The Dream Designers

10 years after the events of Saekano (light novel), Tomoya Aki , Megumi Kato and Michiru Hyodo are reunited with Utaha Kasumigaoka and Eriri Spencer Sawamura, the two which have quit the team Blessing Software 10 years ago.

Not just that, even a coder is added to the team.

Follow the adventures of the six teammates as they work together to create games, as well as facing the emotional problems among the team and in their lives.



Starting 4 July 2018, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 0600 (PST)/ 2100 (SGT)/ 2200 (Japan)

Series Start: 4 July 2018
Series End: 17 August 2018



15. Episode 13

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forward." - Soren Kierkegaard

"You've seen Tomoya-kun with Ariana-chan?" Megumi asked Masaru in her house. It was midnight.

"She was getting quite imitate with him." He replied, "Ariana sat down on his lap and I didn't see anything else."

"Why though?"

"My friend pulled me away. You should ask him yourself. Maybe he might tell you the truth."

Megumi heaved a sigh of relief, "I thought he went missing. Masaru-san, let me ask you a question."

"Go ahead."

"Do you think Tomoya-kun is hiding some things from me?"

"Why would he hide things from his beautiful and gorgeous girlfriend?" Masaru asked, "He loves you so much. I bet he won't..."

Tomoya then came back home and saw Megumi and Masaru.

"Tomoya," Masaru stood up, "What are you doing with Ariana in the nightclub? Why was she sitting on your lap?"

"It's not what you guys think." Tomoya said.

"Then explain, you idiot." Masaru glared at him, "Why are you even there in the first place? Why did you make Megumi worry about you so much?"

Tomoya looked at Megumi, who was looking away from him.

The Dream Designers

Episode 13

"My parents died earlier today, from what Kane Harune said." Tomoya explained, "Of course I was devastated and sad. So I went to a nightclub to drink. I met Ariana there and she entertained me."

"And you didn't even bother telling Megumi what happened?" Masaru asked angrily, "She was worried for you the whole time."

Tomoya turned to Megumi, "I'm sorry, Megumi. I was just so overwhelmed and traumatized by my parents' deaths that I forgot to tell you what had happened. I'm really sorry."

"You think that's a great excuse?" Masaru growled, "You..."

"It's okay, Masaru-san." Megumi said, "He is sincere in his apologies. Besides, he has no reason to not tell me anything. He's my boyfriend, after all."

"Fine." Masaru sighed, "I'll be returning home first." He got out of the house and walked off.

"Thanks for understanding, Megumi." Tomoya uttered.

The next morning, Masaru drove his car to Utaha's house. Sure enough, she was already outside, donning a white maxi top, long black dress and her casual white heels. She is also holding a big hat in her right hand.

"Hey, Masaru-san." She got into the car.

"I see you're so happy and excited for today's outing." Masaru said.

"Of course." Utaha smiled at him, "With you, I look forward to doing anything."

"Me too." Masaru smiled back at her.

He drove to the Tokyo Sea Life Park. Once the two reached there, they walked in the huge glass dome and went down the escalator.

In there, they see many types of freshwater animals like bluefin tunas, pufferfishes and killifishes.

"These fishes look interesting to me." Masaru looked at them carefully, "Their small size. The way they move. The way they react."

"And why does that interest you, Masaru-kun?" Utaha asked.

"They are just like us humans." Masaru explained, "The fishes may be a big group, but when a big figure scares them, they would swim around everywhere, hoping they could survive and not die. The same thing applies to us. We may have a big group, but when we're hit by a tragedy, or even worse, just a strong person, we run away from the problems. We're too scared to face it face-to-face.

"However, if we work together as a team, no matter how big or small the obstacle is, we'll accomplish it. Ever heard of the fishes and shark story?"

Utaha shook her head.

"Okay, so there is this red fish and a group of yellow fishes who lived their lives happily. Until one day, a shark came in and threatened to kill and eat them. At first, the fishes were frightened and feared for the shark. They swam around the ocean, not wanting to get eaten. One day, the red fish had enough of running away because it was tiring to keep running. He told his fish friends a secret plan to scare the shark away.

"Together, they formed a shape of the shark and the red fish acts as the big shark's eye. So when the shark came, he was scared immediately and ran off. From this story, it tells us that teamwork is important. It is a necessity for us to succeed in life."

"I see." Utaha nodded her head.

They even saw some penguins and seabirds such as horned puffins, Humboldt penguins, and tufted puffins.

"They're so cute!" Utaha squealed in delight as she pointed at the penguins.

"Indeed they are." He said.

After two hours of looking at the animals, they took lunch in the cafeteria "Sea Wind", which is in Tokyo Sea Life Park itself.

"How are you enjoying the day so far?" Utaha asked Masaru.

"It's great." He replied, "I enjoyed seeing marine animals today. So, Miss Utaha, what are your plans for the rest of the day?"

"I shall not let you know." She cheekily said.

"So sneaky." Masaru said, "Now I'm really interested in your plans." 

After eating, Utaha brought Masaru to Hanayashiki Amusement Park. They went to the Merry-Go-Round ride and each of them mounted on a horse.

A few seconds later, the horses started moving up, down and forward in a circular, slow motion.

"This is my childhood." Utaha said.

"Same here." Masaru replied.

She then brought him to the Roller Coaster ride. They both sat at the front row as they held onto the handle.

"This is going to be so much fun!" Utaha turned to Masaru.

"Well, I'm not kinda sure if this is considered fun, but..." Before Masaru could finish talking, the roller coaster started moving.

"It's starting!" Utaha said, "So exciting!"

"Oh, right, totally exci...AHHH!" Masaru turned from talking to screaming in fear as the roller coaster plunged down a high slope in high speed.

"THIS IS SO FUN!" Utaha screamed excitedly at him, "ARE YOU HAVING FUN?"

He can't even answer.

The roller coaster finally slowed down as it was going up a hill.

"Is it over?" Masaru huffed.

"Of course not!" Utaha replied, "A roller coaster wouldn't be fun if it was just one downslope!"

"A...are you serious?" He groaned as the roller coaster plunged down once again.

Once the roller coaster ride was over, he staggered to the toilet and washed his face. He spent thirty minutes in the toilet before coming out.

"What took you so long, Masaru-san?" Utaha asked.

"I went to wash my face and accidentally slept in the cubicle just now." Masaru replied, "I was feeling so dizzy from the roller coaster."

"Weakling." Utaha teased him. He sighed.

"Anyway, we have time for one last ride." Utaha smiled, "Since it's our date, I shouldn't plan everything alone. At least pick one ride for us."

"Pick one ride?" Masaru gave an evil smile, "I shall show you something scary. So scary you'll never call me a weakling ever again."

"Scary?" Utaha laughed, "What can be so scary?"

Masaru brought her to the Haunted House ride.

"You think I'll be scared by a haunted house?" Utaha asked.

"I've heard this house is really creepy, so it'll probably scare you...and me." Masaru walked in with Utaha.

They went into a room where the beds were almost empty. The bed on the right had a statue standing. Just at this moment, eerie Japanese music starts playing.

"Let's not care about the music, shall we?" Masaru replied as he walked forward. Utaha caught up to him and held his hand.

"You're scared already?" He asked.

"Just for precaution." Utaha responded, "Besides, I'm your girlfriend. Can't I hold your hand?"

"Sure, you can." He chuckled.

The two then walked through a room where a creepy-looking woman statue's head turned a hundred and eight degrees to her left.

A few seconds later, as they advanced, they heard baby crying sounds. Utaha looked at the top and got a scare.

"It looks really creepy here." She pointed at it.

"I think so too."

"I don't like the feeling of this." Utaha was about to walk when she bumped her head into something soft. She felt it with her hands and realized it was cloth. She looked at it and saw that it was a creepy woman statue. She screamed and ran to Masaru.

"Oh, now you're scared." Masaru teased her.

"Not a good time to tease me."

They walked until a sakura tree.

"Holy, it looks beautiful." Utaha was in awe,'"You remember our sakura tree date?"

"Yeah, I do." Just as Masaru finished his sentence, there was a loud thundering sound and the lights on the tree flashed. Utaha screamed again and hugged him.

"This place is scary." She sniffled.

"It's okay." Masaru stroked her hair gently, "I'm here. Everything's fine."

At the end of the haunted house, Masaru looked at Utaha, who was scared stiff.

"Let's get you back home." Masaru said.

In Utaha's home in the evening, Masaru placed her on the bed.

"Masaru-san." Utaha asked, "Can you please stay here for a night?"

"A night?" Masaru thought about it for a while, then replied, l guess I can stay. But I got to call someone first."

"What?" George was shocked, "You're staying with that woman in her house? You think you aren't going to have a sexual desire?"

"Well, I'm not like you, Fuistuer." Masaru talked through the phone, "I can control it."

"You guys are not even a couple."

"No. We are."

"Are you joking? Are you serious? Are you kidding me right now?"

"No, which is why..."

"You need help from me to take care of Uncle Yang." George sighed, "I understand."

"I'll be leaving him in your care then. I'll take over tomorrow. I'll see you soon."

Masaru ended the call as Madeline entered George's room.

"Your dinner is ready." Madeline smiled.

"Yes, Mum."

In Utaha's bedroom, Masaru set up a big blanket beside her bed for him to sleep on.

"I want to thank you for today, Utaha." Masaru said, "Without you, today would not have been a fun day."

"I want to thank you too."

"What for?"

"You made this outing really fun." Utaha smiled at him, "Although you brought me to the haunted house and I was scared, but it was scarier when you were around."

"Come on, that was just to prove that I was not the only weakling here."

"You're still a weakling!" She teased him.


"Anyway, thank you, Masaru-san. You really made this outing today enjoyable."

"I'm going to end it great too." Masaru got up from his blanket, "Want to know how?"

"How?" Utaha asked curiously. He pulled her close to him and kissed her lips passionately. They both stayed in that position before Masaru stopped and smiled at her.

"I love you so much, Utaha." He said.

"I love you too, Masaru-san." She smiled back at him.

In Masaru's house, George sighed as he took care of Uncle Yang. After eating dinner, he brought the old man to the toilet to bathe.

"Remember, do not ever splash water on me, you oldie." George warned him. He nodded.

As George is taking the shampoo to wash Uncle Yang's hair, the latter took a pail of water and splashed it on George.

"I told you not to splash!" George groaned. Uncle Yang smirked.

After work, Tomoya was about to leave the building. He then checked his phone and realized Ariana texted him.

"Can we go out to eat?" Tomoya muttered the message to himself. He typed an "okay". Megumi then went to him.

"Tomoya-kun," Megumi asked, "Do you want to have dinner with me? I know a restaurant that has your favorite dishes."

"I got a meeting with my client." Tomoya said, "I need to have dinner with him. He's willing to invest in our company's games in the future."

"Oh, I see." Megumi replied, "Forget that I ask then. Go ahead and enjoy your dinner. And clinch the deal."

"No problem." Tomoya kissed her cheeks, "I'll see you later." He then walked out of the building. Megumi decided to follow him.

In a restaurant, Ariana offered a seat for Tomoya.

"I'm so glad you came, Tomoya-san." She said.

"You're making me kind of guilty." Tomoya said, "You made me skip dinner with my girlfriend. But I know if I skip dinner with you, I won't get a second chance at getting you to work for my company."

"Why do you want me in your company?"

"I heard you're very good at advertising." Tomoya replied, "Plus you're famous. You're known around the world. Just think of it as a small favor from me, please?"

When Ariana was about to reply, she got a text message. It read, "She's already here. She's turning in to your area."

She quickly stood up and pulled Tomoya up.

"What's the problem?" He asked.

Ariana kissed him on the lips just as Megumi turned in from the corner. She saw them kissing and was shocked.

Tomoya pushed Ariana away, "What do you think you're doing?" He then turned to his left and saw Megumi. She was about to cry.

"How can you..." She then ran away.

"Megumi!" Tomoya tried running to her, but Ariana stopped him.

"I see you're stuck now."

"Why did you kiss me in front of her?" He shouted at her.

"It's just coincidental." Ariana picked up her bag, "Anyway, it's between her and me. If you want me to work with you, for the company's sake, just ignore her. If you go off for her, you'll lose your client."

"Are you threatening me?" Tomoya asked angrily.

"I'm not. It's just a deal. A client's deal."

Tomoya looked outside for one last time before sighing, "Fine, I'll stay with you."

At eleven in the night, Tomoya finally reached back home, only to see Megumi pulling her luggage out.

"Megumi!" Tomoya went to her, "Where are you going?"

She looked down, "No need for you to know."

"What happened just now was a misunderstanding."

"Misunderstanding?" She looked at Tomoya with watery eyes, "Misunderstanding? I saw it with my own fuckin' eyes. That bitch's lips touch yours! In other words, you kissed each other! How can you two-time me? It's like I got stabbed by you in the heart."

"Megumi, it was all a misunderstanding. Hear me out."

"What is there to hear?" She screamed, "I'm your girlfriend, but you kissed a random stranger who you met a few days ago! Why must you break my heart like that?"


"I can't live with you anymore. Every time I see you now, I'll be reminded of today's events. Let's break up."

"No, Megumi!" Tomoya held Megumi's hand as she tried to walk away. She pulled her hand away and left the house.

Tomoya slouched on the sofa and covered his face with both of his hands.

Megumi walked as fast as she could away from Tomoya's house. Once it was out of her sight, she let herself fall onto the sidewalk and cried her heart out.

To be continued in Episode 14

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