moving to be reunited with her brother, what will happen when Snow starts to discover the secrets that's been kept from her.


3. Forest

“Yeah I am I have math in room 201, can you show me where it is?” I asked her she looked quite surprised “First it this way, I thought you were 16, in soft more year still.” She said embarrassed “I am but in my main subjects I’m with the seniors I don’t know if they are moving me up to a senior or what the principal is a dick, so what your name?” I asked her rambling on I do that a lot when I’m nervous.

“Smart too, I’m Lucy senior I have a brother Ryder he’s a senior too he is a bit out their but is Jakes best friend.” She said rolling her eyes great my brother is one of those fuck boys dicks if he is he is having a very good talking to. “Great, I guess Jake is a complete fuck boy!”

I sighed Lucy laughed at this “No, not really he gets a lot of girl but he has only had sex once and that’s with Debbie they have been together for about 2 years now when he first moved here, Ryder is more the fuck boy stay away, or ignore him he is so up himself it’s not funny.” We both laughed when we finally reached our class.
 “Hey Sir sorry where late.”

Lucy said walking right in I just followed behind her when I made eye contact with Jake I saw Debbie sitting on his left and the guy from earlier on his left. “Excuse me you can’t just walk into my class detention both of you!” he yelled I turned around I have never gotton a detention and never will, I saw Jake tense up we made eye contact then he nodded his head.

“Detention, I’m sorry but no first this is s my first day of school I just came from a meeting with the principal, second Lucy was showing me to my class, and I don’t think the principal would be happy to hear this Selena Black Rose daughter of Kyle black Rose, who donated 10,000 to this school to help with education. So if I was you I will think very long and hard about this detention, for they rest of the lesson trust me I’m not someone you want to mess with sir.” I said he looked so taken back but I knew he knew I was right.

He mumbled a few words under his breath “Make this a warning you two next time you will have a detention.” He spat then container to read his book “You are my new best friend!” Debbie said pulling me into a seat in front of my brother and his friends a guy sitting in front of us turned around he has light brown hair and green eyes. “Just like your brother, good in a argument but when it comes to brain not so much daddy can only get you so far.” He spat at me giving us our setts Debbie just put up her finger. When I had a tap at my shoulder I turned around to see Jake with a clenched jaw.

“What the fuck did Jason say to you?” he spat loud enough for the whole world to hear “Nothing it find.” I said turning around “Listen here Jason you ever talk to my baby sister like that and it will be the last time you ever fucking speak, unlike you piece of shit who has no social like and spend its studding hours after school just to keep up with the work my baby sister is 16 and is already doing senior work so shut the fuck up.” He spat I rolled my eyes at my brother that was so unnecessary.

After about 10 minutes I finished every single work sheet I have already done this assignment last year so it will be an easy A. I looked out at Debbie to see she is done to “She smart, who knew two sexy blonde would be so smart?” I whispered to her she looked at me and pissed herself laughing.

The bell rang indicating its lunch time finally we got up and went to leave when someone grabbed my hand I turned around to my shock it was Ryder, yep Ryder is the hot guy. “Sassy and smart I wonder what other secrets your hiding?” he said the biggest smirk on his face, when I thought about the reason why we moved here I could fell the tears building up in my eyes.

“Sorry I have to go.” I said turning around when Jake called my name I knew if I stayed I would break down and I will never let myself become that vulnerable ever again. I ran off in a sprint I ran as fast as my legs could take me I didn’t know where I was going I was too busy wiping away my tears. I finally stopped to take a breath I fell to the ground trying to catch my breath.

I looked around to see I wasn’t even in the school ground, my it felt like the air was right in front of me I took deep breaths but nothing was happening no air came to my lungs. I gripped the ground and closed my eyes thinking about Sasha, I felt my chest slow down air finally coming into my lungs. I stood up looking around to see I’m in a forest near a lake. When I heard something rustle in the bushed I turned around my heart beat picking up, I looked around to see a big pointy stick I picked it up.

To see it’s only a puppy dog, what the hell is a puppy dog doing out here, I crouched onto my knees to see if it would come to me. He is light brown his neon blue eyes I took a better look at him realising he a baby wolf, I eye went wide where there is a baby is a. “GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.” I turned around to see a big black wolf its massive bigger than any other I have ever seen, who am I kidding I’ve never seen a wolf.

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