The Dream Designers

10 years after the events of Saekano (light novel), Tomoya Aki , Megumi Kato and Michiru Hyodo are reunited with Utaha Kasumigaoka and Eriri Spencer Sawamura, the two which have quit the team Blessing Software 10 years ago.

Not just that, even a coder is added to the team.

Follow the adventures of the six teammates as they work together to create games, as well as facing the emotional problems among the team and in their lives.



Starting 4 July 2018, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 0600 (PST)/ 2100 (SGT)/ 2200 (Japan)

Series Start: 4 July 2018
Series End: 17 August 2018



13. Episode 11

Q"Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit." - Khalil Gibran


The paramedics placed Masaru on a stretcher before carrying it into the ambulance. Utaha and Megumi went in together.


"Hang in there, Masaru-san." Utaha held his hands.


The ambulance drove them to the hospital, where doctors came out and pushed the stretcher in.


Utaha and Megumi followed behind. Once they reached the emergency ward, the two girls stayed outside.


"Will Masaru-san be fine?" Utaha asked worriedly.


"He'll be fine, Kasumigaoka-senpai" Megumi patted her shoulder, "Don't worry too much about him."


"I should've stayed with him all the way yesterday." Utaha started crying, "I knew he had depression after Kane talked about his parents, but I just left him alone because I thought he could cope it. If I had stayed with him..."


Utaha hugged Megumi and cried uncontrollably. 


"He's going to be fine." Megumi comforted her, "Masaru-san's going to be alright."


The Dream Designers


Episode 11


Tomoya, Eriri and Michiru sat down in Tomoya's office.


"I didn't know Masaru-san would try to kill himself." Michiru said


"I understand him." Eriri said, "He feels very uncomfortable to talk about his parents, much less getting insulted."


"I didn't know Karuto Hishi is enemies with Masaru." Tomoya added.


"It's true." Eriri replied, "Kane and him used to create Haikono: Sensei, before Kane released a version that he created by himself to win a prize."


"No wonder Masaru hates him." 


In the hospital, the doctors came out after a few minutes. Utaha and Megumi went to them.


"How's my friend, doctor?" Megumi asked.


"He's fine. He just needs some rest, but right now, he's unconscious." The doctors then walked away. The two girls walked in and saw Masaru still unconscious.


Utaha took a chair and sat beside his bed. 


"Kato-san, you could attend work now." She said, "I'll take care of him here."


"Alright. I'll go take care of Uncle Yang first. I'll visit Masaru later." Megumi walked off.


A few minutes later, Masaru woke up. He looked around the ward as Utaha got out of the toilet. She quickly ran to him and hugged him.


"Masaru-san!" Utaha said, "I was so scared that you're dead."


"I actually should be." Masaru sighed. Utaha stopped hugging him and looked at him.


"Why did you do such a silly action?" She asked.


"I guess what Kane said was right." Masaru replied, "I'm just a stupid guy. I feel very useless. Even my parents don't want me anymore. I feel unwanted. My presence in this world is unnecessary."


"How can you say that?" Utaha screamed at him, "What do you take me as? A girl who you confessed your problems to, and kills himself before she could even help?"


She held his hands, "As a girlfriend...I mean, trusted friend of yours, let me help you. Even if the whole world don't want you, you got me. You got Megumi and Tomoya too. And your uncle. I'll be by your side forever. If you need any help, just seek for me. I'll help you no matter what, I promise."


Masaru looked at her, then smiled and nodded.


After Masaru is discharged, he and Utaha stood at the entrance.


"Okay, Utaha-san, you can return to work now."


"I can't. I'm feeling unsafe to leave you alone to go home." Utaha said, "I'm going to send you home."


"But you're already quite late for work."


"Then can you promise you won't kill yourself, or do anything silly when I go?"


"I promise." Masaru said, "Now go back to work. Tomoya's going to miss you."


"I'll see you later, Masaru-kun." Utaha waved good bye as she walked off into a taxi. 


When Masaru reached back home, he saw Megumi taking care of Uncle Yang.


"You're awake." Megumi walked to him, "How are you feeling?"


"I'm fine. Thanks for asking."


"Let's have a seat, shall we?" Megumi led Masaru to the sofa in the living room. They both sat down.


"Masaru-san, you do know Utaha...cares a lot about you, right?" Megumi asked him, "She even carries a torch for you."


"Yeah, yeah." Masaru sarcastically replied, "She's just super caring. She's just a friend to me."


"I mean, seriously." Megumi turned stern, "When she saw that you stabbed yourself, she felt so guilty for not accompanying you yesterday. She told me she knew you would have depression if anyone talks about your parents.


"She even broke down. She was so scared you couldn't wake up and died. Think about it. She invited you out on a one-to-one session, specially make you tea every morning and even cried because of you. What kind of 'friend' would do that?"


"She really likes me, doesn't she?" Masaru asked.


"Yeah, she does. I wanted to keep it a secret, but I can't after today. She's just waiting for you to love her back. She's willing to wait."


"I see." Masaru said.


In the office, Eriri was thinking about something in her office room. Utaha knocked on her door.


"Come in." Eriri said. Utaha stepped in and sat on her sofa.


"What's making you so deep in thought?" Utaha asked.


"Nothing big." Eriri replied.


"I don't see it's something small." Utaha pointed to her canvas, "You're supposed to paint a special thank-you poster for one million downloads, but nothing's there."


"I remember something." Eriri murmured.


Utaha closed the door and locked it, "Do you mind telling me what it is?"


Eriri shook her head, "But first, is Masaru okay?"


"He is." Utaha replied.


"I'm glad he is." Eriri sighed, "He's one of the reasons the game succeeded. It even beat Faith Productions' game. This is our first ever game without a single bug or glitch or error. The storyline is nice, which is by you and him. And of course, the artwork..."She then flipped her hair proudly, " done by me. My artwork is so magnificent and beautiful. Surely everyone would enjoy it."


"Tsk tsk." Utaha shook her head, "Such self-praise. He's a changed man from last time though, isn't he?"


"You can say that." Eriri said, "For now. Anyways, back to the story. I have never heard of Kane Harune before. But I'm sure I heard his voice before. Remember when I told you in my third year, I got kidnapped?"


"I remembered you told me that, didn't you?" Utaha asked, "Continue on with the story."


"I remembered it so clearly. It happened after school..."


10 years ago...


Eriri carried her books and her school bag from the class to her locker. She placed the books inside and locked the locker.


"It's finally Friday." She muttered to herself. She yawned as she walked away from her locker. She then heard footsteps behind her as she walked. She quickly continued walking. 


No matter how fast she went, she heard the footsteps getting closer. She then got to an end. She turned around and shivered in fear. 


"Who are you?" She asked, feeling scared.


"Are you Eriri Spencer Sawamura?" It was a guy. 


"Yes, I am." She replied.


"Follow me." The guy said, "Mr Narisou wants to meet you." 


"Who are you?"


"I am Jack. I came here to look for you."


They both went into a classroom. Jack told Eriri to sit on a chair.


"He'll be coming soon." He said, "I'll be getting him here. Please wait patiently." 


Eriri nodded. Jack went out of the classroom and placed a mask on him. He then saw Masaru Kobayashi using a torchlight to shine. He hid behind a cabinet.


Masaru shined the torch at Eriri. 


"Why is she there?" He asked himself as he walked to her.


"Eriri Spencer Sawamura, why are you here?" Masaru asked.


"To wait for a teacher." Eriri said.


"You shittin' people? Look at the bloody time." He pointed at the clock, "Six in the evening. What is the teacher meeting you here for?"


"None of your business." Eriri looked away from him.


"Fine. Suit yourself if you get locked." Masaru got out of the classroom. As he walked past Jack, Jack came out of his hiding spot with a cloth in his hand


He slowly sneaked in from the back of the classroom. Once he was behind Eriri, he quickly stuffed the cloth in her mouth. He then pushed her down and tied her hands behind her back. She muffled loudly.


"Shut up." He turned her around and immediately got a kick from her. He groaned in pain. Eriri then got up and tried to run.


"I'll make you suffer!" He pounded on her and tied her legs. He took off the cloth gag and place a ball gag instead.


"Whaf do youf wat fro mi?" She spoke through the gag.


"Looks like the rumors are true." Jack said, "You have small breasts, but you do have a slim figure yourself and a pretty face to go along with it."


"Let go of me!" She muffled as he took off her panties. 


"You perverf!" She muffled.


"I have a pleasant surprise for you." Jack gave an evil smile. He takes out a dildo, "This is what's going in."


She muffled for help as he inserted it into her vagina. A while later, white, sticky liquid came out from her vagina. 


"I got to take this picture!" He took a picture of her current state and laughed at it. Eriri then saw a broom and dragged herself to it. She stood up slowly while he was still looking at the picture. She whacked the windows and the glass shattered. 


Jack went to her but she smacked his face with the broom. He groaned in pain on the floor as she hurriedly cut the ropes using a sharp glass shard. After a few seconds, she was free. She took off the dildo and hit the guy with the broom one more time before running away.


Back to the present...


Eriri started crying, "Up till now, it still affects me. Every time I think about it, it just...made me feel uncomfortable and scared."


Utaha hugged her, "I feel you."


Eriri cleared her tears, "That guy had the same voice as Kane Haruno."


Utaha looked at her, surprised, "You got to be kidding me."


"When he laughed at Masaru, it sounded like that time when he took a photo of me. It sounded same."


"You must be dreaming." Utaha said, "Kane won't do this kind of stuff."


"Maybe it's just my imagination." Eriri sighed, "I swear..."


There was a knock on the door. Eriri unlocked the door. Megumi stood outside the room.


"Have you booked our train tickets?" Eriri asked Megumi, "I was wondering when Akane had anything new for me to do."


"I know you'd love to go back." Megumi said, "But reports shown Akane died in a car explosion."


Eriri and Utaha were shocked.


"Police are still finding the suspect responsible." Megumi continued talking, "It's your choice now. It's either you stay or you leave and find another job."


"I would love to stay." Utaha said dreamily, "That way, I can see Masaru-san everyday."


"What about you, Eriri?" Megumi asked.


"I mean, I have no choice." She replied, "Akane is dead, our company of three is dead too since Utaha is staying. A job is even harder to find. What else can I do? Of course I'll stay."


"I knew you would." Megumi smiled.


Masaru came back to the office a few minutes later. He went to Tomoya's office. 


"Hey, Tomoya." Masaru greeted him. He stood up upon seeing Masaru.


"Hey, Masaru. How are you feeling?"


"I'm fine. Thanks for the concern. Can I use the surveillance camera in Utaha's office room?"


"What for?" Tomoya asked.


After work, almost everyone left. Only Utaha and Masaru are in the office. He went to the toilet while she is preparing to switch off her computer. She then saw an unknown app in her computer.


"What's this?" Utaha looked closer at the computer. There was a note next to the app. She opened it and read it.


"Open the app - Masaru."


"Okay..." She opened the app and is greeted by romantic music. Words appeared later. 


"Utaha Kasumigaoka, I just want to say a few things...


"You are a great girl, a great friend, a great teammate I can trust when I have problems...


"Although sometimes you can be a pain in the ass...


"I realize that your actions had made me like you. Not just as a friend, but as a lover..."


Utaha widened her eyes in surprise.


"When I'm around with you, it's as though all my problems have been swept away. I always feel at ease around you and I'm always comfortable in telling you my secrets...


"I, Masaru Kobayashi, admit that I've fallen in love with you..."


Utaha then heard footsteps behind her. She turned around and saw Masaru holding a bouquet of roses. She covered her mouth with her hands in shock.


"Utaha Kasumigaoka." He advanced towards her, "I've fallen for you. I hope I can be a comfortable shoulder to lie on if you have any problems. I promise to give you a better life. I promise I'll love you forever."


He then kneel down on one knee, "Utaha-san, are you willing to be my girlfriend?" She stood still, looking at Masaru. She then nodded happily. Masaru smiled as he passed her the bouquet. They then both hugged each other. 


To be continued in Episode 12

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