moving to be reunited with her brother, what will happen when Snow starts to discover the secrets that's been kept from her.


5. Dinnner

I sat up and looked at her “My parents died in a car crash, when I was 5 we moved here to live with my Uncle my brother was in the car with them. He had to watch them burn to death while they screamed for his help but he was 5 he couldn’t do anything. Last year I was walking through the forest for some air I didn’t know my little cousin was following me, I had to watch him be eaten alive by a savage wolf.

Ryder was kidnapped 1 year ago and brutally bashed he just came back 6months ago, he refuse to tell anyone what happen, so he it out by sleeping around and being a dick by breaking the rules, he only dose it so no one can see his pain.” Lucy said tears streaming down her face I thought my life was fucked up.
I pulled Lucy into a hug we both just comfort each other

“If I-“ Lucy said when Jake walked in she looked up and walked out but kissed my forehead, he looked at the ground and sat next to me on the bed. “I’m sorry I-“ but he cut me of “No everything you said was true a bit harsh but true, I was a coward but trust me Selena I promise to always be here for you I tried to push away Sasha. Pretend nothing even happen but it did happen she is gone and I wasn’t there to protect you or here but I’m here now and I’m sorry I shouldn’t have went off at you. It’s just in that forest their aren’t very nice things Selena this town had a lot of secrets.” He said I just pulled him into a hug.

“It’s okay Jake I forgive you.” I said when my phone went off I looked at caller ID to see its dad “Hey dad when are you coming home it’s like 7:30am.” I asked he sighed I knew something was wrong “I have to go away for a while on a business trip its only for a year but your brother will be here, oh and next door is coming over for dinner love you bye.” He said then hung up I looked at my phone “He going away for a year on a business trip and just hung up on me next door is coming over for dinner to.” I said shocked at my father he has never done this before.
“It’s okay Selena, you get ready while the other and I make dinner.” Others “Is Debbie, Lucy and Ryder staying with us?” I asked Jake just left with a smirk on his face oh my god yesss.

I went through my wardrobe and pulled out my white high waisted shorts, and a white long sleeve lace shirt. I tied up my hair in a ponytail. I decided I looked good I walked down stars to see everyone sitting in the lunge room waiting for our guest.

“So when is Bake getting here?” I asked they all turned their head not saying a word I made eye contact with Ryder, when I was broke out of consecration the doorbell. Jake got up and got the door “How do you know Blake?” Ryder asked “I got lost in the forest he helped me find my way out.” I said when I heard talking I guess I should go out.

I walked out to the dining room to see Blake, Sam and their parents “You must be the famous Selena, gosh aren’t you a looker.” Their mum said pulling me into a hug when she was finished I shook their dad’s hand. “I’ll go and get the food.” Jake said “We’ll go help you out.” Rose and Greg said following him into the kitchen. “Who knew I have such a sexy neighbour.” I gave him if you keep talking I’ll cut of your balls look.
“Keep you dick in your pants Blake.” Ryder said coming in and did this bro hug thing, followed by Debbie and Lucy.

I saw Blake’s eyes light up when Lucy walked in the little fucker like her, I looked at Lucy to see she is blushing like hell. “So you never told my brother and me why you were so far out in the forest?” Sam asked “I was going for a relaxing walk when I was nearly robbed by a bunch of unicorns so I started to run away before they turned me into a rainbow.” I said everyone gave me your fucking crazy look.

Were currently sitting at the dinner table in awkward silence the only entertaining thing that’s happening is, the boys always spilling their water. “So, Selena what do you aspire to be when your older?” Greg asked I thought for a little bit “Architect to have my own beauty line and clothing, super model then become a billion air and go traveling with my husband and I plane to do this all before the age of 30.” Even my brother was shocked.

“You want to get married before 22 basically?” Blake asked the biggest smirk on his stupid face “Yes I do.” I stated “So basically you will be engaged in high school since you only 16.” He stated that’s when I got the biggest smirk on my face. “Nope I’m a senior skipped two grades, and I do university work.” I said ha the bitch didn’t see that coming.

I shut the door letting out a long sigh sliding down on the ground “I swear to god, if I have to talk to that little fucker any longer I would have killed him.” I told myself when I heard a very low and deep laugh, I looked to see Ryder sitting down next to me. “I don’t think my little sis will be happy you want to kill her crush.” He pouted, I just poked out my tongue.

“So you really want to get married at 22 years of age I mean don’t you think you’ll be too young?” To my surprise he was actually interested I nodded my head I’ve always wanted to get married young. I got up realising it like 10 and I have sports tomorrow, I ran right into Ryder my body slamming against his.

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