mythological creatures

for people who love mythology! in this story, i have tried to include many types of mythical creatures and cool facts about them.
If there is any mythical creatures that i have missed out then please ask me to put it in my book


13. kappa

A kappa, also known as river child, is from Japanese folklore. They are commonly portrayed as small, goblin like spirits who live by water in lakes, rivers or bogs. In appearance, they sport a tortoise like shell on their backs and have a large hole in their heads full of water used as their power source. They tend to be green, however there can be many different colours of kappa. On their faces, they have tortoise beaks and triangular eyes.


They were blamed for stealing crops and kidnapping and eating children, though it is said that they also enjoy cucumber. Despite being tricky, they are true to their word and kept any promises they made, and even, if befriended, would be very loyal and never go against their word.

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