moving to be reunited with her brother, what will happen when Snow starts to discover the secrets that's been kept from her.


1. The move

I woke up to the sun shining in my eyes, I looked around to see I’m on a white leather coach I rapidly blinked my eyes adjusting my pupils to the lighting in the room. It must be like 6am in the morning, I looked around at my new house my jaw dropping dad and I arrived at like 1 in the morning yesterday so I didn’t get to see anything.

I walked around my house its amazing high ceilings like a massive 3 story house, one side is like a botanical gardens and the other is a lake and forest. Perks of your father being a Brain surgeon I’m not a stuck up little rich bitch I have good grades straight A’s.

I don’t study I have a photographical memory, it haves it perks and downs. I’m 16 years old I have long blonde hair and bright blue eyes tan skin standing about 5’11. Oh and Slim thick exercise is amazing. I used to have depression my brother left home and we just recently got in touch with him one of the reason we moved from Australia to Canada, the other reason is my twin sister dies from brain Cancer my dad did surgery on her he couldn’t save her. We both had depression then got into exercise and it helps I’m off m pills but dad is still on his I used to cut I have 3 massive scars on my right hit to mid-thigh.

I was taken to hospital and got stiches and stayed in hospital from massive loss of blood. I’m type O so surgery was very ricks plus with the loss of blood was even worse, my mother gave birth to my sister and I then she died. She cheated on my dad and they split up 2 weeks after she was pregnant with us we got DNA test were my fathers. Sasha died 6 months ago yes very recent, so lots of people when they find out about my living style judge us, when then don’t know crap. One my left thigh I have her name and dates my brother is Jake he is 19 in his senior year I’m in my second year of high school I skipped a grade but I also do my main subject in senior class, like maths, English, science and History they rest is with the 17 year old.

I walked outside my jaw dropping it’s so beautiful and majestic I could get used to this view every single day. I could hear dad’s footsteps he stood next to me admiring the view he took in a deep breaths and let out a long sigh, I looked at his blonde hair and light blue eyes they’re not as bright as they used to be but it takes time to morn some longer than others.

“You ready to meet Jake today?” dad asked “Yes, it’s been 2 years since I’ve seen him I mean we talk on the phone but it’s not the same you know?” I asked dad he nodded his head dad also feels guilty for Jake leaving they got into a massive fight over mum, I was crying my bedroom Sasha came in and pulled me into a massive hug she was the older twin, she was the older one who looked out for me worried about me help me with everything for 16 years now I have no one.

“Your bedroom is ready you can go upstairs to see it and get ready we have to leave by 8am.” Dad said I found the stairs case and walked up stairs I found a door with my name carved in it Selena. I open my door my jaw dropping its beautiful crème, white, Rose gold and grey. I walked into my walk in wardrobe and pulled out White Lace Blouse with Hollow Design and high waisted flared shorts, with white sandals and a matching white purse. I bobby pined my blonde hair to the side leaving it in its natural curls, its plain but simple not to showy or boring. I put on some bb cream and bronze with light pink lip stick, and some mascara and neutral brown eye shadow. I sprayed my yum-yum MAC candy perfume I walked down stairs to see dad wearing a white button up shirt with light grey skinny jean with black dress shoes. His blonde hair is gelled to the side, his black vintage sunnies covering his blue eyes.

“Ready, well take the Mercedes SLS AMG matte black and gold were meeting Jake at a brunch place in town.” Dad said grabbing his keys waling in the garage full of his cars. I hoped in the passenger seat and pulled out my phone to see several text from Jake I open my messenger. ‘S….S can’t wait to see you at brunch miss you a lot xox Jake’ then another one ‘S do you prefer gold or Rose gold again I forgot?’ I rolled my eyes at Jake he thinks there is no difference they’re both gold ‘Rose gold Jake’ I messaged back I looked out of the window to see groups of people walking the streets. Quite a few people were staring at dad’s car somewhere to buzzy on their phones to notice anything, we pulled up at this cute little café.

I could see Jake through the window sitting at a 3 person table tapping his foot on the ground he looked at the window at the car studying to see if its dad. Dad and I got out of the car I saw the biggest smile on my brother’s face he ran to the door opening it for me. I walked in and took a seat at the table Jake hair still golden blonde and his blue eyes brighter than ever. “I missed you so much Selena, I can’t wait to show you to my friends at school tomorrow, I missed you to Dad.” Jake said we spend hours talking about everything Jake has a girlfriend name Chloe from what he is saying she is very impressive.

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