The Dream Designers

10 years after the events of Saekano (light novel), Tomoya Aki , Megumi Kato and Michiru Hyodo are reunited with Utaha Kasumigaoka and Eriri Spencer Sawamura, the two which have quit the team Blessing Software 10 years ago.

Not just that, even a coder is added to the team.

Follow the adventures of the six teammates as they work together to create games, as well as facing the emotional problems among the team and in their lives.



Starting 4 July 2018, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 0600 (PST)/ 2100 (SGT)/ 2200 (Japan)

Series Start: 4 July 2018
Series End: 17 August 2018



12. Episode 10

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." - Confucius


Cherry held Masaru's left hand, "Utaha tried to kill me just now. She attacked me first. Come back to me, Masaru. She's brainwashing you..."


He shook off her hand and slapped her right cheek real hard.


"Are you done with your bullshit?" He asked with annoyance and angriness.


Megumi, Tomoya and Eriri gasped as Cherry slowly felt her right cheek with her right hand. 


"" Cherry started crying. The slap had made a dent to her plastic-surgery nose. She then ran out of the office. 


"I'm sorry to let everyone see that." Masaru uttered, "I didn't mean to, but she was going overboard."


"I don't know why you did that, but that was awesome." Eriri said, "That bitch finally shut her damn arrogant mouth up."


"That fucker had the nerve to fight me." Utaha added on. 


"Is that the Cherry that was looking for you every time in the office?" Megumi asked. Masaru nodded. 


"Whatever the case is, let's just get our lunch." Michiru was standing at the main door with her bandmates, "Anyway, who was the woman that rushed out?"


"Stop asking me questions like that, please?" Masaru sighed.


The Dream Designers


Episode 10


Leo was slacking his office. He was wondering how Cherry Sarikumi is doing.


"Hopefully she got the person she wanted." He thought. He was about to go search for her when his phone rang. It was her.


"Hey, Cherry." Leo answered the call. 


"M...Mr Leo." Cherry sniffled, "I'm feeling depressed."


"What happened?" Leo asked. 


"Masaru cares more about that motherfucking  bitch than me!" She cried.


"Calm down, Cherry." Leo said, "Tell me slowly who's that bitch."


"That Utaha Kasumigaoka!" She screamed, "Fuck that bitch! Every time I try to het Masaru to my side, she comes in and snatches him away! It's like she got a plan to overthrow me! Masaru even slapped me because he said I was too much and was talking too much bullshit."


"Then we'll come up with a new plan! Make him sorry for slapping you! Don't give up yet, Cherry Sarikumi!"


"I've already given up! No matter what I do, he just can't accept me now! It's all my fault for dumping him last time!"


"No worries, Cherry." Leo said, "We'll think of a plan! We'll..."


"It's no use." Cherry said, "The only girl that Masaru is attracted to is Utaha Kasumigaoka. I've never felt so depressed in my life."


"Okay, Cherry. You're in your home, right? Stay wherever you are. Don't do anything rash. I'll be over."


Leo quickly drove his Audi R8 to her condominium, praying that she do not act rashly.


Once he reached there, he quickly ran to the lift lobby and pressed the button for the lift.


"C'mon!" He banged the button with his hand. When the lift finally came, he rushed in and pressed the button with the number "13".


He then rushed to Room #11-25, where the door was unlocked. He quickly rushed to Cherry's room and saw something disgusting and terrifying. 


Cherry Sarikumi hung herself. The rope tied to her neck was from a hook on the celling. The chair was a few meters away from her.


There was also a note on her desk. 


Leo took it and read it.


"I'm sorry, my best friend. The pain I'm suffering is unbearable. I want to subdue the pain. I'm sorry if I had made you sad over this. It's not your fault."


Leo fell down to the ground and cried uncontrollably.


"My only friend! How can you commit suicide?!" He screamed at the top of his lungs. 


A week before the Comiket...


In the office's main hall, Megumi was on the floor, crying. Eriri was drawing it on her canvas. 


Michiru played the guitar while Utaha was singing a song named "LOVE iLLUSiON" in the studio. 


Tomoya accompanied Masaru to visit Cherry in the cemetery. Masaru placed flowers on her grave. 


"I'm sorry." He muttered, "I didn't expect you to kill yourself because of me. I'm unsure what to feel right now." 


He and Tomoya bowed down before walking off. On their way out, they met Leo walking in. Leo glared at Masaru before walking to her grave.


"Do you know that guy?" Tomoya asked. Masaru hesitated for a while before shaking his head.


After work, Masaru went out with George Fuistuer to the pub. George poured wine on two wine glasses.


"Cheers." He raised his glass.


"Cheers." Masaru raised his glass too and they both clanked their wine glasses together. They sipped a little.


"By the way, I heard you've went out with Utaha Kasumigaoka." George said, "How's it?"


"It's kinda great." Masaru replied.


"It's good that you've enjoyed it, but that's not the main thing I wanna ask you." 


"Then what is?"


"After spending enjoyable time with her, do you still plan to do what you actually wanted to do?"


Masaru looked at his wine, "I don't feel so now.  Maybe if I'm not close to her next time."


"This Utaha Kasumigaoka's affecting your job, isn't it?" George sighed, "You also indirectly killed Cherry by making her so depressed. Now you know Leo's coming after you like a lion pouncing on its prey."


"I won't fall so easily." Masaru said.


"Looks like your plan that you said so boldly 5 years ago has now dissolved into thin air."


"I'll just take it slowly from here. Earn salary." Masaru said, "As I hang out more with Utaha, I realize she's a scary-looking person on the outside, but on the inside she's a kind-hearted girl towards me. Like when I hang out with her, I'm comfortable telling her all my secrets and vice versa. On top of that, she's kinda pretty, I got to say."


"Then I got one question." George uttered, "Do you like her?"


"As a friend, yes."


"As a lover?"


"That's hard to answer." Masaru drank his wine, "I don't know my feelings very well anymore. I like her, and at the same time, I don't like her."


"So, why don't you like her?"


"Because sometimes, she's a bossy bitch and an annoying person. Just for a storyline, she just orders me around like I'm a damn robot. Change this word, change that scene."


"Why did you like her?"


"Because she has a kind personality, and is kind to me most of the time. I enjoy being with her. She's gorgeous too. She just has this aura that always pull me towards her. That outing that I had with her, I actually didn't want to go. But my lazy ass became so energetic that day. I didn't know how."


"Then you like her." George said. Masaru leaned on the sofa he was sitting on.


When Masaru returned home at eleven in the night, he walked to Uncle Yang's room to check if he's there. However, he was not at home. He frantically searched for him in the whole house, but he was nowhere to be found.


"Fuck!" He slammed the table in the kitchen. He called Megumi.


In Tomoya's house, Megumi was sleeping beside Tomoya on the bed when her phone rang. 


"Tomoya-kun, that's your phone." Megumi said sleepily.


"No, that is your phone, Megumi." He replied back wearily, "Answer the call."


"Ugh." She grumbled softly as she answered the call, "Hello?"


"Megumi? Are you awake?" Masaru asked worriedly.


"What's the problem, Masaru-kun?" 


"Uncle Yang is missing!"


Megumi immediately got up from bed, "He's missing?"


Masaru ran out of the house, going to the hawker centre and supermarket to search for him. He asked every person in both places if any one of them had seen Uncle Yang, but no one seemed to know him.


Tomoya searched the neighborhood around his house while Megumi went to the log-style cafe to try to find him.  


Masaru then returned home, only to find Leo in Uncle Yang's room, talking to him. Masaru called Megumi to tell her that Uncle Yang has been found.


"Looks like you don't remember anything." Leo was saying, "Well, I'll meet you again soon." Leo then got out, only to see Masaru.


"What are you doing here?" Masaru asked angrily.


"To see my old gang leader." Leo responded, "To see the person I have injured. To see if he's fine or getting better."


"Get out. You don't have any rights to see him nor step into this very house."


"Fine." Leo then whispered in his ear, "You caused Cherry's death. You caused my one and only best friend's death. I wouldn't easily forgive you. If I were you, I'd be preparing the things that are going to happen soon."


Leo then walked off. Masaru looked at him.


The next morning, Eriri painted the last scene for the game. She gathered all her canvas and gave it to Masaru.


"For the game." Eriri said. Masaru nodded and went to his office room. He closed the door to prevent anyone from disturbing him while he is coding.


Eriri and Megumi then went into the studio to record songs for the game while Michiru helped them out.


Masaru stretched his hands, and then his head and fingers. He cracked his knuckles and started speed-typing codes into the game. 


In a restaurant, Kane Harune met up with Akane Kosaka for lunch.


"I heard two of your most valuable players went over to Blessing Software to help." Kane said, "What do you think of it?"


"I feel it's okay. It's just temporary." She replied, "They'll come back eventually. They'll regret going there. They'll think that going there is a waste of time."


"Which explains why you're helping me with the storyline, right?" Kane asked.


"I want your game to succeed, since it's a collaboration between me and your company." Akane said, "If we succeed, Utaha and Eriri would come back and will never, ever return to Blessing Software. Then we can succeed forever with the two."


"You have a great plan." Kane raised his wine glass, "Cheers to our winnings."


"Cheers." Akane raised her wine glass before drinking the wine.


After lunch, Akane was walking to her car. The moment she unlocked her car, she heard a ticking sound. She ignored it and went into the car.


Leo was behind a pillar in the carpark. As the car drove out of the carpark, he pressed the button on a controller. Immediately, her car exploded.


"Nobody interferes in my plan." Leo said before walking away. 


Meanwhile, in Blessing Software's office building, everyone except Masaru was eating their lunch in the main office living room. Only Masaru was eating in his room, coding at the same time. 


As Masaru was coding, someone knocked on his door. 


"Come in." Masaru said. Utaha entered his room with a cup of tea.


"Thank you, Utaha-san." Masaru took the cup and drank the tea.


"Why wouldn't you rest for a while, Masaru-san?" She asked. He stopped coding and turned around to face her.


"If I stop, there will be no time to check for any errors." He responded.


"I see." Utaha nodded, "I'll take my leave then." She left his room and closed the door. Masaru then turned back to his computer to code.


A week later...


This is the moment Tomoya Aki has been waiting for.


The Comiket. The exhibition where Blessing Software could show off their games. They had been working hard on their new game for weeks, and it's finally time that they can flaunt their games. Masaru, Utaha, Eriri and Michiru waited outside the stadium as Tomoya and Megumi went to take their game boxes.


As the four were waiting, Kane and his team went to them.


"Hey, Masaru Kobayashi." Kane greeted.


"Hey, Kane." Masaru grumbled.


"Aw, you givin' me the grumpy face?" Kane asked, "That's bad for your face. It's gonna give you wrinkles."


"It's because of you and your two-faced personality." Masaru said.


"Tsk, it's been so long, and you still remember." Kane shook his head in disapproval, "You should get a life."


"I played your game demo, and it's exactly like  Blessing Software's previous game." Masaru said, "You copied it, didn't you?"


"You copied my game too, didn't you? Admit it."


"That was supposed to be our game, you motherfucker." Masaru said.


"Haikono: Sensei doesn't deserve a coder like you." Kane talked back. Megumi and Tomoya heard it.


"You're Karuto Hishi?" Megumi asked. Kane nodded. 


"I'm sure my game will beat yours, you two-faced bitch." Masaru was about to walk into the stadium with his Blessing Software teammates when Kane talked about something related to Masaru.


"Didn't your parents teach you manners?" Kane asked, "You know, Kobayashi. I always wonder how your parents taught you since young, which caused you to be so dumb, stupid and arrogant."


Masaru turned around and glared at him.


"Whoops, I forgot." Kane laughed, "Your parents abandoned you."


"You say that again, you motherfucking son of a bitch." Masaru stepped in front of Kane.


"I said, your parents dumped your ass. They hated you so much. Because you were a boy, when they wanted a girl. Get dumped, bitch! At least I'm loved by my parents."


"YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Masaru started punching and kicking Kane until he spitted out blood, "How dare you talk about my parents, you fucking shithead!"


Eriri and Utaha rushed to pull Masaru away while Kane's team members pulled him away. 


That night, after Comiket ended and everyone had headed home, Utaha tried to call Masaru, but he could not be reached. She was feeling very anxious and worried about him. She knew he would have depression if anyone had talked about his parents.


The next day, Masaru did not report for work. Utaha became more worried than the previous night and she could not concentrate on her work.


"I must check up on him to see how's he doing. Or I'll never stop getting worried." She stood up and was about to get out of the office when Megumi saw her.


"Kasumigaoka-senpai, where are you going?" She asked.


"To see if Masaru-san is fine." Utaha said.


"I'll follow you."


Once they reached Masaru's house, Utaha knocked on the main door.


"Masaru-san?" She called out, "Are you home?"


"He could've went out or overslept." Megumi said. 


"He'll never oversleep. I know him." Utaha tried to open the door, but it was locked.


"I have his key." Megumi took out the key. When she opened the door, Uncle Yang was shivering in the living room. 


"Uncle Yang." Megumi went to him, "Why are you shivering? Have you seen Masaru-san?"


"T...t...that guy..." He pointed at Masaru's room. Megumi and Utaha rushed in. Both girls then got a shock.


Masaru had stabbed himself on the stomach with a knife. Utaha rushed to him.


"Masaru-san!" She cried, shaking his body.


She turned to Megumi, "Call the damn ambulance!"


To be continued in Episode 11

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