One island. A squad of four versus ninety-six people. A prize of £100 million. No rules. How hard can surviving be?
I DONT OWN ANYTHING!!!! (except the characters)


Author's note

For everyone.

2. Perry

BTW the chapter lengths will increase. These are just to introduce the characters.

~~I watch around as Alison stares at her screen. No rules mean people are killing each other. Everyone will do anything to reach the goal – be the last person, duo or squad standing, and receive £100 million. So, killing is allowed.
Someone with a powerful-looking gun looks up at us and aims. My heart races. Alison hasn’t noticed. We need to get out of here.
“ALISON, RUN!” I scream, slamming into her. She stumbles, startled, and we get off the house and begin sprinting.
“Let’s find the guys!” Alison calls over her shoulder. We run towards a sprawl of trees, and I check my map quickly to see where we are. WAILING WOOD, the screen informs me. We slow as we reach it, breathing hard. There are two glowing dots further on in the woods on my map that could be the other two. Everyone else that remains are starting to spread out. Fifteen dead. Three missing. Eighty-two left. I notice a large white circle surrounding us all, and a shiver runs down my spine. The storm is coming.
“Perry, come on. I think the guys are close.” Alison says, and I pocket my device and follow her. I hope we’re right about it being the guys, because we have nothing.

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