moving to be reunited with her brother, what will happen when Snow starts to discover the secrets that's been kept from her.



“Why does everything have to be so confusing?” I ask Mother Nature knowing she won’t reply back to me, I sigh chucking a rock into the lagoon I guess that’s what you would call it. “Honey not everything will make sense, remember the storm will come to clear the path.” A faint whisper brushes pass my ear like it was carried through the wind.

I don’t know but that voice completely calmed me down letting my body finally relax, but curious I want to know more about the secrets that Debbie, Lucy, Jake and Ryder are hiding from me. I mean the boys always leave early in the morning, but sneak out late at night when they think I’m asleep.

Ryder always had fresh cuts and bruises on his body almost every day a gang……HOLY FUCKING SHIT THEY COULD BE IN A GANG! I pace around the forest thinking about what I just discovered, after about an hour I knew what I have to do.

They all probably think I’m too innocent and can’t handle shit so they hide it from me protecting me like I’m a baby. But if I show them I’m not a baby they will tell me maybe even let me join, I walk out of the forest which that place is my new think out place kind of like a hideout but more for thinking.
I finally reach my car my old ancient 2000 Jeep Wrangler model, two thinks I’m doing tonight giving myself a makeover and my car…………………………………………………….Four hours later……………………………


My hair went from Barbie blonde to brown with honey blonde and platinum blonde high lights and perm curly going all the way down to my waist, and to be honest I look great with curly hair. My car I gave it away and bought a Jeep Wrangler 2018 model glossy black with massive tires and head lights it looks fucking sexy.

I got a rose tattoo behind my ear another rose on my mid-thigh to hips and ass, I got myself a silver bar for my tongue, yes I got it done ages ago, a silver small nose ring. My industrial done on my right ear and helix ring on my left and triax, with my first seconds and thirds.

I check my phone to see it’s 9:30 with 10 miss calls from Jake, 7 from Lucy 11 from Debbie and 55 from Ryder….I roll my yes now he wants to talk huh, now he knows what it’s like for someone to disappear for hours without telling them whenever they like.

I pull up in the drive way to see the house lights on and all cars in the driveway I guess everyone is home for now. I get out of my car and insteadly see Debbie, Jake, Ryder and Lucy rush outside they all stand with confused faces since they have never seen my new car before but you can only get in through the gates is if your finger print is on the lock.

I get out of my car just as I do everyone’s jaw drops is complete shock I mean with the hair and piercing and tattoos, I would be shocked I don’t look like paradise barbie but more so sexy hot badass barbie.
“I was out chill.” I say on a monotone voice as I walk pass everyone when Jake grabs my wrist so tight I could feel the bruising. “You do not get to come here and say you were out everyone was worried sick about you Selena and then you rock up a completely different person dyed and curled your hair got tattoos and piercing!” Jake screams furiously clenching my wrist harder.

‘One let me the fuck go before I break your fucking arm!” I scream pushing Jake back with all my fore but instead send him flying into the concrete wall I could smell the blood dripping from his head but I knew he’s okay.
“Two, I do get to leave and come home whenever the fuck I want…If all ya little bitches get to keep secrets from me leave at 11 at night when you think I’m asleep and come back home at 4 in the morning, with a shit load of cuts and bruises and pretend like nothing happened…..Talking about pretending like nothing even happen, you also don’t get the right to fuck around with my feeling and then leave me like nothing even happen okay good, so until your all ready to tell me what the fuck you’re doing I don’t have to tell you shit!”

I scream letting the last bit of anger that was inside me then walking pass everyone making sure I bump my shoulder into Ryder’s chest as I walk inside the house. Up the stair case down the hall into my bedroom slamming the door shut making sure everyone knows to back the fuck off.

I walk into my bathroom shutting the door stripping down getting into my shower washing the filth off my body, then drying myself clean putting on my Black bralet and Pink black velvet booty shorts with my thigh high grey wool socks with a matching XXXL knitted jumper just covering my ass.

I grab my massive gold circle frame glasses and How to kill a mocking bird book opening the window on my window bay letting cool night air hit my face as I sit down and read peacefully. After a good 45 minutes into the book I could hear a quiet knock at my door, I know it’s Jake just something inside me is telling me to let him in.
“Come in.” I say just above a whisper putting my book down as my door opens and closes but I’m too shameful to look up now that the guilt is starting to sink in.

“I’m sorry Selena……I didn’t know that’s how you felt that I let you down like that.” Jake begins I go to interrupt him but she stops me before I could say a word. “No Selena, you need to hear me I let you down, as your friend and your brother I promised that I would look after you, be there for you when you needed me that most, help you through bullshit drama at school or with boys and I didn’t. Honestly I never thought you would notice all the sly secrets I’ve been keeping from you, me sneaking out at night coming home completely beaten up, and I’m so sorry.”

After Jake left my room I couldn't help but feel bad about everything I mean was I over reacting or is my life really this fucked up? But for now I really just need some sleep I mean who know what Mother Nature has installed for me tomorrow.

I get into my bed flicking my lights off moving around trying to find a comfy sleeping position after about 10 minutes. My body finally relaxes my eyes lips start to get heavy just as I'm about to dose off into sleep world, two warm rock solid arms wrap themselves around my waist. Knowing from the intoxicating mint and chocolate scent I know its Ryder something in me is telling myself to crawl up into his chest and let him in. But another part of me want to roll on top of his perfect torso ripped 8 pack and mouth-watering V line and rip the little mother fucker apart limb by limb.

I immediately sit up turning my bedside lamp on waiting for my eyes to adjust to the light only to see a messy hair red shot eyed, red puffy faced Ryder who looks like he's been balling his eyes out crying or this kid is baked AF. "What do you want, if you don't remember Ryder I said you're not to fuck around with me anymore?" I tell him grabbing my glasses putting them on so I could see his face better. "I-I-I was so scared S-S-Selena I didn't know w-w-where you were or what happen to you, I thought I lost you a-a-a-"

"Don't Ryder okay...Just don't after all this fucked up flirting weird fucking relationship you tell me infant of the whole school you're in love with me. 5 minuted later your nowhere to be seen you think just because I have feelings for you I'm going to drop everything get down on my knees obeying to your every need. Your dead wrong you want me you earn me, now get out of my room before I make you." I tell him trying to hard not to ball my eyes out crying into his chest and forgive him.

"I-I-I do love you Selena, I-I-I'll make it up to you baby I-I-I promise." Ryder states calmly stuttering as he let a few stray tears run down his face as he walks away to my door shutting it finally leaving me all alone. That night was the first night since Sasha's death I felt completely nothing its like my whole body was numb."Selena wake up." The voice of my best friend whispers into my ear then the smell of hash browns covered in maple syrup, freshly cut mango avocado with lemon sauce on crumpets and nice hot mocca.
 "I'm sorry I let you down one as your friend and two as your family I promise to never lie to you again and always have your back." Lucy stated them pushed the plates of break infant of me and my coffee, I look at Lucy then at my food damm this bitch knows me well.

"Fine, fine I forgive you dam girl you know me way to well come on be both know I could finish all of this by myself but I'll definitely throw up do let dig in." I say patting next to me with in seconds Lucy's fat ass is sitting in shoving our faces with food. "Okay, okay so spill what the fuck happen between you and Ryder because I've never seen him cry or this emotional since well you know the kidnapping." Lucy asks me sitting on my toilet as I sit in the shower shaving my legs don't worry everything is blurred out in the mirror.

"Honestly I told him he want me he works for me, I won't be fucking toyed with that and I'm so fucking confused L. I mean one part of me is saying make fucking abates with him, another is like tear the little fucker to pieces and another is like I want space and honestly I don't know what the fuck is going on with me Lucy."
"I know exactly what you mean its all part of the bonding proce-" Lucy started but completely cut herself off meaning she saying something that's a secret. "Lucy remember about his morning no more secrets what the fuck is the bonding process?" I ask rinsing off my body wrapping my towel around my body getting out of the shower.

"Okay I promise no more secret but I'll explain something’s to you but something’s I can't tell you until the time is right you have to trust me okay?" Lucy ask's/ begs me I know she is trying so I'll try and make things easier on her. "Are use's apart of a gang?" I ask straight forward cutting around the bullshit, that’s when a smile came onto Lucy's face.

"yes I mean no, I mean okay yes were a part of a gang but it's a special gang kind of nothing is really illegal kind of, so with this gang some weird shit happens like you and Ryder you two have this type of bond that no one else could ever have with you or him making you get all these different emotions. But go with your gut feeling or that little voice inside your head that’s all I can say right now." How the fuck did she know about the voice the one I heard at the secret hide out, but I'm going to respect Lucy's wish and let her tell me one thing at a time that and I think I'll explode if I need to compute anymore information like my brother is in a fucking gang so is my best friend, so is my what ever Ryder is and so is Debbie!?

Like I totally fucking called it I mean holy shit does that mean I'm a part of the gang to, what’s it called who is the gang leader, are their other gangs nearby will are then friends or foes like HOLD MOTHER FUCKING SHIT BALLS!


Hey guys hope you like this update, the beautiful girl who have recently commented on my book you know who you are just mad me fell so FUCKING AMAZING AND HAPPY....So I thought hey fuck work tomorrow I'll stay up a little later and update another chapter, I mean that is why a godly person make coffee right.

I hope you all enjoy this chapter, and if anyone of you is feeling about confused about the story plot line or the characters please message me some questions and I'll do a bit of a Q and A for uses......My email is please message me what were you want to know about Secrets and I'll update soon this next week.

Love you all Baby E xoxox



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