One island. A squad of four versus ninety-six people. A prize of £100 million. No rules. How hard can surviving be?
I DONT OWN ANYTHING!!!! (except the characters)


Author's note

For everyone.

1. Alison

omg I haven't been on here in AGES!! I've missed you guys so much!!! Here's a fanfic experiment I'm trying, based on the Fortnite Battle Royale game because it's AWESOME. (I haven't played it. I've watched my sister play it lol. I will soon, though.) so yeah, enjoy a tale of survival, friendship and love. (the imagine dragons will continue though lol)

~~The ground rushes up to me, and I activate my glider. I want to get to the ground as slow as I possibly can because there are too many of us – ninety-six people versus my squad of four. One hundred in all, including us. I think it’s okay to say I’m scared.
While I’m in the air, let me introduce you to my squad. While I can still talk.
Perry: gorgeous, cunning, and FIERCE. Never, EVER annoy her. She’s also really clever, and knows lots about everything. And, with skin the colour of milky coffee, bouncy dark hair and eyes like melted chocolate, she has a boyfriend (whereas I don’t).
Jake: funny, resourceful and strong. If he can hold it, he can use it. The guy can turn a teddy bear into a lethal weapon, I swear. He’s super-smart when it comes to combat stuff (unlike me).
Noah: amazing, quiet, beautiful and the backbone of our squad. He’s fast, he’s smart, and he can handle a gun okay. And a hammer. And an axe (he’s not like Jake, though. It needs to have bullets or a sharp edge for him to use it).
And then there’s me, Alison. I can hack, fix cars, play computer games and just about hold an axe. Nothing to help me here. That’s why when Perry demanded I join the squad, I was glad to accept. Alone, I’d be dead the second I touch the ground.
I land on top of a house in some abandoned village and survey the area. Already people are shooting or bludgeoning each other to death. I feel something vibrate against my thigh and discover a small device with a screen that tells me who is dead, alive or missing. I have an axe and a small gun. Barely anything, really. Perry lands next to me. None of us can see the guys.
Suddenly the screen turns red. I glance down, and am immediately terrified and really, really confused. STORM BUILDING, the screen tells me urgently.
Storm? What storm? Surely it can’t be bad, right?

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