The Dream Designers

10 years after the events of Saekano (light novel), Tomoya Aki , Megumi Kato and Michiru Hyodo are reunited with Utaha Kasumigaoka and Eriri Spencer Sawamura, the two which have quit the team Blessing Software 10 years ago.

Not just that, even a coder is added to the team.

Follow the adventures of the six teammates as they work together to create games, as well as facing the emotional problems among the team and in their lives.



Starting 4 July 2018, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 0600 (PST)/ 2100 (SGT)/ 2200 (Japan)

Series Start: 4 July 2018
Series End: 17 August 2018



4. Episode 2

"Life doesn't require that we be the best, only that we try our best" - H. Jackson Brown. Jr


"If you want to create this type of game, Tomoya-kun," Utaha said, "We definitely need a coder. You will take more than a month to code a scene."


"Why are you underestimating me?"


"Because we've seen you done it before. It was so slow."


Tomoya, Megumi, Eriri, Utaha, and Michiru gathered in the discussion room.


"Welcome back, Sawamura-san and Kasumigaoka-san." Michiru greeted, "Get prepared to get ordered around by our pretty female bossy boss, Ms Kato."


"We all know that." Utaha said, "I'm working with her because she needs our help, and she begged us for it."


"You two still not on good terms?" Michiru asked.


"Anyway, how do we find a coder?" Tomoya asked, "Do you really think we can find a coder?"


"Just place the advertisements out." Megumi said.


"Right." Tomoya said.


"Eriri, can you be in charge of the interview tomorrow in the main hall, if possible?" Megumi asked her.


"No problem."


"Utaha-san, Tomoya-kun, Michiru and I would be in the office doing what we need to do." Megumi said, "Call us if you need help."




At night, Leo and a woman met up in his office. The woman wore sunglasses and a hat.


"About your nose..." Leo looked at it carefully, "It seems nice. What do you want to change?"


"I feel my nose is kind of fat." She said, "I hope you can make it thinner."


"Your wish is my command." Leo said, "Are you sure you want to do this? It might affect your nose in the near future though it has a small chance?"


"Just do it."


The Dream Designers 


Episode 2


The next morning, Masaru Kobayashi woke up from his bed and immediately he was faced with the shining hot sun.


"Holy fuck!" He closed the curtains, "Stupid fucking sun." He went to bathe and took breakfast after that.


He thought of the job interview as he was eating his sandwich. He is going to try to get a job by applying for coder in Blessing Software.


"Who calls their company Blessing Software?" He thought, "What a weird name to go with." He took his laptop in his room and was about to go out when he passed by a room with the door locked.


"You better be proud of me." He muttered, "I'm going on a job because of you."


He looked at the door before rushing to the subway.


Eriri prepared the main hall for the interview with the help of Utaha. She placed a table and two chairs for Utaha and herself to sit and interview the interviewee. The interviewee would sit opposite them on a chair.


"I guess you don't want to see Kato, do you?" Eriri asked, "You and she got like bad blood."


"It's true I don't want to see her." Utaha said, "It's just like she tries to be smart, but isn't smart enough. Just plain dumb."


"You two should learn how to get together." Eriri replied, "We're all working in the same company. If you quarrel with Kato, the team's bound to fall apart. And I'm sure you do not want to upset Tomoya, do you?"


"Ughh!" Utaha pulled her own hair, "This is so frustrating!"


"Just try to hang in there for Tomoya, will ya?"


Soon after, the interview started. Interviewees came in and got interviewed by the two women.


Masaru is still in the train, listening to his music playlist. He then reached the Tokyo train station. He got out of the train.


Meanwhile, Eriri and Utaha were taking a small break from interviewing.


"It sure is tiring." Eriri complained, "Nobody met our standards."


"At least we've cleared one-third of this list." Utaha uttered, stretching her legs forward, "We have two-thirds left."


"Oh my." Eriri slammed her head against the table.


Masaru was looking at Google Maps on his phone to the building. He started walking while looking at the phone and bumped into a lamp post.


As the other interviewees waited outside, some saw through the door's small window. The interviewee inside is showing them something on the computer, but the two women don't look satisfied. Utaha shook her head and pointed at the door.


The guy came out of the room and walked off dejectedly. The other interviewees gulped in fear.


"Next!" Eriri shouted, "Madison Fang!"


Masaru was walked into a shopping mall.


"What the fuck's wrong with this map?" He groaned as he hit another wall.


"Ouch! You fuckin' wall!"


Eriri canceled half the name list.


"We're left with half." Eriri yawned.


"I'm going to die." Utaha stood up, "I need to go to the toilet." She went to the toilet in the hall.


Megumi then called Eriri.


"How's the interview going?" She asked.


"It's a freakin' disaster!" Eriri cried, "Half the interviewees are not even suitable in the slightest bit."


"Just try your best and find the most suitable one, okay?" Megumi asked.


"Yeah, Megumi. You'd better reward me with something great for this boring shit."


"I will."


Masaru walked out of the shopping mall. While he was walking, he heard a cracking sound. He looked down and saw that he killed a cockroach by stepping on it.


"Oh fucking lord!" He took out the tissue and tried to clean his shoe, "I hit a lamp post, then a wall, now I step a cockroach and made my shoes dirty. What next?"


As he was walking on one shoe while cleaning the other shoe, he tripped over a medium sized stick.


"Ouch!" He fell flat with his face on the floor. He sighed and groaned. He then looked up and saw the building. The Blessing Software office building.


Once he reached the building, he went to the fifth floor. He saw the number of people waiting outside the main hall.


And there he saw his rival since childhood.


"Hello there, dorkface." The rival snickered.


"Don't you dare call me that, Kane Harune."


"Watch me as I get into the company." Kane sneered at him, "You will never beat my coding skills."


"Try me, Harune."


"Kane Harune!" Eriri shouted out.


"It's my turn." Kane proudly walked in.


"So your name's Kane Harune." Utaha said, "Degree in coding. Show me what you can do."


"Sure." Kane took his laptop out and typed with a fast speed. Two minutes later, he was done.


"Here you go." Kane passed the laptop to the two girls, "I made a small game."


Eriri and Utaha played the game and nodded their heads in agreement.


"Finally someone who can please us at the least." Eriri said, "You'll get notified quite soon if you have gotten the job."


"Thank you." Kane bowed before walking out. Once he walked out, he smiled.


"Let's see how you fare, Masaru Kobayashi." Kane said.


"We'll see." Masaru straightened his bowtie.


Eriri was about to read out the next name when she stopped.


"What's wrong?" Utaha asked, "Just call the name." However, Eriri just continued to stare at the name.


"Let me read it then." Utaha snatched the list from her and read the name, "Masaru Kobayashi."


Masaru walked into the room as Kane sneered.


As Masaru walked in, he saw Eriri. She looked away from him.


He sat down opposite them.


"Your name is Masaru, right?" Utaha asked, "And your hair looks...weird."


"Sorry, I got into some small incident while I was finding my way here." Masaru said while taking out his laptop.


"Luckily, we ain't judging based on your appearance." Utaha replied, "Show us what you can do."


"With pleasure."


He started cracking his hands and fingers. He stretched them one by one and started stretching his body by turning his waist left and right, all which caused crack sounds.


He then tilts his head to the left and right, which also caused cracking sounds to be heard.


"This ain't a talent show to see how many knuckles you can crack." Eriri said, "If you're here to entertain us by doing some stupid tricks, you can get out."


"Looks like he's going to get fired." Kane laughed, "What's this guy thinking?"


Masaru cracked his last finger and started speed typing with one hand while clicking on stuff with the mouse with the other hand. His typing speed is thrice the speed of Kane.


Kane, as well as the others, were shocked. Utaha and Eriri stared at him with shock too.


After 25 seconds, he was done. He showed the game to Eriri and Utaha. Utaha and Eriri whispered to each other about his game. They both nodded.


"We like your game." Utaha said, "You'll be contacted if you're hired."


"Thank you." Masaru stood up, then glared at Eriri before walking away. Once he walked out of the room, the people outside started applauding for him while Kane clenched his fists in anger.


"What made you so worked up about that guy?" Utaha asked.


"I...i just hate him." Eriri growled, "I'm going to the toilet."




Eriri stormed off to the toilet. Utaha sighed as she wrote the two names on a piece of paper: Masaru Kobayashi and Kane Harune.


After the interviews were done, Utaha leaned on her chair and Eriri lied on the floor.


"We're finally done with the interviews." Eriri heaved a sigh of relief.


"I'm glad about that." Utaha breathed in and out, "I'm done with saying the same sentence over a million times."


"It's time to report to Megumi." Eriri stood up, "Let's go."


In Megumi's office room, Eriri and Utaha brought the results to Megumi, Tomoya, and Michiru.


"So only two people met your high standards?" Tomoya asked.


"Yup." Utaha replied, "They're Masaru Kobayashi and Kane Harune."


"So, how are we supposed to choose between the two?" Megumi asked.


"Kane's game may be quite interesting to play while Masaru's game is kinda mundane." Utaha explained, "When it comes to bugs, though, there are minor ones in Kane's game, but none in Masaru's game."


"We need a coder who can program the game to be without any coding error, so we'll choose Masaru." Tomoya said.


"Noted." Utaha wrote the name on a notebook. Eriri then walked out of the office.


"What happened to Eriri?" Megumi asked.


"Beats me." Utaha answered, "When she heard Masaru's name, she turns gloomy."


Masaru entered his house and placed his laptop on the living room table. He walked up to the second level to his room and rested on his bed.


"How is she there?" Masaru thought, "I certainly do not want to join that company, but I need money. And this is my only skill. Guess I have no choice but to join."


"Now, the problem is, how do I avoid her?"


His phone then got a notification. He checked it out and it was a message from a number.


"Well done. You have been selected to be our coder. Report tomorrow by 9 in the morning. Sincerely, Utaha Kasumigaoka, Blessing Software."


"Well, that's just great." He sighed, "I got a job, but I gotta meet the person I don't want to see." He washed his face and rearranged his hair to look nicer, like the way he was before he hit and tripped in the morning.


At night, he went to buy two packets of the famous Japanese curry cutlet rice. As he joined the queue, he saw Utaha Kasumigaoka at the front.


After half an hour of waiting, Masaru got his two packets of rice. He smiled to himself.


"Damn, it's been a long time since I get to eat something nice like this." He muttered to himself, "I don't remember the stall being this busy the last time I came to buy two packets of rice. Guess it just shows how long I didn't eat this."


He then looked at the front as he saw Utaha carrying her packet of rice. Someone using his phone then bumped into her, making her drop her packet of rice.


"Hey, watch where you're going!" The guy scolded her.


"Why are you scolding me?" Utaha asked angrily, "You were the one who was looking at your phone and bumping into me!"


"Couldn't you just give me way?" The guy asked.


"Why not you give me way instead?" Utaha asked.


"How dare you talk back to me when you're in the wrong!" As the guy was about to slap Utaha, someone held his hand.


He looked to see whose hand it was and realized it was Masaru's.


"Who are you to stop me from slapping this woman?" The guy screamed at Masaru.


"You should learn how to watch where you're going." Masaru said, "She queued half an hour for that food, and it's just ruined thanks to you."


"You don't tell me what to do." The man said.


"I do. Because incorrigible guys like you need people to tell you to learn, or you won't do shit."


"You..." Before the guy was able to punch Masaru, Masaru used his left hand, which was holding nothing, to hold the guy's arm and twisted it to his back.


"You'd better look out next time." Masaru growled, "Your eyes are there for a reason. Understand?"


"Understand! Ouch!" The man groaned in pain, "Can you let go of me now?"


Masaru let go and pushed the guy away. He quickly ran away.


"Thank you, mister." Utaha said as Masaru squatted down.


"You okay, Utaha-san?" He asked. Utaha looked up to see Masaru.


"It's you, Masaru-san." Utaha said.


"Here." Masaru passed her one of his curry cutlet packets, "Take it. Your dinner."


"I can't take it." Utaha said gently, "You didn't do anything wrong to me." Her stomach then rumbled loudly.


"Still, you need dinner." Masaru said, "Even your stomach is telling you so. You'll have no energy to move if you don't eat."


"I'm fine, Masaru-san." She smiled as she stood up, but was about to fall down when Masaru caught her body.


"I got you." He smiled. Suddenly, Masaru looked handsome to Utaha.


"Maybe it's because he tidied his hair this time." She thought as she looked at him dreamily.


"Utaha-san, this is why you got to take your dinner." Masaru said.


"I can't. It's your dinner."


"I have two though."


"I'm sure one is for someone else. I can't sacrifice your dinner."


"But, Utaha-san..."


"It's okay. I'll queue again. It's just half an hour. I'm sure I can survive."


"Since you can't accept my offer, I'm going to have to force you to eat." Masaru pulled Utaha to his house.


He opened one of the packets and gave a spoon to Utaha.


"We'll share it." Masaru said.


"But wouldn't you have a lighter dinner?" Utaha asked, "I feel guilty."


"Don't feel anything. I just want to help you." Masaru said, "C'mon, let's tuck in."


Utaha smiled and started eating.


After a few minutes, they have both finished eating. Utaha stood up and bowed.


"Thank you, Masaru-san, for the dinner."


"No problem." Masaru said, "Do you need me to see you home?"


"Oh, no need." Utaha smiled and walked towards the door, "I'll be off first."


"One more thing, Utaha-san." He said. She turned around.


"Tomorrow, nine in the morning?" He asked. She smiled, "Yup."


To be continued in Episode 3

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