Anime Reviews

I'm really bored so I'm going to write 'bout something that I love, anime and manga!! Yay! I wanted to do this but never had the time, hopefully I am going to update at least once a week. It would be nice if you could recommend some, those might take longer though...


6. sword art online and sword art online 2- @Little Miss Author.

I will start this by saying that I am a Sao fan forever!!! I fell in love with it a little later than most people though. 

Plot line: Kirito, a very smart kid, started playing a game called Sword Art Online, but they were all trapped in the game. If they died while in the game, they died in real life. If someone outside in real life tried to take the headgear off then they died... It was beat the game, die, or live the rest of their life in the game. Kirito meet this girl name Asuna in the first episode and they work together.

That is all that I am going to reveal, so if it caught your eye, then watch, because my summary is making this anime sound way more boring than it is. 

I love this show and I think that this show should not be changed, except one thing.... 

The characters stop growing as a person as the show goes on. Im not sure if I am the only one who noticed it. 


In all I give it a 10/10

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