mythological creatures

for people who love mythology! in this story, i have tried to include many types of mythical creatures and cool facts about them.
If there is any mythical creatures that i have missed out then please ask me to put it in my book


11. hydra

In Greek mythology, the hydra is a serpent like creature said to have lived in the lake of Lerna in Argolid.


The hydra is normally represented as a huge serpent with nine heads and, if you were to manege to get close enough to cut of one of it's many heads without being brutally eaten, two more extra heads would sprout from the decapitated hydra. Some myths say that it's blood is poisonous and that the already overkill hydra could spit acid as well. 


A well known myth to feature the hydra in is the second of Hercules's twelve labors. Although, with defeating the hydra, Hercules needed his friend Lolaus to help. Once Hercules had cut off a head, Lolaus would seal the wound with fire to insure that no heads would grow back.

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