moving to be reunited with her brother, what will happen when Snow starts to discover the secrets that's been kept from her.


8. Your love is my drug

I grabbed his shirt smashing my lips on his as our lips moved in sync I licked his let, our tongs danced when I heard people talking I bit his lip drawing blood then pushed him away walking out of the locker room.  I feel amazing like I’m on the top of the world and no in came bring me down, I just don’t know how he does this too me.

I walked out to see Debbie, Lucy, Blake and Jake, Lucy tilted her head trying to figure out why I’m so pumped when Ryder came out of the girl locker room his lips red raw and a bite mark, completely memorised. “OKAY EVERYONE 10 LAPS OF THE OVAL!” Sir yelled I could tell he’s in a mood the whole class groaned but I got up and started to run, I felt free when I run like I can do anything.

I finished on my 10th lap stopping in front of Sir to see everyone on their last lap, Sir just looked at me with a smile very surprised. “Do you realise that everyone is still on their 6th lap?” Sir said as my jaw dropped I’m a shit runner well so I thought.

I sat won with Lucy at the table eating my burger Jake and Lucy joining us “Someone is very happy today?” Debbie said wriggling her eye brows I just put on a confused face as Debbie smirked. Ryder sat down next to me squeezing my thigh I could see Jake giving us very sussed looks. When the doors barsted open revelling a beautiful girl with long brown hair neon blue eyes.

Everyone’s jaw dropped open “What the fuck is she doing here?” Lucy spat the girl looked around the cafeteria when her eyes stopped at our table she ran over. “Hey babe I missed you!” she yelled sitting down on Ryder’s lap giving him a very passionate kiss.

My whole body froze when Ryder pushed her off his lap I closed my eyes trying to control my anger, my whole body is shaking I’m that furious. “What the fuck are you doing?” Ryder yelled standing up as she got up brushing off the dust looking completely shocked. “Babe what’s wrong, it’s okay I know its been a while but I love you, and I know you love me I mean who else can go 3 hours?” She said with a smirk on her face.

I stood up scraping my chair on the ground getting everyone’s attention “I’m Selena what’s your name?” I asked putting my hand out for her to shake me looked at it like dirt and snorted in discuss “Alexis bitch.” She spat then Debbie stood up I pushed her down glaring at her. “If you worked on your IQ as much as you do dancing on a strippers pole you might actually get somewhere in life. Bitch so I suggest you turn your fake ass around and titties and walk the fuck away before you I beat your cellulite ass.” I spat stepping up right in her face.

Her jaw dropped tears welling up in her eyes as she pouted at Ryder to help her I just laughed “Boooy are you actually dumb, or is it the fact you’ve bleached your hair so much its effected your brain cells that would explain a lot or maybe your mum dropped you off a cliff now that makes more sense, sorry what I’m trying to say is Ryder doesn’t like you he like me.” I said crossing my arms around my chest.

“I that right babe, tell this hoe she’s wrong.” She said pressing her body up against his “No it’s wrong I don’t like Selena.” Ryder said his face emotionless I could feel tears appear in my eyes as Alexis smirk then Ryder grabs my waist pulling my closer to him. “I’m crazy in love with you.” He said crashing his lips on mine, we pulled apart when the doors slammed shut Alexis leaving the cafeteria.

“Soooooo, what’s with you and Ryder?” Lucy asked sitting down on my bed crossed legged as we both got stuck into the tub of ben and Jerries. “I don’t know he confesses he loves me then disappears for the rest of the day I mean what the fuck. Plus I’m going through weird shit like I can’t explain it but I don’t thinks its human Lucy.” I confessed tears streaming down my face as Lucy grabbed my head puling my into her cradling me like a baby.
I laid down trying to get my breath in sync with my body when it hit me, they’re hiding something from me. Lucy, Debbie, Jake and Ryder and I guess Blake always go out and disappear before coming home acting like nothing even happen.

I sat up crossing my hands raising an eye brow at Lucy “Tell me?” I said she scrunched up her face tilting her head trying to act confused but I know she’s faking it can sense it. “I don’t know what you’re talking about?” Lucy said I got up grabbing my bag putting my things in it Lucy got up trying to stop me I just pushed her away.
“No…I had liars I will not be lied to, until you can tell me the truth I’m done with all of use!” I screamed slamming my door shut walking down stairs I punched three holes in the wall and destroyed the lunge room breaking everything in my path.

I slammed shut the front door walking out into my car speeding off until I came to a park, I cut the engine walking deep into the forest until I came up to an small rocks pools with an water fall and cave type of thing.

I stood there and screamed as loud as I could letting all of my anger out I laid down dipping my feet in the water, I closed my eyes listening to the birds chirping the water hitting the ground, wind blowing against the trees. It just calms me nature I can’t explain it its ahhhhh, my drug.


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