The Dream Designers

10 years after the events of Saekano (light novel), Tomoya Aki , Megumi Kato and Michiru Hyodo are reunited with Utaha Kasumigaoka and Eriri Spencer Sawamura, the two which have quit the team Blessing Software 10 years ago.

Not just that, even a coder is added to the team.

Follow the adventures of the six teammates as they work together to create games, as well as facing the emotional problems among the team and in their lives.



Starting 4 July 2018, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 0600 (PST)/ 2100 (SGT)/ 2200 (Japan)

Series Start: 4 July 2018
Series End: 17 August 2018



16. Episode 14

"We are most alive when we're in love" - John Updike

Masaru is carrying a plastic bag of vegetables on one hand and a cup of uncooked noodles in the other. He is going to have supper at night with Utaha.

His phone then rang. He placed the cup noodles into the plastic bag and whipped his phone out. He answered the call.

"Miss Impatient, I'm coming." Masaru said.

"I'm already quite hungry, Masaru-san." She whined, "Can you be faster? You can't let your girlfriend starve to death, can't you?"

"I'm trying my best to walk." Masaru said, "Besides, you got to wait for a while. When I come back, I still need to boil the vegetables"

"Why?" She whined again, this time in a pitiful voice. Suddenly, it rained.

"Utaha, wait for a while." He made his phone on speaker mode and placed it in his shirt pocket, the speaker facing him. He took out an umbrella and covered himself.

"Let's continue talking." Masaru said, "So as I said, you got to wait for a while. Food's not going to be that fast."

"Isn't there any way you could make the cooking faster?"

"If you want noodles that taste crap, then of course it'll be fast..." He saw Megumi sobbing, her luggage beside her.

"Utaha, I'll talk to you later." He ended the call and went to her.

"What happened, Megumi?" He asked. She hugged him and cried on his shirt.

"It's okay." Masaru patted her head, "You can tell me everything."

The Dream Designers

Episode 14

Utaha is watching a drama show while waiting for Masaru to return.

"...these two must be up to something." A woman looked at a guy moving his fingers. Utaha was then disrupted by someone opening the door.

"Masaru-san!" Utaha came out of the room, "I'm glad you're finally..."

She stopped talking upon seeing Megumi moving her luggage in, followed by Masaru coming in with the groceries.

"Maybe I'll live in the hotel nearby, Masaru-san." Megumi turned to Masaru, "Kasumigaoka-senpai doesn't seem too happy about me being here. I don't want to give her trouble too."

"No, Megumi. You stay here tonight, I'll bring you to my house tomorrow." He said, "Utaha, you don't mind her staying for the night, don't you?"

"As long as she doesn't do ridiculous things here." Utaha replied.

"Really?" Megumi then bowed down, "I'm sorry to trouble you at this late hour, Kasumigaoka-senpai."

"You had a fight with Morals-kun?" Utaha asked.

Megumi nodded.


"Don't ask any further, Utaha." Masaru said, "She's devastated and heartbroken over it."

"Fine." Utaha pointed to a room beside the storeroom, "That's her room for the night."

Masaru turned to Megumi, "Get yourself changed into your comfy clothes and sleep. You understand me, Megumi?"

She nodded, "Thank you, Masaru-san and Kasumigaoka-senpai."

She moved her luggage into the room and closed the door.

"Can't I..."

"Let's eat our supper, shall we?" Masaru interrupted her, "I thought you're starving. You've been complaining to me over the phone."

"You're true, but..." Utaha's stomach then grumbled loudly.

"See? I told you." Masaru placed his arm around her as he brought her to the kitchen, "Let's get the noodles cookin'."

The next morning, Masaru brought Megumi to his place.

"Your room's opposite of mine." Masaru explained, "So, please don't do anything funny, because you know I can see or hear it."

"Yeah, yeah." Megumi then hugged him.

"Hey, what's that hug for?" He asked.

"I just feel thankful and grateful for a friend like you." She said, "Without you, I wouldn't have known what to do."

"Take your time to recover." Masaru said, "Have a good talk with Tomoya, please. I'm sure he didn't mean to kiss someone else."

"Should I go for work today?" She asked.

"If you want to." He replied, "Or you can stay at home."

In the office, Eriri used her twin-tails to slap Tomoya's face continuously while Utaha and Michiru shook their heads in disappointment.

"I can't believe what you just landed yourself into." Utaha sighed, "I don't know how you became so dumb."

"How can you cheat on Megumi?" Eriri screamed at him while she continued hair-slapping him, "She's so devoted to you, yet you went to kiss another woman! You men are horrible creatures!"

"Hey, not all men are." Utaha said, "Masaru-san is not."

"Look, I didn't mean to upset Megumi." Tomoya spoke, "Besides, Ariana kissed me!"

"Even if she joins the company, would you think it would make the company more successful?" Eriri asked, "Megumi can do the exact same thing as that woman could! Megumi's prettier than her too!"

"Did you absolutely have no idea what you did could cause trouble?" Michiru added.

"You mean I should just tell her the job's canceled?" Tomoya asked, "Even after I pled with her so hard yesterday?"

"Of course!" Eriri replied, "You did Megumi wrong in the first place! Ask for her forgiveness and fire that woman off the company!"

"He's really a clueless, muddle-headed protagonist, isn't he?" Utaha asked. Eriri nodded in agreement.

Tomoya sighed.

"Sorry, I'm late." Masaru stepped into the office, "Anything I miss?"

"Nothing important." Utaha went to him and kissed his cheeks, "Good morning, Masaru-kun."

"Good morning, Utaha." He kissed her cheeks.

"Wait..." Tomoya pointed at Masaru, "You two are together?"

"Obviously!" Masaru responded, "I wouldn't kiss a person I'm not close with."

Tomoya met with Ariana a few minutes later in his office.

"So, Tomoya, what did you call me for?" Ariana asked.

"Ariana, I regret to inform you." Tomoya said, "You're fired."

"Why? You took so much effort to convince me."

"Megumi's upset."

Ariana clenched her fists under the table.

"I know I've finally gotten you a somehow stable job." Tomoya explained, "But I can't anymore. As the director, I need to seek permission from the assistant director too when I make company decisions. Once Megumi has cooled down, I can try my best to talk to her and let you have your position. So, in the meantime, can you wait for the decision?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Ariana smiled and unclenched her fists, "If there's nothing else, I'll be going off."

"Thanks for understanding, Ariana."

"You're welcome." As soon as Ariana went into the lift and the door closes, she clenches her fists tightly and grits her teeth angrily.

In George's house, Madeline is holding a document. She went to the dustbin in the kitchen.

"Would he ever find out if I threw it here?" She thought, "Would he ever pick up and read it?"

Madeline then shook her head, "He doesn't even dare to touch the dustbin. He's a doctor. He's all about hygiene. Guess I'm fine."

She dumped the document in the piles of trash in the dustbin and washed her hands with soap.

"Hopefully he won't see it." She thought, "Then I'll be really safe."

"Mum!" George came back from buying groceries.

"Oh, hey, son!" She turned back, a little startled by her son's appearance.

"What's wrong, Mum?" George asked, "What's with that pale face?"

"Oh, it's nothing." Madeline smiled, "Quickly eat and get to your work. You're almost late for work."

"Understood, Mum." George sat down on the sofa to eat. Madeline looked at him before returning to her room.

Megumi, in a white bra and panties, is in her room, wearing black pantyhose as her phone rang.

"Hello?" She answered the call.

"Megumi, are you still attending the school formal donation drive event later?" It was the school principal, Miss Hozaiku.

"Yeah, I am."

"Remember to dress formally and smartly." Miss Hozaiku said, "You're one of our ambassadors. I'm sorry to have asked you to be one."

"It's okay. I will help if the school needs it."

A few minutes later, Megumi wore her red dress and white stilettos. She walked out of the house, where a Mercedes car was already waiting for her.

"I'm your chauffeur." The driver, who is in sunglasses, said, "Miss Hozaiku sent me to pick you up."

"Oh, thank you." She went into the car. Uncle Yang watched from the inside of the house. He saw the person driving.

Back in the office, Masaru is coding the new game Blessing Software is developing. He tried different ways to code.

As he took up his bag and tried to find his mouse for his laptop, he realized he left it at home. He used it two days ago to do a research on trending games and forgot to place it back into his bag.

"Ah, shit." He tried asking around the office if Utaha or Tomoya have a mouse. Utaha left hers at home, while Tomoya needs to use it.

"Guess I have to return home." Masaru sighed, "Mouses can be such a burden."

He drove home, only to see Uncle Yang pointing at the window.

"Uncle Yang." Masaru waved his hand at his face, "Why are you pointing at the window?"

"Bad guy...bad guy..." He muttered.

"Bad guy?" Masaru laughed, "There are no bad guys here."

"G...g....girl..." Uncle Yang stuttered, "Girl..."

"You mean Megumi?" Masaru asked, "Well, she went out to her school event."

"Leo!" Uncle Yang suddenly screamed. Masaru was confused.

"Leo? You mean Leo Shinjusu?" Masaru laughed again, "No way. He disappeared for so long no one knew where he went. Don't think too much, Uncle Yang."

Masaru got his mouse and waved goodbye before walking off.

The Mercedes driver drove Megumi to the nightclub.

"Excuse me, chauffeur." Megumi asked, "Why am I here?"

"Miss Hozaiku wants to see you here first." He replied, "That's her order. She'll go along together with you. She's in room 14."

"I see. Thanks for the ride then." Megumi got out of the car and started walking. The driver then took out his phone and typed something to an unknown number.

"Do your job."

Megumi went into the nightclub and to room 14. She knocked on the door.

"Miss Hozaiku." She called out, but there was no reply. She opened the door and realized there was no one.

"Strange." She thought.

After work, Tomoya went to Utaha and Eriri.

"Do you girls know where Megumi is right now?" He asked.

"No." Eriri shook her head.

"I heard that she's living in Masaru-san's house now."

"Indeed she is." Masaru walked to the three, "You want to meet Megumi, Tomoya?"

"I want to personally apologize to her and clear this mess up."

"Very well. I shall bring you there." Masaru said, "But firstly, where's Michiru?"

"She went off". Eriri said, "She told me she got something important to attend."

"Is the music done?"


Michiru hid behind a house. She took out her phone and called someone.

"You told me that Leo's up to no good, am I right?" Michiru asked.

"Yeah." The caller replied.

"How did you even get my contact number? And are you sure this is accurate?"

"From Masaru. And yes."

"Great. I'll find everything. Why not call the others? Why me?"

"You knew him."

"That was because I was his best table mate during high school."

She then ended the call and broke into the house. After a few minutes, she took pictures of the evidence needed to summon Leo to prison using a camera.

"I can't believe Leo did a lot of bad things after he graduated." Michiru was about to leave the house when Leo opened the door and saw her.

"What are you doing here?" Leo asked. He then saw that she was in his room, holding a file of pictures.

"What is that?"

"Nothing." She then accidentally dropped a picture, which shows Leo hitting Uncle Yang a few years ago with a glass bottle in a pub.

She quickly picked it up.

"I'm not letting you leave this room." Leo said.

"Yes, you are." Michiru growled, "You dared to injure an old man, kill innocents when you were in your gang. Such an unlawful citizen deserved to be punished!"

She kicked him in the balls and quickly ran to her car. She got in and drove off. Leo followed behind her.

Michiru stepped hard on the accelerator. As she was looking back to see if Leo is catching up, a car from her right crashed onto her car at the traffic junction. Michiru lost control of her car and it over-flipped many times before coming to a stop.

Leo got out of his car and walked to her car. He put on his hand gloves and opened the door of the wrecked car. He took out the file and saw that Michiru is unconscious.

"Oh well." He then walked back to his car and drove off.

Tomoya and Masaru went to the latter's house.

"Wait here." Masaru told Tomoya, "I'll check if Megumi's at home."

He went to check her room and realized she's not there.

"She probably went out." Masaru said, "Come back another day."

"I'll wait."

"Okay, your choice." Masaru went to bathe. As Tomoya is waiting, he got a call from Ariana.

"Ariana, I can't find Megumi..."

"Tomoya, I got news. I heard that she's traveling overseas to Singapore. When I met her this afternoon, she said she had enough of life and wanted to start afresh somewhere else."

"What?" Tomoya was shocked.

To be continued in Episode 15

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