moving to be reunited with her brother, what will happen when Snow starts to discover the secrets that's been kept from her.


4. Trouble

I did the only thing I could think of I ran deeper into the forest I kept on running until I knew the wolf wouldn’t follow me. I ran deeper and deeper until I realised I was lost I caught my breath but forgot what direction I came from. I looked up at the sky to its gone crimson red it will be dark soon, tears streaming down my eyes what if I never see my family again I would be reunited with Sasha.

“YO BLAKE JUMP HIGHER!” I heard a guy scream from the north direction I felt a relief that someone could help me. I started to run in the direction of the guy when I came to a water hole small waterfall thing, I saw this Blake guy jump from a very high rock as he jumped of we made eye contact. I turned my head as he went into the water to see another guy with shaggy brown hair.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing out here?” the shaggy a hired guy asked I rolled my eyes “I got lost, can you help me get out of here and find Black Moore high?” as I mention my high school Black came up and walked over to us water dripping of his very defined abs. “Hmmm I never seen you at school before yet your face rings a bell, have you seen her before Sam?” Black asked studding me I knew he was talking about my brother.

“Jake, I’m Jakes little sister just came here 3 days ago from Australia today was my first day so can you help me or no?” I asked a big smirk came across their face “Sure, anything for my bro lil sister.” Black said I followed them to this massive house not as big as mine but massive when I saw the view of a lake, this place seems really familiar. I ran in front of them to the other side of their place to see a gate them a botanical garden. I saw them came running after me.

“Wow you run fast, oh yeah that’s our neighbour, which reminds me we have to have dinner with them.” He said I looked closer and saw a bush shaped as a wolf my eye lit up in joy.
“Thank you for your help, I can find my way now.” I said walking away when Blake called out “WHERE ARE YOU GOING YOUR LIKE 30 MINUET WALK FROM BLACK MOORE!” He yelled out “ITS OKAY I’LL SEE YOU TONIGHT NABOUR!” I yelled then jumped the fence he looked so shocked I just laughed I saw the back door is open so dad must be home.

I saw blonde hair in the kitchen “HEY DAD I’M HOME!” I yelled but instead of dad Jake’s head popped up “Where did you go, I was worried sick….Fucking hell do you even care on how worried I was Selena!” Jake yelled I was taken back at his outrage it wasn’t my fault.

“Don’t you dare start playing the big brother role Jake, last time I checked you were never there for me when my twin sister dies you were never their when I tried to kill myself or visited when I was in hospital no you were in another country parting with your friend you left us like a coward, why because dad told you the cold hard truth about our slut of a mother. Don’t you dare fucking lecture me when you were never their!” I spat at him I turned to walk away when I saw Lucy, Debbie and Ryder.

I turned around to say one more thing “Don’t you dare walk into my house without permission, Jake you have to earn the right to be family it’s a privilege not an expectation!” I spat at him then ran to my bedroom, I slammed my door shut I connected my phone to my speaker and turned up my music the bass was so loud you could hear my door shake to the beat.

I could hear someone knocking at my door I turned down my music and yelled to come in I saw it was Debbie. She gave me a small smile, I couldn’t help but feel insecure I mean she is so pretty. She sat down on my bed next to me “I know we have never met and I don’t expect you to tell me your life story but I’m here if you need to talk, I have Jake a mouthful trust me no one even knew about you he never spoke about his family, but he does feel guilty you have no idea.” She said I now feel bad I knew I shouldn’t have said that to him I didn’t even mean any of it.

I looked down at my hand “I didn’t mean it I was just so hot head, I wanted to come home and sleep I was stuck in the forest I was nearly killed by a frickin wolf, turns out the extremely hot guy that helped me is my neighbour but everyone keeps telling me to stay away from Ryder but something about him just makes me intrigued that I want to know more why he is the he is why is everyone so scared of him, I want my sister back I want Jake to stay with me I’m scared he’s going to leave I want dad to be happy again, I-I-I just want a happy family again.”

I cried Debbie pulled me into her lap while I just wept letting all of this anger out that I’ve been bottling up.
Another knock came to my door I saw my blonde best friend Lucy took one look at me and ran to my side holding me in her arm. I felt Debbie get up and herd her shut my door “I know everything, you don’t need to talk we will laid here in peace.” Lucy said still cradling me in her arm like I’m the most fragile thing on earth.

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