"Oh. I'm sorry I didn't hang out with you again."


"I understand. You're busy with your life. Go ahead."


"I'll visit Uncle Yang when I'm free." Megumi said.


At night, when Megumi went home, Jack woke up.


"Uncle!" Masaru hugged him, "I'm glad you're alive!"


"Uh, mister, who are you?"


Masaru immediately stopped hugging.


"Uncle, it's me. Masaru Kobayashi. Your adopted child."


"I have an adopted child?" Jack asked, "I only remember that I have a son and a daughter in Singapore. Why am I here?"


Masaru stared at him, "Uncle..."


"Who's Uncle?" Jack asked, "I'm not your uncle."


"No..." Masaru shook his head, "No, this can't be. You couldn't have lost your memory, could you? You must be joking with me, Uncle. You must be." Masaru started laughing hysterically.


"You must have been mistaken." Jack replied, "I'm not your uncle. I'm just a successful businessman who has a wife, son, and daughter."


"You're joking?" Masaru shook his body, "YOU'RE FUCKING JOKING, AREN'T YOU?!"


"Who's joking here? You have lost your mind, have you?"


Masaru stood up, laughing, "It can't be." He ran out of the ward, crying. He ran to the balcony of the hospital, screaming in agony. He then slowly slide down onto the floor and cried.




Back to the present...


"...I have never felt so sad in my life than to see my uncle forget me. I went to the United States to further my studies and left Uncle Yang in the hands of my friend. I came back five years later and stayed jobless to take care of him until another six years pass. I have found out that without money, I would not be able to take care of him.


"So I decided to work in Blessing Software, which is your company. Such a coincidence."


"I'm sorry for abandoning you last time, Masaru-san." Megumi said, "It was because I was making games with the Dojin Circle that I forgot to find you."


"You got your own life to lead. I don't blame you."


"I promise to visit him more often now."


"I hope you can keep your promise."


"I'm sure of it."


After work ended, Masaru packed his stuff into his bag and left the place. He then went to his car and drove home.


Outside his house, Megumi and Tomoya were standing there.


"Megumi? Tomoya?" Masaru asked, "What are you doing here?"


"I'm here to help Uncle Yang." She replied.


"You must be nuts."


"No, I'm prepared to do this."


"You better be if you want to help him."


"She'll be." Tomoya said, "If she's bent on doing something, she'll do it."


"Okay." Masaru nodded, "You gonna help her, Tomoya?"


"Of course I am. I can't leave my girlfriend in the lurch, can't I?"


"Let's get in the house then."


Megumi and Tomoya went to help Mr Yang bathe. After that, Tomoya tidied up his room while Megumi moped his room and cleaned his room.


Finally, after 3 hours, the two of them are done with him and the room. They sat down on the sofa in the living room while Masaru locked the door.


"Does it totally feel good to clean my uncle's room?" Masaru asked.


"It's so tiring." Megumi said, "But I'm happy that I'm able to help Uncle Yang at last. He's been so good to me. I should help him back. By the way, he wears diapers now so that he won't shit all over the place."


"Thanks for helping, Megumi and Tomoya." Masaru said, "I really appreciate it. And you haven't had your dinner, so..."


He took out three bowls of fried rice and a fried egg for each of the bowl.


"Your dinner."


"Thank you, Masaru." Megumi smiled.


When Tomoya took the first bite, he dropped his spoon.


"Is it shit?" Masaru asked.


"It's damn nice." He said.


"Really?" Megumi scooped up rice and placed it in her mouth. She nodded satisfyingly.


"You got cooking skills." She uttered.


"I learnt it from Uncle Yang." Masaru replied.


After dinner, Megumi and Masaru were washing the dishes.


"Once again, Megumi." Masaru said, "Thank you for all the help today."


"No problem." Megumi replied, "I'll take care of your uncle if I am free."


"You're welcome anytime." He passed a key to her.


"Your house key?"


"I had a spare one, anyways."


Megumi and Tomoya then went home. Masaru walked into Uncle Yang's room and locked his door.


"I can't let him go around messing things up." He thought.


In Leo's office, he did the finishing touches to the nose of the woman who wanted a touch-up on her nose.


"All right, all done." Leo took a small mirror and passed it to the woman.


"Tell me it's satisfactory for you." Leo said.


The woman took it and looked at herself at the mirror, revealing herself to be Cherry Sarikumi.


"Oh, it is." Cherry gave an evil smile, "It really is good. Masaru, I'm coming for you."


To be continued in Episode 4

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