moving to be reunited with her brother, what will happen when Snow starts to discover the secrets that's been kept from her.


2. School

Dad phone started to go off he took it I knew it was work “I assume he’s a workaholic still Jake asked I nodded my head “Yeah but its fine it keeps his mind off Sasha, I mean we have both came good since the innocent.” I said Jake scrunched up his nose in confusion my eyes went wide dad never told him.

“What happen Selena what did dad do?” Jake asked his voice going really deep making the ground vibrate. “Dad didn’t do anything I suffered severe from depression I started to do suicide cuts on my right thigh went to hospital from lack of blood and got stiches up but I’m fine now.” I said I looked up to tears streaming down Jakes face.

“Can I please see?” he asked his voice soften I pulled out my phone and went through my camera role until I found the photo after the surgery. He grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes “Promise me you will never do this to your body ever again!” He said his voice serious “I promise.” I said dad came back in I knew he knew what just happen.

“It’s 5:30pm we have to leave Jake love you see you soon.” Dad said pulling Jake into a bone crushing hug which he gladly returned. “Love you Jake.” I said hugging him “Love you sis remember talk if you need to.” He said kissing my forehead I got into the car looking out the window I closed my eyes my eyelids getting even heavier. “SELENA GET UP YOU HAVE TO GET READY FOR SCHOOL!” Dad yelled from outside of my door, I rubbed my eyes looking around to see I’m in my bedroom.

I don’t remember going home or walking here when a knock came to my door I mumbled a come in to see dad with a tray of vanilla yoghurt and fruit salad with my coconut coffee. “You fell asleep in the car, I took you to bed it’s about 7:30 we have to be at your new school at 8:30 for your meeting with the principal, so eat up and get ready honey.” Dad said kissing my forehead placing the tray of food on my lap as I sat up in bed I grabbed the remote and turned on the speaker so I played my music while I eat and get changed.

I took a quick shower I grabbed out a grey high neck cotton crop top with black high waisted ripped skinny jeans, and my black high top converse, and my white cardigan. I sprayed on my perfume and walked own stairs to see dad wearing a black skin tight shirt with white ripped jeans and black dress shoes and his black sunnies.
“Ready for school?” dad asked a smile on his face I took in a sigh

“A little nervous but I think I’ll be fine.” I said truthfully he pulled me into a hug kissing my forehead “That’s my girl.” Dad said I walked outside to see were taking the same car as yesterday. The merceries sls I hoped in the passenger seat as dad drove off to school, it isn’t that far away from out place like a 10 minute drive.

I could see so many teens sitting on the bonnets of their cars in the car park, from the lights when I spotted Jake, dam da boy he on a matt black lamboghnie avatar 2017 model. There is this one girl sitting in his lap she has almost black hair and chocolate brown eyes she is beautiful she must be Debbie. I notice one guy in particle he has light brown hair and a defined jaw line standing about 6’3 ripped as fuck I mean holy shit.

We pulled into the car park, everyone stopped and stared I saw Jakes face light up he jumped off the car placing Debbie down and ran over to us. I got out of the car and ran to him jumping into a hug he spun me around a few times then put me down. He took a step back looked me up and down

“Dam my lil sis coming here to slay.” He said I laughed and slapped him chest playfully, when he pulled me into a head lock ruffling me hair.
I wrapped my leg around his and pinched a nerve in his should he fell back I just caught him and pinned him to the ground. “Nice try bib bro, I guess I’m the stronger sibling.” I whisper he was about to pulled me down when I felt the presence of my father. “You two stop goofing around Jake she has a meeting them you two can fight as much as you two want.”

Dad said grabbing my arm dragging me inside the school down the halls until we found the office. I sat down on a grey chair while a dad spoke to a lady, then another guy came with a badge saying Mr Smith principal. “Kyle and Selena please come into my office!” Mr Smith said I followed behind dad as we walking his office its massive wooden office with stuffed animal head pretty creepy actually.

“So I see you have an older brother who attends black Moore high, I expect you to be well behaved at all-time but from all of your records I can see you won’t be a hassle but please Ryder Black stay away from him he isn’t a very good influence, that’s about it nice meeting you I’ll talk with your father more you can attend you class now.” Sir said showing me off what the fuck he is such a dick.

I pulled out my phone to see I have maths first with my brother at least I’m with someone I know, I was walking to the math room when I bumped into someone we both fell down. I looked up to see a girl with long blonde hair blue eyes and a noise piercing she is really pretty no makeup but some black wing eye liner.

“Shit sorry, oh you’re the new girl, ummm Selena yeah are you really Jakes younger sister?” she asked like a fan girl man gossip does around really quickly here.

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