IS: Second Year

It's a new year for Ichika Orimura, the only male in the world to ever pilot an IS. His first year of attending the IS Academy was too much for Orimura as he is the only male to ever attend, over the year he has faced many corners and caused a little bit of mischief. Never the less, he is once again on a year with his friends going full out as they will come across some more people some new occurences and potentially, some havoc.

Please note that when reading this, this is in the form of what I had hoped to be so don't make fun of it... accept it.


1. An Old Face

It's the second year for Ichika Orimura, the only male student in the IS Academy. Today, he is preparing for the first day in the second year with him, along with his friends moving into a new mentor class... until something unexpected happens.

Feb 1, 8:30 AM:

Ichika: Jeez, it's already the second year of me attending the IS Academy, god I have to wear this new uniform. Buut it doesn't look or feel that bad.

*knock* *knock* *knock*

Chifuyu: Hey Ichika, are you in there?

Ichika: Yes, I'm here, let me get the door for you.

Chifuyu: Thanks, now listen up. There's a new student coming to your class this year and I want you to show them around. Oh and don't worry, the student is a male like yourself.

Ichika: Oh okay, sure.

Chifuyu: His name is Kenji Wakutomo. Does that ring a bell?

Ichika: Jin? Yeah, I haven't seen him in ages.

Chifuyu: Jin? Is that Kenji's nickname?

*Ichika nods his head*

Chifuyu: Okay, well aside from that, show him around the campus and he will be coming to your dorm so make him feel welcome. Oh and by the way.

Ichika: Yes sis?

Chifuyu: Class starts in about 1 hour so that will give you a decent amount of time to let Kenji take a look around the Academy campus. Other than that, good luck and thanks again.

Ichika: Uh yeah sure, your welcome.

Chifuyu: Great, I'll be counting on you.

*10 minutes later...*

Feb 1, 8:40 AM

Kenji: This must be my room, 1025.

*door opens*

Ichika: Yo Jin, how's it going?

Kenji: Doin great Ike, how are you?

Ichika: About the same. You can put your stuff on your bed for now, get changed and I'll show you around the campus before class starts.

Kenji: Okay, sweet. I'll be done in about 5-10 minutes so yeah, I'll be out in a bit.

Ichika: Okay, take your time. And you know what?

Kenji: What?

Ichika: It's good to have another guy come here, it's been a pain for me.

Kenji: Yeah, I can tell. And don't worry, I'll try not to act like a show off.

Ichika: You haven't changed a bit.

Kenji: Neither have you.

Ichika: Yeah, well I'll just wait here.

Kenji: Okay, thanks.

Feb 1, 8:55 AM

*Kenji walks out fully dressed*

Kenji: Yo, I'm done.

Ichika: Alright, do you want me to show you around?

Kenji: Yeah, sure.

Ichika: Okay, oh and uh get your stuff ready and bring your bag with you.

Kenji: Sure.

*Both walk out of dorm 1025*

Ichika: Okay, as you know, this is the main corridor where our dorms and everyone else's dorms are. Just to be sure, our dorm number is 1025. Got it?

Kenji: Yeah, I got it.

Ichika: Okay, so if you follow me here, we're walking straight towards the cafeteria..... *both Ichika and Kenji walk and talk around the Academy campus*

Feb 1, 9:05 AM

Meanwhile... Cecilia, Laura, Rin, Houki & Charlotte look around the corner together and spot Ichika with Kenji, with Rin and Houki knowing who he is.

Cecilia: Hey uh girls, do you know who Ichika is talking to?

Laura: No

Charlotte: No

Rin and Houki: Nope, never seen him before.

Cecilia: Well I guess we'll find out ourselves, let's go.

All 4: Right!

*All 5 girls walk up to both Ichika and Kenji who were in for a very interesting conversation*

Rin: Hey Ichika!

Ichika: Oh hey Ri.... um hey girls. What are you all doing?

Cecila: Well um...

Houki: Just coming here talking to you

*All look at Kenji*

Houki: Anyway, who is this guy?

Ichika: A new student here at the IS Academy, I'll let him introduce himself.

Kenji: Jeez, thanks Ike. Anyway, good morning to you ladies, I am Kenji Wakutomo. An old friend of Ichika's.

Rin: No wonder why you look familiar. Thats what me and Houki were thinking.

Kenji: R..Rin? Is that you?

Rin: Yeah, it's nice to see you again Jin.

Kenji: Same to you Rin, and uh hey Houki.

Houki: Hey Kenji, I'm actually suprised you even got into this school.

Kenji: Yeah, as weird as this sounds, the reason why I'm here is similar to Ike's. I was looking for him in the City's centre. And I happened to see Ichika go in, so I waited for him and check for myself.

Ichika: Yeah, I did remember you yelling out my name back there. But yeah, it's nice to have another guy in a school like this.

Kenji: Yeah, I can tell. Well ladies, you excuse us, we'll be heading off to class now. See you then.

Rin: Well okay then, bye.

Cecilia: Bye

Laura: Bye

Charlotte: Bye

Houki: Bye

*All wave to each other*

Feb 1, 9:28 AM

Ichika: So this is our classroom, I'll take my seat but you on the other hand, have to wait for the teacher to let you in.

Kenji: That sounds a bit sketchy Ike, but okay.

Ichika: Yeah, I'll see you in about 2-3 minutes.

Kenji: Yeah, see you in a bit.

*Bell rings*

Feb 1, 9:30 AM

Miss Haruko: Good Morning class 2.1! I am your mentor teacher for this year. My name is Miss Haruko.

All students: Good morning Miss Haruko!

Miss Haruko: Okay class, today we have a new student who has transferred over to this school. Okay Wakutomo, you can come in now.

Kenji: Thanks Miss.

*All eyes from the girls go from Ichika to Kenji*

Kenji: Good morning everyone, I am Kenji Wakutomo. Before I transferred to this school, I was a professional basketball player and I was a student of Satoshi Nakzo's Martial Arts school.... That is all!

Miss Haruko: Very interesting Mr Wakutomo, please take a seat as we start class.

Kenji: Yes Miss but um, where is my seat?

Miss Haruko: It's all the way at the back row, on your left.

Kenji: Behind Miss Yuuki?

Miss Haruko: Yep, that's about right. Is there a problem?

Kenji: No, there's no problem with that. I'll take my seat.

Miss Haruko: Okay, good. Now today, we will be discussing on some particular features on the IS Units that will assist you when in combat. For example this.......

*Miss Haruko continues talking as Kenji walks to his seat. Then he senses something about to hit him. He steps aside to dodge it, then catches the object*

Kenji: What the, a ball? Who in their right mind tried to hit me with this ball?

*Kenji looks around, with no one responsible enough to admit it.*

Kenji: Did anyone see who threw this ball?

Cecilia: I think uh...

Charlotte: Over there, by the door.

Kenji: Hey, you there! Just what do you think you were trying to do?

Mysterious Girl: I was trying to hit you, but I didn't think you'd dodge it.

*Starts to run*

Ichika: What the, hey! Get back here!

Kenji: Ichika, forget about her. Just sit down and focus on the task at hand. No need for people like her to draw attention and disctract us from our education. You know this already don't you?

Ichika: Yeah, I guess you're right. We'll talk to her later.

*Both Kenji and Ichika go back to their seats*

2 Hours Later...

Feb 1, 11:30 AM

Miss Haruko: Okay, class dismissed. And remember to write down notes for your essays due on Thursday.

All students: Yes Miss!

*Bell rings*

A group of girls along with Yuuki whispering: 1: Did you see that? Kenji dodged and caught the ball that was about to hit him! 2: Yeah, we all saw it, his reflexes are good! 3: Yeah, no wonder why he does martial arts. Yuuki: Yeah, he sure is amazing.

Kenji: Hey Ichika, it's lunch time right?

Ichika: Yeah.

Kenji: It goes for an hour right? I say that we should eat first, then find that girl who threw that ball at me.

Ichika: You're still annoyed about that?

Kenji: Well, a little bit. I just want to know why she tried to hit me in the back.

Ichika: Well, we'll find out soon enough.

Kenji: Yeah...

Feb 1, 11:37 AM

*Kenji and Ichika are eating lunch, so a conversation starts going between them*

Kenji: Hey Ichika

Ichika: Yeah?

Kenji: Since you were here for the past year, how are you doing on controlling your IS?

Ichika: Well, it took me a while but I'm getting there but I'm doing fine with the Biyakushki. Speaking of which, what's your IS Unit called?

Kenji: It's called the Gynkanutso, but I refer to it as "G-Spec". Weirdly enough, it responds to me when I call it that. Anyway, do you have any troubles at all? Like in combat?

Ichika: Well it's probably my aim. Last year, Charlotte let me use her assault rifle to help me practice maintain a gun.

Kenji: Okay.

Ichika: But thing is, I only have one weapon. My sword.

Kenji: Hm... my Unit has two weapons. The Phantom Sword and the MRB MK3.

Ichika: MRB MK3? What the heck does that mean?

Kenji: Well, MRB stands for Mid-Ranged Blaster. It's an offical weapon for the IS but it was a prototype last year. But now it's MK3, not MK1 or "Proto 1".

Ichika: Okay. Hey Jin?

Kenji: Yeah Ike?

Ichika: Would you mind helping me after school with training?

Kenji: Yeah sure, I assume it's because the girls are constantly trying to assist you for themselves.

Ichika: Now hold on a second, "for themselves"?

Kenji: You haven't noticed? Jeesh, I knew you'd still be this dense.

Ichika: What was that?

Kenji: It was nothing. Anyway, let's go find that girl who threw that ball at me. *Tosses an earpiece to Ichika* Also wear this, we can talk while we're searching.

Ichika: Oh okay, thanks.

13 Mins Later... 11:50 PM

Ichika: Hey Jin, I can see her. She's heading to the second floor. Meet me there.

Kenji: Got it, coming up.... now

Ichika: I'm here now, where are you? And where is she?

Kenji: I see her running. Cut her off at the roof top door, if you can. That's where she's heading.

Ichika: The roof?! Damn.

Kenji: *Yells across the hall* Hey you, stop right there!

Mysterious girl: .... It's you, what do you want?

Kenji: I want to know why you threw this ball at me. *Pulls out ball from his pocket*

Mysterious girl: I threw it because I thought you looked like someone I know, but you're not.

Kenji: Someone you knew? What was their name?

Mysterious girl: It was Akio Royoma

Kenji: Akio huh. He mistreated you I assume?

Mysterious girl: Yeah. Bur anyway, I'm really sorry for throwing my ball at you Mr....?

Kenji: Wakutomo, it's Kenji Wakutomo. But you can just call me Kenji, or even Jin

Mysterious girl: Oh okay, well sorry Kenji.

Kenji: That's okay, but please don't try and hurt me or anyone miss...?

Reiko: Reiko, Reiko Mataguri.

Kenji: Okay. Reiko, please try not to do that again.

Reiko: Sure thing Kenji.

Kenji: Alright, thanks. Well I guess I'll see you around then.

Reiko: Yeah....

*Starts to walk off*

Reiko: Hey um Kenji?

Kenji: Yes Reiko?

Reiko: Do you want to um, hang out some time? Like not now but whenever you're free.

Kenji: Uh sure, how about tomorrow?

Reiko: Tomorrow sounds good.

Kenji: Can I bring my friends? Because yunno, it's a bit more fun with more people.

Reiko: Sure, cause I don't have many friends.

Kenji: Oh, is that so? Well my friends are a little bit bonkers, I'll say, but they're fun.

Reiko: Sure, that would be nice.

Kenji: Here, I'll make some lunch for all of us tomorrow. And no need to return the favor, it's on me.

Reiko: Oh okay. Well I'll see you tomorrow then.

Kenji: Yeah. Well, see you around Reiko.

Reiko: See you Kenji.

*Walks off and contacts Ichika* Kenji: Hey Ichika, that issue has been cleared up now. No need to worry about her anymore.

Ichika: Okay, glad that's settled. I'll meet you back at the cafeteria.

Kenji: Um okay, sure.

Feb 1, 12:05 PM - Cafeteria

Ichika: Hey Kenji, over here!

Kenji: Yeah yeah, I see you.

*Both sit down*

Kenji: Yo Ike, are you doing anything tomorrow at lunch?

Ichika: No, why do you ask?

Kenji: Well the girl I was talking to before says that she doesn't have much friends, so I going to meet up with her on the roof. And before you say anything, yes. You can bring the girls along as well. It's more fun anyway.

Ichika: Jin, you know me too well. But yeah speaking of which, the girls are coming to us right now.

*The girls walk up to Kenji and Ichika's table and sits down with them*

Ichika: Hey uh girls.

All reply: Yes Ichika?

Ichika: Do you want to have lunch with me and Jin tomorrow on the roof?

Cecilia: Off course I will, I'll make some food for us.

Charlotte: Yeah, I'll cook something as well.

Kenji: No, it's okay. Ichika and I will cook for you ladies. No need for the hastle.

Houki: Are you sure? We can bring some snacks.

Kenji: No, that's okay Houki. Me and Ichika will set it up tomorrow on the roof. Oh and Ike.

Ichika: Yes Jin?

Kenji: Can you buy disposable plates, napkins and cuttlery?

Ichika: Sure.

Kenji: Here. *Passes some money to Ichika* Use my money to pay for it.

Ichika: Oh okay, I'll go buy some now. I'll bring it to our dorm.

Kenji: Yeah, that sounds good.

Ichika: Well, I'll see you all in class.

Everyone: Yeah.

*Ichika walks away and it's just the girls and Kenji* *Dead silence*

Feb 1, 12:20 PM

Kenji: Hey, what happened to all the energy you girls had?

Houki: Well um... it's because um...

*Giving a slightly, formal expression* Kenji: No need to explain it, I know you all like Ichika. Of course he does most household work, no need to go into further details. Buuut, the way I see things. I can see that one of you has been the closest to him so far.

Rin: But...

Kenji: Rin, I know what you're going to say and no. Even if you or Houki are childhood friends with Ichika, that won't count as to either of you coming closer to him. Speaking of which, I'm mainly focusing onto Charlotte, Cecilia and Laura.

Cecilia: Why is three?

Kenji: Isn't it obvious? Aside from Rin and Houki, you three are technically rivals when it comes to going into contact with Ichika. Moving on, Rin and Houki know this. I can basically see through your thoughts by looking in your eyes. And I know it sounds weird but Rin and Houki have seen me do it a couple of times.

Rin: Yeah

Houki: But how do you do that? Like I don't find it weird or anything but I want to know how you do it.

Cecilia: Yeah, tell us Kenji.

Kenji: Well, if you insist. I guess I can tell you all. *Ahem* Aside from seeing through your eyes, I can just picture either of you that would be best for Ichika. Though, this does make me have to say things that not all of you have said to eachother, like truthfully.

Cecilia: Like what? I need to know what they all have done with Ichika.

Rin: Yeah, me too!

Kenji: Now hold on just a second, I can only say that time will tell. But if I go to either of you soon, I'll say that you're probably the best one for him. And with that being said, if I do go to any of you, the rest of you cannot eves drop whatsoever. That'll ruin the suprise for you all. But for now, I suggest that you should all try to get Ichika's attention, and try not to make anything too obvious or yunno, perverted. Cause I know that you all did something embarrassing for his birthday last year.

Charlotte: Wait, doesn't that mean you're perverted as well.

Kenji: I had a feeling you were gonna say something stupid like that, and no, I'm not a pervert. Rin, Houki. You know that is unusual activity coming from me.

Houki: Yeah, as much as I have to say this, I've known Kenji for most of my life and that would of course be abnormal, even for Kenji. Aside from that, he's always been smart, strategic, laid back and even been recognised as the "go to" person when an issue comes up. He's always like that, and he won't change.

Rin: Don't forget that he's physically good as well.

Houki: Yeah, and that.

Kenji: Thanks Rin, Houki. Anyway, I guess it's time to go back to class now don't you think?

Cecilia: Well, I supposed so.

Kenji: Yeah, well I'll see you all around. And remember, try to get Ichika's attention. But make sure it's not stupid or perverted. Cause if that happens, one of you will end up killing him. Got that?

Rin: Jeesh, you didn't have to go that far!

Charlotte: But we understand what you're saying.

Kenji: Alright, glad that's settled. See you all later.

*Kenji stands up and walks off with his bag, heading off to class*

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