mythological creatures

for people who love mythology! in this story, i have tried to include many types of mythical creatures and cool facts about them.
If there is any mythical creatures that i have missed out then please ask me to put it in my book


16. minotaur

The minotaur is portrayed as a man, occasionally slightly larger then an ordinary man, with the head of a bull. Some myths portray him as also having a bull's tail, and some bull's legs too.


He is most famous for hiding in the labyrinth and eating 14 human sacrifices a year. 


The most well known myth to have a minotaur in it is the story of king Minos, where he has the minotaur for a son and has to keep him in a labyrinth. Every year, 14 girls and boys would be fed to the minotaur. then one day, Theseus came along and slaughtered the minotaur. 

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