Night-Time Parade!


1. The arrival

Opal Hops. A wannabe performer promenaded through a seemingly endless forest. Being a tourist here in the UK has been quite a threat to her journey to find an eclipsed circus, for the freakiest of freaks around! Opal was currently hiding something from the public as it could potentially ruin her life if it was exposed around the normals. As her last name implies she is a bunny rabbit! The circus however accepted the unnatural with open arms, or so they say. Opal was incredibly determined to find this place! If it even existed. They say that before the circus was built the place was an insane asylum. Home to the freakiest of freaks.

Opal walked throughout the woods until she stumbled upon a rusty silver gate with engraved swirly patterns coating the inside with 'Night Time Parade' Plated above the gate in bold writing. As Opal stared in awe she reached a blue hand out to brush against the gate's textured material. The gate slowly opened from her hand. Her hand jolting back in fear as she thought she did something wrong, the wind pushing open the seemingly old gate naturally. Opal was flabbergasted by the fact that she randomly encountered the circus she had been dreaming of since a child had finally come to her. She squealed in excitement and jumped up and down, keeping her hat down on her head.

Opal quickly hurried into the circus' grounds, looking around with a bright, toothy grin. She sighed happily and adjusted her gloves, clenching a hand into a fist

"They say all the freaks end up in the circus And Opal I guess you're a freak! Quite so"! She giggled to herself in absolute thrill! Opal quickly fell silent as she heard something from around the area, jolting and looking around in fear "Ah! I heard something! I swear I did"! She glanced around and squinted at a variety of different triangular shaped objects "Ah! It's a tent.. I hope I don't get caught..." She whispered to herself, quietly sneaking to the tent, holding a piece of the coloured fabric to peak inside.

She then decided to go into the mysterious tent out of pure curiosity.

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