moving to be reunited with her brother, what will happen when Snow starts to discover the secrets that's been kept from her.


7. Coutining the dinner chapter

(Selena and Ryder dancing pic above)

He let out a small laugh sitting down next to me. “What you find it funny?” I said thinking it’s dumb that he even cared only wanted to fuck around with me like everyone else.
“No, it’s just I’ve never met anyone like you before that’s all.” He said as I heard Lucy yelling at Jake and Debbie, I got up with in seconds running into the kitchen, I covered my eyes in discuss they were basically naked. “GET A ROOM YOU TOO…NOW!” Ryder yelled but gave Jake a fist bump as they walked well ran upstairs for me to only shiver in discuss.

When my favourite song came on the radio I turned the volume up full bull, I started to sway my hips spinning around in circles around the kitchen. Sing to Cody “ALL THE GIRLS I LOOK AT BUT YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE ON MY MIND LA DE DE LA DE DO, THERE ONLY ME THERE ONLY YOU!” I sang at the top of my lungs I felt Ryder grab my hips swaying them to the music.

I turned around holding his hands dancing around the kitchen with him like an idiot around the place then Cake by flo rider came on. “CCCAAAKKKKEEEE!” We screamed to the music I started to dance my routine I had to do for nationals, while Ryder sat in the island watching me singing to the lyrics with a wooden spoon.

He got off grabbing my hips around moving them to the beat singing to me “I CAME TO LEAVE WITH SOMEBODY!” I sang to him smiling like crazy, I wrapped my arms around his neck moving to the beat with him “I didn’t come here to party.” He sang “I didn’t come here to stay!” I said joining in with him, we danced in the kitchen for hours.

I stopped sitting in the sing eating chocolate ice cream with Ryder when bad things came on “this is my shit!” I said to him I sang to the song as Ryder rapped when it finished I got out of the sink, walking up stairs to my bedroom with Ryder following behind. “You know I didn’t think hard core is your kink?” He said with an smirk I slammed the door shut in him face “DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER BABE!” I yelled through the door he laughed.

“Good night sugar.” He sang down the hall I raised my eye brow sugar? ‘GOOD NIGHT MR BADBOY!” I yelled back out, I walked over to my bed laying down with a massive goofy smile on my face I’ve never had this much fun since Sasha was alive. I could feel my eye lids getting heavier by the second eventually then shut close letting the darkness take over.

“NOOOOOOOOO!” I screamed jolting awake, I looked around my room franticly my whole body drenched in sweat as I tried to getting my breathing level. I pulled my knees to my chest crying when my door swang open to revel Ryder, he ran to me pulling me into a hug he didn’t ask what’s wrong just hugged me letting me know I’m safe.

“I’m fine, it was just a bad dream.” I said getting up walking out on my balcony, letting the fresh breeze cool down my body. “Don’t lie to me, I’m not an idiot I won’t pressure you to talk about it but I’m not leaving you alone.” He said standing next to me looking out into the forest, something about it just makes me feel free like something is trapped inside walking to escape and be free.

Ryder stood next to me looking out into the distance, I thought to only see him staring at me intensely. “What are you thinking about?” he asked softy so only I could hear him.
“The forest, I don’t care how crazy I sound but it’s like there’s something inside me wanting to be unleashed and run into the forest and be free, like a beast being chain up in a cage wanting to go outside and be free.” I said shaking my head realising how stupid I sound right now.

“You don’t sound stupid.” He said I shook my head I’m hearing things my phone lit up then my alarm went off indicating I should wake up, I let out a long sigh. “Thank you.” I said to Ryder then walked into my bathroom, shutting the door striping down getting into the warm water.

I got out putting on my black mesh tights and matching sports bra with an grey fitting crop top with my grey Nike runners, I tied my hair up into two Dutch braids then applied some lip balm. I got into my car pulling up at school Lucy is out for the day with Blake. I got out to see Ryder, Alex and Xavier chilling out at his car checking out the composition.

I heard his voice I turned around looking into his eyes across the car park, he didn’t recognise me I could fell tears burning up in my eyes with the mixture of anger. He sopped sucking off the blonde slut’s face he looked at me his jaw dropping.

He got up but I just ran into the school to my locker I put everything away getting out my sport bag since I have sports all day today. The halls went silent as Ryder and his gang enters he stops at me staring deep into my eyes, his hand went to my chin lifting up my face. “Who do I have to beat?” He asked deadly serious, I just shook my head closing my locker.

I walked away to only be pinned to a locker to see Ryder eyes going black “Who did this to you.” He demanded squeezing my waist harder as my eyes roll to the back of my head as the sparks fly across my body. “I-I-I.” I shudders trying to talk but nothing came out I needed more of it, I craved it like an addiction a drug that feeling is my body needs.

“Same old hoe.” That brought me out of my trans I pushed Ryder off me to see Chris “What the fuck did you say.” I said pinning him to the wall by his throat he held my hands gasping for air I threw his body on the ground. “Get the fuck out of here, after what you did to Sasha, never come near me I will kill you.” I scream then kicked him in the face then left leaving everyone shocked and stunned.

I walked off toward the gym getting ready putting everything away in the girls change rooms I closed my locker in frustration. I turned to see Ryder staring at my whole body hungrily making me go weak in the knees, when I scroll at myself for acting so whipped in front of him I look up to see his smirk getting bigger.

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